Rep. Linda Sanchez(D-CA) Attacks Tea Party

Tea Party Unpatriotic?

I find it astonishing that this woman is in office, and stays there.  Now she’s joined the attacks on the Tea Party.  She says the Tea Party folk “are not patriots.”  She also said “they don’t love this country.”  People should be stunned.  This is an attempt to create a false equivalency between the Tea Party and the Occu-pests. It’s also an attempt to pretend that all Republicans are Tea Party.  Her gripe of the day was over the so-called “Jobs Bill,” and its failure in the Senate.  Her rant occurred on the Ed Schultz radio program on Wednesday, and it’s illustrative of just how desperate these people have become.  As difficult as it is to imagine, the things this Democrat representative from California said are typical of the sort of hatred being spewed in the endless war against the Tea Party.

It’s time for the American people to begin refuting all of this.  You Tea Party patriots should be working overtime to replace this disgusting woman in 2012.  I know it’s tough, but your choice is to continue having this monstrosity spewing her venom.  As ever, the ridiculous and trashy Ed Schultz is only too happy to goad her into even more asinine statements.  H/T to TheBlaze for the video:


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5 Responses to Rep. Linda Sanchez(D-CA) Attacks Tea Party

  1. Joanne Mayo says:

    Who is she to project her self-defined tripe to concerned patriots who speak up for their country? She's not a mind-reader, not a discerner, no special insight into the mind of middle America.

  2. Jim Bell says:

    Is it my imagination or does Linda Sanchez favor Roseanne Barr. Forget skin deep, this is ugly that goes clear to the bone

  3. intangiblesoul says:

    So little of value to say for such a big mouth. Why do I immediately think of Miss Piggy when I see photos of her? Its clear SHE has no food insecurity. Who is SHE to speak for ME? If she considers being against a bill that would inevitably kill jobs is being obstructionist, then so be it. We need to obstruct every bad bill that the Obama administration tries to shove down our throats!

  4. Dave Pavano says:

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black! especially when she belongs to a party that has been devastating this country since the party's inception! She is a typical representation of the zombies that have been glamoured(hypnotized) by the left wing propaganda machine. This is simply nothing more than this propagandist regime's strategy, led by the re-elect obama campaign that is pushing this OWS movement and the rest of the populous, to demonize Republicans as anti patriots. In fact the jobs plan was meant to fail in the first place as a ploy to further the Obama campaign by blaming the Republicans for it not getting passed.

    What a silly bunch of brainwashed zombies, all who cannot see through just another demonic campaign strategy… Or should I say DOMBIES?
    And you thought Dick was tricky?

  5. mes says:

    Why does California keep electing these so called representatives … some who speak like this does not represent me…regardless that she is a liberal left winged democrat, she still represents both demo and repubs… but then to turn around and dis her constituants that is replusive…I have been to a couple of Tea Party demonstrations that were very civil…everyone waving their flags they brought from home… my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the War between the States (on both sides) ,the Spanish American War …. WWI, WW2, Korea, and VietNam…I am an active member of DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution..DONT MS SANCHEZ, SAY I AM NOT A PATRIOT….I have more patriotism in my little finger, then you will every have…