The Predictable Result of Moral Cowardice (UPDATED)

Denver Reacts Properly

It’s now being reported by CBS-2 in New York that some violence has broken out between the Occu-Pests and the NYPD.  This is what you can expect when the Mayor won’t do his job in controlling a mob.  This is what you get when you compromise with thugs.  This is the result of the moral cowardice of those who have refused to stand for their own rights.

There is no right to assemble on property belonging to others, but when the Mayor (Michael Bloomberg,) and the property owners of Zuccotti Park ( Brookfield Office Properties) decline to exercise their rightful authority in deference to a mob, what is accomplished is to embolden the thugs.

Nobody should be surprised at this, and it is only in this environment of moral surrender to thugs that such a thing is possible.  This is why one cannot compromise with evil.  Evil will merely take advantage of your surrender, using the opportunity to advance, but worse, become encouraged at your surrender.  It’s like pointing out the chinks in your own armor.  This is disgusting, and the Mayor is a fool.  If people become injured or wounded, or worse, the people who yielded to these thugs in the first instance will have been responsible in the second.

Meanwhile, the city of Denver, Colorado is showing the way.  Whatever else may be wrong in Denver, it appears that they’ve tired of playing the political-correctness game. They’re cleaning out the Occu-pests.  Good for Denver. Let’s hope the Mayor of Denver stands by this. Maybe Bloomberg can learn something:

“This is about health, safety of the Occupy Denver protestors, and the public,” Mayor Hancock said during a joint news conference at the State Capitol. “I know there’s economic pain, but even though I empathize, my job is to uphold the law and keep Denver safe.”

Meanwhile, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper seems committed for the moment too:

“No one appreciates the 1st Amendment as much as I do,” said Hickenlooper, “but they can’t continue to stay there overnight.”

It’s time to recognize that one cannot win an argument or a war by moral surrender, and that applies as much to politics as it does to policing our streets. It’s sad that so many people are willing to surrender to these thugs.

You can watch video of Denver’s clean-up here.

Now it is being reported that Brookfield Office Properties received threatening calls from Politicians to stop the clean-up.

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4 Responses to The Predictable Result of Moral Cowardice (UPDATED)

  1. Old Jules says:

    Some surrender, maybe, some join them, some merely whine and drool in fear and call the others moral cowards. Diverse creatures, we humans. Amazing we can all be right when we're disparaging others, and they can be so right when they're disparaging us.

  2. RebinTexas says:

    Mark – thank you for an excellent article. Sad to say, in too many other ways over the years, We The People have given in – to demands and more. Now, it's time we stood tall.

    I also find it a bit sad, too, because some of those involved in these "protests" (a bit questionable to begin with – considering the organizers) may actually agree with many of our beliefs and in Gov Palin's issues of crony capitalism – yet, they don't know enough to realize it – for they are being played big time.

    Thanks again my firend.