Note To Indignant Occu-Pukes: Your Time Is Almost Up

The Un-Mind

Perhaps none of your leaders have told you:  Your days are numbered.  You’re on the verge of out-living your usefulness, and when you do, they’re going to swat you like flies.  That’s how this works.  This is how it has always worked.  You seem to have fallen into the trap of believing in the significance of your complaints.  Your complaints aren’t jack.  Got it?  Get a job!  Do you really think a few thousand miscreants defecating on cop cars around the country are anything in the march of history?  No.  Do you think you’re making a statement?  Unless it’s about a profound lack of personal hygiene and a thorough shortage of intellect, the answer is “No.”  You’d better prepare yourself for a shock: The people who are leading you are your mortal enemies, but for some reason, I suspect they’ve neglected to fill you in on all the details.

You are being used by the statists.  They’re ginning this up, and you are the stooges, the patsies, and the “useful idiots.”  Got that?  You’re being used in a war against your own country so that the statists who lead you have an excuse to crack down.  Upon whom do you suppose that crack-down will land first, and hardest, in the short run?  Yes, fetch out the mirrors, you goofballs.

They didn’t teach you any history in this respect, did they?  No, as you sat in their classrooms and they propagandized you with their leftist dogma, you lapped it up, because after all, how were you to know better?  The sad truth of it is that they intentionally neglected to tell you that the real political struggle of all times is liberty versus tyranny, and tyranny always comes under the banner of statism.

They taught you to expect your daily bread to fall from the sky.  They taught you to expect to live without effort.  They now tell you Internet service is a human right, and all the while, you listen to their sing-song without the first bit of critical examination.  They tell you “all politicians are corrupt” and “both parties are bad” while they shamelessly feed you into the hands of the most corrupt politicians in the most thoroughly bad party.  Oh, to be sure, there are crooks on both sides, and it’s true that at the top, the parties function similarly, but in their haste for you to ignore the ugliness they preach, they’ve actually sold you on an un-thought:  They taught you that all ideology is bad.  Surprise!  That’s now your ideology. You have become the movement of the un-thinking, un-critical, un-reasoned, un-ideological un-minds.  You may occupy Wall Street in the physical dimension, but in the intangible realm of the human capacity for reason, you have come to reside at 000 Nowhere St.

In your non-ideological ideology, the four-letter epithet substitutes perfectly for any word in any sentence, conveying no meaning, no idea, and no value.  You are very nearly the perfect zeroes behind the big “O” at the White House.  The American people are growing weary with your “protests.”  In short order, you’re going to get the reaction your leaders want(but you do not) and then your tyrannical friends are going to show you what love isn’t.

Most of you are too young to remember naked communism.  Most of your professors refused to teach you anything negative about it.  Most of your teachers wouldn’t tell you the unvarnished truth.  Well, that’s a damnable shame, and what’s worse is that the lack of a historical context into which you might place your current situations, perhaps in time to save your hides.

Let me ask you geniuses something?  Your numbers are something less than 0.0001% of the population of  the United States.  Do you really expect to impose your will on the rest of us?  I’ve got news for you who are waving the “We are the 99%” signs: No, you are not.  Let’s put it this way:  If we left it to the rich people against whom you’re railing to kick your behinds, they would outnumber you substantially.  Do you get it yet?  Is any of this sinking in?  Are you familiar with the term “useful idiots?”

Rant. Rave. Rage.  Defecate in the above-grade sewer you’re creating and occupying.  It’s fine.  Your days are numbered.  When the end comes, you won’t know what hit you, but I warned you: It will be your own leaders.

I think I’ll publish a new book called “Marxist Revolutions for Dummies.”  You folks really could use the guidance.

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10 Responses to Note To Indignant Occu-Pukes: Your Time Is Almost Up

  1. C.A. Bamford says:

    Mark, the ones who need to hear what you are saying will never be smart enough to listen to you until it is too late.

    It has always been this way. Despotism has always risen on the backs of the dullards and the unaware…the one who are willing to be dependent and do the bidding of anyone who will promise them everything. Then, when they are no longer useful, they are discarded . While those who remain independent and strong survive and take care of their vulnerable members, the weak turn on each other and destroy themselves.

    Perhaps it is for the best. Survival of the fittest will go a long way to restoring the things that made our nation the greatest country on earth.

  2. DC says:

    Nicely done! If there has been a more powerful and awesome piece written about OWS, I have not read it.

  3. Anne says:

    You are brilliant.

  4. Sherry Pence says:

    Hi Mark,
    I always enjoy your articles – I first read one of your pieces at C4P. I found out about your blog when my husband & I met you at the Grapevine showing of The Undefeated. You don't pull any punches and always tell it like it is! Glad to know that you will continue even though Gov. Palin took herself out of the race (still trying to deal with that disappointment!). Keep up the good work!!
    Sherry Pence

  5. Nice history lesson Mark. The "useless-eaters" are always eliminated first.

  6. Subvet says:

    Very well put. Yes, they're following the same damned script used in other nations. Hopefully they'll make better fertilizer than they do intellectuals.

    In the meantime, I'll be praying for the deliverance of us all while simultaneously buying more ammo.

  7. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    BOR had Travis Smiley and Prof. West on discussing poverty. BOR had some stats showing 46 million americans living below poverty line which is 15% of the population. In 2010, $560 billion, 16% of entire federal buget was spent on the poor and this is up 5400% since 1970. He also said that 9% of Americans have some kind of substance dependence of which most of those cannot earn a living. Smiley and West argued about the top 1% getting wealthier and that wall street being bailed out was socialism instead of the protester's demands.

    What I don't get is that the protesters on Wall Street are mad the government bailed out Wall Street, however, the money for the bail out was borrowed and will be paid back by us, our kids, and maybe grandkids. The ones protesting are more than likely in the 47% that does not pay taxes so why are they mad about WS being bailed out since they do pay it back. The truth is that they feel ENTITLED and that the money from the government could have been given to them via stimuluas or more programs. BOR also said a stat to think about is that unemployment is around 4.5% for those that go to college and work towards a career.

  8. I found your essay on The Blaze and thankfully, just in time. I was having trouble restraining the impulse to take a fire hose to the "tools in the street". Your words capture the history I studied and lived, tyranny is evil and will use the ignorant to its' own ends. Yes, keep your powder dry and at hand. The end game draws near.