Tuesday’s Debate Demonstrated Our Problem

One of These? Please...

After some digging, I finally found the debate on Bloomberg TV.  I didn’t know we got that channel until I went looking.  Suffice it to say that I could have saved myself a good deal of trouble and faked my way through by guessing at the way it would go.   It wasn’t inspiring, and in fact, disappointing, not for the lack of fireworks, although there wasn’t much there either, but simply because there is nobody among the eight candidates who appeared Tuesday night that is worthy of endorsement.  It’s possible that if you took the best traits of each of them, you might cobble together a worthy candidate, but it seemed more like a staged coronation of Romney and a further opportunity to hammer Perry.

My assessment of the candidates, in no particular order:

Rick Perry: Better.  It’s obvious that he was the only candidate Karen Tumulty recognized at the table. While I’m no Perry fan either, this was a bit blatant.  She seemed to be seeking the approval of liberals everywhere as her questions all seemed to have a tone of indignant harumph about them.  Score Perry 20 points just for refraining from telling her to crawl back under her rock.

Michele Bachmann: That’s it? That’s the extent of her arguments?  How many times did she praise Mitt?

Jon Huntsman:  Who cares?  Everybody knows he’s in the room to make Mitt Romney look less liberal by comparison.

Herman Cain:  Blew it big-time on the 9-9-9 plan.  His insistence that the American people would hold Congressional feet to the fire to prevent the 9-9-9 from becoming 19-19-19 is laughable.  He’s either naive or dishonest.  I’m still willing to believe naive.  Also, he mentioned that he would be President so he would veto anything done to abuse his formula.  That’s all well and good while he’s still President, but hopefully, the country would go on a bit longer. What then?  Lastly, never say that “I have some candidates for that job” unless you’re willing to discuss them, because thereafter, it will look as though you’re hiding something, which you are.

Newt Gingrich: Too bad about Newt.  He’s a remarkably smart fellow, but his willingness to join with Nancy Pelosi on theGlobal Warming hoax damned him forever more.  Nobody will really trust Newt. Me included.

Ron Paul:  He made an excellent point about Sarbanes-Oxley, and also about Greenspan vs. Volcker.  Greenspan did help create the bubble. As usual, Paul is good as gold on economics but he’s a disaster on foreign policy.

Rick Santorum: Makes a good point about the importance of family with respect to poverty.  Otherwise, I think he was simply happy to be there.

Mitt Romney:  The good news for Mitt is that he didn’t say too much to get himself in trouble with the press, but every republican should be deeply troubled by what he did say.  Romney is playing a game of class warfare only slightly different from the Democrats, and he’s taking it in a different direction, but it’s the same thing.  He also lied about Romneycare.  In several ways.  Romney is precisely what we do not need: He’s a liberal.

We need to begin to ask the question about what it is to be a Republican.  We need to differentiate between conservatives and progressives.  Tonight’s debate served only to further muddy those waters.  What does the party stand for anyway?  If these people are representative of that, whatever it is, we’re in deep trouble.  Sure, if I could take Paul on economics, Cain on combative business savvy, Bachmann on confronting the welfare state, Gingrich on thoughtfulness, Perry on reducing regulation, and Romney on “looking presidential,” we might have something.  The truth is that we don’t have such an aggregate of good ideas and traits in one person.  If this is the pool from which we hope to draw the person who will defeat Obama, never mind restore our nation, I think it’s time to call Houston, because we have a real problem.

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19 Responses to Tuesday’s Debate Demonstrated Our Problem

  1. SkyShark says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I need to get a bumper sticker made that says "America, we have a problem". Our country is so off course I am starting to doubt that we will ever make it back. I'll volunteer for the fight, even though it may be at the 'Little Big Horn' and I'm in the 7th Calvary. I prefer to go out like a man…….

  2. C Bartlett says:

    I agree with your assessment of the situation. – nothing but lousy choices. Maybe the only answer is to concentrate on getting 2/3 true conservatives (no RINO's OR Democrats allowed) in both houses of Congress and hope THEY will get something done? Maybe whatever idiot gets in the White House will have to go along? May be to much to ask…. Not sure Congress will ever be capable of running with the ball.

  3. jimmie says:

    Make a list of their values, principles and past deeds ( good and dirty) and go from there.
    For me, it boils down to just a couple left to consider

    Perry needs some caffeine for the next debate!


  4. Peg Gentle says:

    I do so much agree with you, Mark. I too didn't know I had a Bloomberg channel and did as you did to dig and find it. I was equally as disappointed in ALL candidates. No one compares to Ms. Palin. But as I see it, we have to quit thinking about what is NOT happening right now. We are not seeing the RIGHT person rising up to represent the deep conservative cause in the presidential race. BUT we do have a strong and brilliant Christian lady who is willing to work hard to get the right folks into Congress. She is a realist! And when God gets her totally prepared to be president, He will make that happen. For now, as I see it, we have to TRUST with all our heart that God has a plan beyond our imagining. Trusting God isn't easy for many because people today tend to WANT things when they want them! Yes, we want reform and we want someone who is totally prepared to lead America down the right roads. But the reality is what it is……that person is Sarah Palin and she's not running for the presidency. SHE IS ALREADY LEADING US!!!! The title isn't the only way she can do that. She is fighting for the soul of America and that takes careful and diligent building! The foundation has to be laid with strong materials, not straw and rubble. Strength is in being prepared and informed. We saw no strength last night in that debate. That's because those folks are NOT prepared to be leaders. But we cannot despair. I would probably despair if I saw Ms. Palin despair. As long as she is willing to do what is necessary to restore America, then my part is minimal compared to what she has before her to accomplish. She has a great team in her family! I know she relies on Todd immensely. She will be highly effective in the role she has chosen for now. We must not let her down because we're having to face the same reality that she has faced. Let's stay focused on the prize ahead of us…..whether it be in a year or four years or eight years. I can already see the "good ole boy" ways falling by the wayside. I can already see the eventual downfall of Obama. Let's keep the vision that Sarah has and be encouraged by her smiling face and devoted heart!!!!

  5. ST says:

    Obama is ripe for the defeating and yet we have this group of clowns who are more than capable of botching the whole thing.

    I'm genuinely shocked that this is where we are, after everything that's happened to our country the last 3 years. None of these candidates is really conservative. Pretenders all.

    I can't believe I'm looking at not voting in the presidential election for the first time ever. Like you said, Mark, I'm not going to cast a vote for someone just because they aren't Obama. If we vote for the same squishy, liberal garbage, regardless of the R or D behind their names, we become part of the harmful situation we're trying to defeat.

    • LFRD says:

      Amen–And just WHY is it always voteing for the lesser of the evils?
      Just once I would like to vote with whole heart and clearity of conviction that my vote would be for the good and rightous for our nation. What a mess.

  6. Carol Cumbie says:

    I'm one of Sarah's believers. I know the Gop has already pick Romney. I believe we can make them think Otherwise. The has push up the primaries to force her hand. In a primary if we write her in if she is not on the ballot that may make them think. I also believe that Sarah has said several different times that the person should run even if it is a great sacrifice .If that is what the people want you to do for your country.
    It just doesn't seem like Sarah do announce like she did. She was giving us the impression right up till she talked with Greta the second last night. Something is not right. Did the Gop tell her they would not support her. The way fox treated her with the stupid polls of 400 people they said 70% didn't want her to run. I can't tell you how many poll that where Sarah would be really far ahead. then we would either hear that she didn't win or she lost to Mitt. I have never voted for president before but the way they treated her. I just could not believe she could possible be that stupid and have been able to work the job she did. So she was targeted. Has there ever been a vice president that has been attack like her but the president no touch. It was like she was running as president. My big question is why McCain didn't fire Nicole Wallace and the other Schmidt. Nicole had worked for ABC with Kathie Co uric before going into politics.She worked with George Bush and before that Jeb Bush. Nicole was the one who bought the clothes with credit card and also leak the large amount that Sarah had spent and her expensive taste.Why didn't McCain fire these people. That was like sleeping with the enemy. I have also read that Romney gave up his turn to let McCain run. So now it is Romney's turn. The guy on fox that is in a wheelchair that Sarah turn would be 2016. Morris and Rove said things several time that me me think they did not want her to run. They said she could not win. Then I hear they went through all this and we letting Obama win so that Jeb Bush could run in 2016. There are just too many things about this doesn't make sense to me. I know the tea party people on Wall street they were wanting to connect those with Sarah. They are actually Ron Paul people they believe Alex Jones9/11 was and inside job.The started connecting on Sarah sites. You could tell they were trying to get Palin people but when you would ask them if Ron Paul didn't run then they could vote for Palin most left after that.If you don't get Glen Beck he has started GBTV.com and has a free trial for anyone for two weeks.He has a lot of info about the people on wall street. Glen is getting ready to do some really exciting things. Check it out you might like it. Glen and Sarah are good friends. Have a great one. If Romney gets in nothing changes. It will still be the good old boys. Newt had some good ideas. He talked about these Judges don't know the constitution they have been taught by left liberal lawyers who didn't know the constituation.Newt then when on to tell how the founding fathers dealt with them. He said the judges should have to come in front of Congress before they make changes anything,Thanks for all your great input.

  7. LFRD says:

    Romney is definately the big NO. Damn, I wish Ron Paul weren't so rediculous on foreign policies. This was nothing but a mark out debate–we all know definately who isn't GOP Good Candidate. Cain is gone and lost luster as well. I am thinking this was a grooming session to pair Romney as candidate and who they wish to run with him. Not totally a waste of time, just very disapointing.

    • Terry says:

      The fat liberal dude from New Jersey will be Romney's running mate and God help us when that happens. THIS COUNTRY IS IN DEEP DODO.
      I have never voted for a democrat, nor will i ever vote for one.
      In the 2012 race it will be 2 liberal progressives with a D behind their names against 2 liberal progressives with a R behind theirs.

      • LFRD says:

        Your probably right…Christie & Romney are kick'n it together. I WON'T vote for Romney! Well it is the finance and $ issue we are faceing the most…Ron Paul–here I come.

  8. Jim Bell says:

    Well folks lets see what we have.

    1. Palin has refused to run.

    2. We can fall in love with one of the GOP candidates.

    3. We can have Obama for four more years, which will effectively end the USA.

    Pick one guys!

  9. rick geiger says:

    Yes, I would rather have Palin, but let's get real now, we can either forgive Newt for his past Pelosi sitdown or we will get stuck with Romney as the candidate and Obama for another for years. Unless Palin changes her mind, I am now with Newt

    • John Fedor says:

      Rick it looks like I'm hanging with you (until or if Shara comes back ). I remember Newt when he stuffed the Contract with America down Clintons throat, than screwed up with Pelosi! But right now all I want to see is Newt debate ANYONE, especially Obama. Nuff said

  10. Jim Bell says:

    The point has been made that under the Cain 999 plan, Congress can raise taxes by altering one or more of the three tax rates. While this is true, it is also very visible and will come under the immediate scrutiny of the voter.

    Under the current tax code, Congress can also raise taxes by changing the tax rates on the income brackets, also very visible. Under the current tax code, there are also many ways to effect the tax rate without changing rates, such as changing, adding or deleting tax deductions. They can also change the rules concerning the application of certain deductions, all done in the dead of night and it won’t cause a ripple. The current tax code was designed by politicians, for politicians. It created the need for lobbyist, that are hired by corporations to obtain tax exemptions for certain companies / industries, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars in tax savings, of which hundreds of millions of dollars are funneled back to the campaign funds of the politicians that created the code in the first place. In a word, the current system is corrupt by design.

    Ridicule the Cain plan if you wish but I don’t see anyone else with the courage to attack this corrupt system!

  11. X says:

    No matter what we need our focal point to be on electing a strong conservative congressional influence. Writing in Palin would be great but it is not something I can count on. I do not think we can get a politician that is worth their weight in gold so to speak. If they are not a career politician they will get shown the door one way or another.. Newt I think it is. He is very smart, he has an excellent memory of past events dealing with other countries and reduction in the size of government while eliminating waste is a focal point for him. He has plans that turn the head in particular the things he will do his first day. newt.org