Obama Offers More Support For Protesters

Something Going On Here

For those of you who think this President isn’t in league with the Occu-Pests, I’ve got news:  This whole thing is a ginned-up movement aimed at under-mining the country and foisting an autocratic regime on the American people.  Yes, I know, it reads like tin-foil hat talk, and to be honest, if we weren’t seeing it, I wouldn’t believe it had been possible.  Taking advantage of the dedication of the new Martin Luther King Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC, President Barack Obama said “Dr. King would want us to challenged the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing those who work there.”  If it seems a bit obnoxious that Mr. Obama would use the occasion to speaks to his minions on Wall Street, don’t be surprised any longer.

The coming year is going to be the story of Obama’s campaign and his deployment of useful idiots. This is merely the first wave.  One might also wonder about the blatant hypocrisy of his talk, but let’s be honest.  When this guy implies that the Wall Street Occu-Pests shouldn’t demonize, it’s against the backdrop of his own party’s demonizing of the Tea Party.  Barack Obama has been the Demonizer-in-Chief.  This caution against demonizing comes from the same guy whose entire cabinet as well as his Vice President, along with his party’s leadership in Congress all run around shoving their faces in front of any available camera to tell the world that the Tea Party is “racist” and “terrorist”?  The Financial Times is reporting that Obama strategist David Axelrod said the rallies show Americans want “a financial system that works.”  I don’t know which Americans the Financial Times is suggesting, because virtually every American I know thinks this is all a shell game.  Apparently, to the Financial Times, the Occu-pests are representative of the American people?

Let’s be honest, ladies and gentlemen:  This man isn’t credible, and those who would like to pretend otherwise are simply koolaid-drinkers for his agenda. For the President or Axelrod to pretend that the Occu-Pests are anything like the Tea Party is a fraud.  To pretend that the Tea Party is “terrorist” or “racist” is a fraud.  To pretend that Obama and crew don’t have anything at all to do with these protests is a stunning attempt at outright deception.  I can only hope the American people are paying enough attention to this to avoid the media’s treachery.  Let’s just say it like it is: Barack Obama is using these people, for now as a prop in his campaign for the phony jobs bill, but ultimately for any other purpose he may dream up. It’s disgusting.

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  1. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Obama stirring the pot with a new bus tour.

  2. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Communist China Shows Sympathy for OWS

    However, in the last paragraph …….

    Earlier in the year, anonymous online calls for protests in China inspired by those that have swept across the Middle East and North Africa spooked the Chinese government into launching one of its broadest campaigns of repression in years. The calls for demonstrations every Sunday did not draw any overt protesters.