Mitt Romney Won’t Get My Vote

This Guy? Please...

I can’t believe Mitt Romney is dredging up Michael Chertoff as a foreign policy adviser.  Chertoff is the former Homeland Security Secretary who lobbied for the so-called “naked-scanning” machines now in airports across the nation and profited from it.  He’s also the pro-amnesty shill who has repeatedly pushed the country in the direction of some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants.  For Governor Romney to bring in this guy is akin to inviting the fox into the henhouse, which unless you’re a fellow fox, would seem a remarkably bad idea.  There are at least three things wrong with Chertoff, and probably a good deal more, but if Romney thinks this is the man to whom he should turn for foreign policy advice, I can’t imagine that Romney is a man I can support for dog-catcher, much less for president.  Irrespective of what others may say, or endorse, there’s simply no way I can support this un-conservative pretender.

Add to this the latest news that Romney’s son and one of his fund-raisers may have been using campaign ties of his father’s 2008 in finding investors for his project, and what you begin to wonder is if he’s not the sort of crony-capitalist we fear him to be.  Whether there was any sort of illegality isn’t really the question, as we all know how people leap through the holes in laws, but a question of the propriety of all of this, and whether it represents the sort of judgment we ought to expect from a president.  On the other hand, given the crony capitalism running wild in Washington DC, particularly at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it may be that he’d fit right in.

Worse yet, it turns out that Romney has appointed a full-blown environmental nut-job while he was governor, and actually pandered to leftists over coal-fired power plants.  From the Wall Street Journal article linked above:

With Mr. Foy by his side, Mr. Romney joined activists outside an aging, coal-fired plant in 2003 to show his commitment to the emissions caps. “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant, that plant kills people,” he said.

Can you imagine anything more ludicrous?  Perhaps taken together with the headlines of the day, we can put this into context: The Obama administration’s EPA has decided to regulate more coal-burning plants out of existence, to the tune of 28 giga-watts of power generating capacity.  This is a prescription not merely for the destruction of thousands upon thousands of jobs in American coal mines, but a complete catastrophe for the economy in general.  This is a program of intentional impoverishment aimed squarely at the American people, and as recently as during his term as governor, Romney was aboard with this sort of ridiculous program.  He’s a dangerous panderer as well as being the liberal in this race.  Please don’t offer that Huntsman is worse, since I believe he’s in this race only to make Romney appear less liberal by comparison.

I’ve written two other articles on Mr. Romney, and the more I learn about his record, the less I like him, and that’s to say I don’t think he’s worthy of the job, and certainly not the sort of president a beleaguered America needs.  I can tell you with certainty that I cannot now or at any future point support a Romney candidacy, because all of these things combined with the Massachusetts health-care initiative signed into law by his hand resembles Obamacare in almost every important detail.  In short, Romney is the next best thing to Obama from the standpoint of an honest conservative.  Only in the deepest blue of blue states could a person such as this pass for a “conservative.”  I will have no part of supporting him.  There is no running mate with whom you could couple him that could present any improvement.  None.  Mitt Romney is the definition of RINO.  Nominate this guy, and it will guarantee four more years of Obama.

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12 Responses to Mitt Romney Won’t Get My Vote

  1. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Tea Party Group Launches effort to Stop Romney from Winning GOP Nomination

  2. Kristen says:

    What do you think about Herman Cain?

    • Kitty says:

      So far I like Cain. Many of the Palin supporters I know like Cain as well.

      • jimmie says:

        Romney and Cain seem to be working together now.

        See the Politico today- Romney at a townhall in NH said to potential supporters, in essence vote either me or Mr Cain, and you can't go wrong. Really?
        Thats odd for a campaign !

  3. Kitty says:

    My fellow Palin supporters and I agree that while Obama may take us over the cliff at warp speed, McRomney will do the same , but just a tad slower. Nominating McRomney gives us very little choice between the R and the D. I swore I'd never EVER pull the lever again for a RINO, not after McCain. At least in 2008 I was voting for Sarah Palin and that old back-stabbing bastard just happened to be on the same ticket.

    Btw, I suspect that the pro-Romney GOP elites are the ones who pushed for the earlier primaries in order to get rid of Sarah Palin.

  4. Mary M. says:

    Excellent post. Research shows, and I agree with you 100% about Romney being a RINO and hope sincerely that he is not the nominee. My dread is that the "next in line" tendency (like with McCain) will guarantee his nomination. Romneycare should have had him flushed way before now.

    I also read the Wall Street Journal, but your writing brings more clarification to, and ties together, the different pieces of the record this man carries. Thanks.

  5. Lattie says:

    Totally agree with comments about Romney; he is a RINO for sure!

    That said, do not be completely shocked (or put off) if Herman Cain selects him for his VP slot. If he does so it won't be because Herman agrees with Romney's positions (we know he does not). It would be because of what Romney can bring to the table in terms of electability, financial resources, and crossover support.

    We may see a Cain/Romney ticket in 2012 to help ensure Cain gets in, but if so then I would hope that in 2016 we might see a Cain/Palin ticket (once Cain has established that he deserves a 2nd term) to help set her up for a 2020 run.

    Anyway, don't be surprised if this happens. It is politics after all!

    My ideal scenario would be 8 years of Cain, followed by 8 years of Palin :)

  6. WardR says:

    I agree with you completely regarding Mitt Romney. After all, Mark, it's only appropriate. He's from the same state as John Kerry and like Kerry he was for it before he was against it or vice versa. I also share your opinion of Jon Huntsman. The candidate I'm looking at more closely is Rick Santorum. He is a true conservative and I believe he can win if nominated. The only other candidate of substance right now is Herman Cain and I agree completely with Santorum that the very last thing we need is a 9% Federal sales tax on top of existing state and local sales taxes while maintaining the income tax. In no time flat we would have a total tax burden pushing 50% like so many of the dying European nations. I don't know if it's still true, but back when an American visitor in Europe could get VAT refunded or excused at purchase. It was amazing how high the VAT rate was on some items. Oh, yeah… That's another insidious feature of the VAT: it's possible to have rates that vary depending on exactly what is being purchased. Great for the tax collector; murder for the tax payer.

    • Lattie says:

      Please note that the 999 plan is only Phase 1 of Herman Cain's tax plan.

      Phase 2 is to transition to the "Fair Tax".

      The reason for a 2 phase approach is that the Fair Tax requires a constitutional amendment (to repeal the 16th amendment), thus taking considerable time to implement. When completed it will eliminate the power of the federal government to levy an income tax on citizens.

      The 999 plan can be implemented very quickly so we can get the economy jump started, but Herman Cain is well aware of the risks of giving the government *more* powers to tax, and he has addressed that with the objective of completely repealing the income tax via amending the constitution and instituting the Fair Tax.

      Mr. Cain is rarely given enough air time to delve into these details, but it is all laid out very clearly on his web site.

      Please read more details directly on Mr. Cain's web site, as well as the Fair Tax web site.

      This is a common mis-conception about the 999 plan, so please pass this information along if the topic arises.

  7. Gregory F says:

    MITT ROMNEY isn't a Conservative or Republican he is left of Teddy Kennedy and always has been. I WON'T VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!

    I won't vote for a COWARD and a DRAFT DODGER!

    MITT ROMNEY the DRAFT DODGER over 3 deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam!
    ROMNEY supports a federal assult weapons ban! ROMNEY supports Global Warming and the restriction and regulation of everything from your toaster to car. With restrictions and regulation on Businesses with more taxes on American citizens.
    ROMNEY the most pro-abortion, pro-gay rights Socialist in the nation. ROMNEY campained for governor of Massachusetts as pro-choice and was endorsed by pro-abortion groups! We Christians, Conservatives the real Republican base won't vote for MITT ROMNEY the MARXIST/HITLER ERA SOCIALIST!
    A powerless weak Obama would be better than an empowered Socialist MITT ROMNEY!

  8. Gregory F says:

    Do you want a man that believes in this filth as your President?

    MITT ROMNEY supported a bill to repeal SODOMY LAWS in Massachusetts.

    MITT ROMNEY's commission on gay, lesbian youth used taxpayer funds to promote HOMOSEXUALITY right in the Public Schools with our children! ROMNEY spent millions of state tax dollars promoting his gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender agenda in the Massachusetts Schools.

    MITT ROMNEY approved the abortion pill and supported legalization of RU-486!

    MITT ROMNEY refused to define marriage as one man one woman. ROMNEY SAID,—that was to extreme!

    ROMNEY unnecessarily and unconstitutionally implemented homosexual marriages in Massachusetts.

    MITT ROMNEY's Dept. of Social Services honored a homosexual married couple of gay men as adoptive,– PARENTS OF THE YEAR! AND ON AND ON IT GOES!


  9. Gregory F says:

    Why would a real Conservative or Republican vote for MITT ROMNEY who created Obamacare? MITT ROMNEY'S own advisor admits Romneycare was the Blueprint for Obamacare. OBAMACARE alone is going to destroy America!

    America would be much better off if MITT ROMNEY had never been born! I'LL NEVER VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!