I Don’t Know If Any of Them Are Fit

The "Not Ready for Primetime" Players?

As you know, I don’t support Rick Perry for a whole host of reasons, particularly having been a Texan throughout the time he’s held state-wide office, and knowing he’s got a number of really ugly crony-capitalist skeletons in his closet.  With that in mind, I must say that this story about the hunting lease, and the rock with a racial epithet stinks to high heaven.  I realize that a hint of racism would disqualify a candidate from consideration, and well it should, but to extend this story to impute some racist motives on the part of Rick Perry is simply going too far, and is mere race-baiting nonsense.

Perry has done himself enough damage with his poor debate performances, but what I found stunning in the aftermath of the Washington Post story on this greatly overstated controversy about Perry was that Herman Cain exploited it to make an attack on Perry, by calling the instance “racially insensitive.”  He later walked that back once the full context became known, but his reflex to run with that sort of inflammatory story has caused me to question the temperament of Cain more than Perry.  The only thing perhaps more disgusting was the fact that even after the story had begun to lose some of its initial traction, Romney’s camp pounced once they thought it was safe.  Like you, I believe every one of these candidates should be thoroughly vetted, but I think we’re coming to the point in American politics where the “Gotcha” business that Newt Gingrich has lamented is getting out of hand. Rather than focus on the real shortcomings of the candidates, we’re off on these over-hyped tangents.

This display of wretched gutter politics makes me question the lot of them.  When it boils right down to it, none of them are really exhibiting the character I expect from a president.  Perry has a whole host of problems on a substantial basis of facts, as does Romney, and as I’ve been learning more recently, Herman Cain as well.  The problem is that when you see them pile onto a story like this, you know it’s not about substance.  It’s about scoring “Gotcha” points.  For Herman Cain to now sink to the level of playing the race card, after already having accusations of racism thrown at him over his remarks about “brainwashed blacks” is a matter of a serious failure in judgment.  Romney ought to know better, but he’s apparently happy to stand back and let others make the first attacks and then stick his two cents in and kick his opponent once he’s already on the ground.  That sort of cowardly play is just what you’d expect from a candidate who seems to seek victory by default.

All in all, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs.  Here we have nine candidates in the race, and they seem muddled and dominated by the media narratives of the day, and that may be the saddest declaration about this field one can make:  None of them seem fit.  More fit than Obama?  Yes, perhaps that’s the case, but are any of these really the people we want to lead(not run) this country?  While the jury is still out on the question, I believe it’s become time for we voters to being answering it.  It’s astonishing that at this late date, what we now seem to have is a group of people engaged in a fight to avoid the worst “Gotcha” moments, but apart from some platitudes, and a horrible lack of policy details, I’ve yet to see anything particularly compelling from any of them, and none of their records offer much solace.

They all need more vetting, and as they become the front-runner, or challenge the front-runner, one after the other, we need to examine their records and their history in office and in business.  Issues like this Perry story are simply concocted nonsense in an attempt to drive the election according to a media narrative.  If we’re to select a candidate, that candidate should have an impeccable record in office, and we must do our best to avoid this sort of tabloid journalism.  It simply doesn’t serve the electorate, and while it can create many nifty headlines and soundbites, it doesn’t do anything to take us in the direction of restoring our country.  I can think of thirty reasons not to support Perry, but none of them have anything to do with some painted-over, turned-over rock on a hunting lease in West Texas of which Governor Perry may have once been aware as an artifact of a terrible, but thankfully bygone era.

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8 Responses to I Don’t Know If Any of Them Are Fit

  1. Suzette Rodgers says:

    Sarah makes them all look like middle school kids. She is the adult in the room. Saturday would be great for an announcement and then off to Korea.

  2. sedeuce says:

    Suzette, I agree with your thoughts on Sarah being the adult in the room. I saw a video clip of her in a debate in Alaska with 2 guys – I don't remember what office they were running for – and the 2 guys were throwing mud at each other. She became the teacher dealing with a couple of misbehaving little children in getting them back to the real issues that they were supposed to be dealing with. I cannot wait to see her in a debate with these mudslinging wanna-bes!

    Also, my understanding is that Cain conditioned his initial comments with the fact that he hadn't researched the issue. He still could have said at that point that he wouldn't respond to rumors and innuendo that had nothing to do with the critical issues that we are facing today.

    He shared some of his segregation related stories with Hannity on TV and radio a couple of days ago. It is truely amazing that he is dealing with the issue as well as he is given what he grew up experiencing.

    I think that a ticket of Palin as President and possibly Cain as VP would be a great combination of her insider experience in politics at all levels to go along with his outsider experience. Her small business experience along with his big business experience. Her being the first woman president and his being the first black VP (and the first "authentic" black at that level – Slick WIlly and Barry the Marxist Man-Child notwithstanding).

    I can see Novermber, 2012 from my house!

  3. thedrpete says:

    Of the announced candidates, Gary Johnson gets my highest rating at 9.5.

  4. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Mark, how is the best way to start vetting Herman Cain? Since Cain only has business experience and does not have any executive experience such as being a governor or a senator, he is not a viable candidate for me personally. I think you need to have both real job experience and also executive experience. The last thing we need is another president that doesn't have any experience.

    However, trying to be more open-minded, how do we vet him and know how he will stand on such things as foreign policy, military, etc. I know there is information on his web site outlining what he thinks but how do we not just take him at his word?

    The media seems to have only vetted Perry, Romney and Bachmann of the currently announced candidates. I don't see anything on Santorum, Johnson, Cain, etc. Then when one of them moves up in the polls such as Cain did, we don't know anything else about them.

    Personally, my vote will go for Palin. She is the most vetted person out there. However, I still think it would be beneficial to know everything we can about all of the candidates. You never know, one of them may be selected as the VP candidate.

    • sedeuce says:

      Cain has the best business executive experience of anyone currently under consideration – Romney and Palin included. He doesn't have any inside political experience at all, but has dealt directly with politicians extensively from the other side of the fence – see the video of him going nose to nose with Slick Willy over Hillarycare back in the 90's and his experience with the Federal Reserve.

  5. I agree that Sarah -who has been vetted by the most hate-filled, frivolous, relentless rabid attacks and come out clean and exonerated. I do believe Sarah is effective and can work as a unifier. She has my vote and I do believe she'll announce.

  6. Samantha says:

    Totally agree with you Mark in re to the rock.

    I liked HC but I didnt like the way he ran with the story.

    I wonder when the media/ debate mods are going to go after him for not having any "executive" (poliitical) experience. He has been a hugely successful business man, and thats awesome. But his "plan" to surround himself with knowledgeable people isn't the best case scenario ( cue Obama).

    Even Sarah Palin scoffed at Michelle Bachman "only" being a member of Congress, awhile back- rather than being a Govenor or Senator, with experience.

  7. I am tending agree about the "not any of them" but I can't go as far as you on the Herman Cain response.

    Cain has definitely gotten stronger in debates (and interviews) as he has matured on the trail. He came off to me as a groupie who got invited backstage with the band in his original demeanor.

    But while quicker than Perry (I like Rick personally but that profane stone has quicker responses than he has), Cain doesn't seem to 'freewheel' very much in his thinking. It makes sense. He has the Boolean logic background of a computer scientist.

    But in watching the clip and hearing the responses -including his next day clarification – I don't think he did it to call Perry a racist or imply that. Any sailor needs 2 points to chart a course. If there is a second or a third, I will retract this caution.

    But I'm giving him the benefit of doubt on inexperience for now.

    I'm much more concerned about his foreign policy grasp and ability to recruit a premier team around him.