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If New York Had a Decent Mayor, The Occu-pests Would Go Home

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

New York's Biggest Liability?

Has it dawned on anybody else that Mayor Bloomberg has been completely useless in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street crowd?  It’s not merely a matter of his cowardice in the face of pressure over the closing of Zuccotti Park that should have occurred last Friday, but also over the city’s willingness to discuss dropping prosecution of more than 800 cases, mostly disorderly conduct charges, against the aforementioned protesters.  If New York City had a decent Mayor, one who stood for justice, he could fix this simply.  Rather than cave in to economic terrorism via court overload, he could take another position:  Prosecute every case to the fullest extent of the law, no deals of any sort for anybody, and then make an announcement:

“I regret to inform the people of New York that due to the protests, and the costs associated therewith, we are going to need to cut our budgets elsewhere, as the public safety is our first and most vital mandate, and the administration of justice is equally important.  For these reasons, and with apologies to the people of New York City, we are going to be slicing off budgets from other areas, including education, public works, and social services.  Sadly, this may include some job cuts.  The good news is that we hope these protests won’t go on forever, and the bad news is that we’re going to be forced to bear the costs, and we can now only do this in these tight economic times by trimming other parts of the city’s budget.”

After roughly two days of grumbling, I expect this would have a dramatic effect on the occu-pests, and they would likely begin to disband, since some of them would of necessity begin to worry about their jobs.  Of course, this could only happen if New York had a decent Mayor, willing to take such a stance.  Residents of New York shouldn’t hold their breath for such an outcome, because Bloomberg has already demonstrated his political cowardice throughout this entire fiasco.  On the other hand, I’m certain some segment of New Yorkers support all of this, and a decent mayor would be figuring out creative ways that they could bear the costs.  Of course, since from all appearances, he’s one of them, nobody should be counting on Bloomberg to do the right thing. Ever.


Who Are The Occu-Pests?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

This Is What Mobocracy Looks Like

This FLEA Party has some stunning characteristics according to research conducted by long-time Democrat pollster Doug Schoen. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Schoen explaining some interesting information about the Occupiers.

  • 52% have been politically active before
  • 98% support civil disobedience
  • 51% disapprove of Obama’s performance
  • 48% claim they will vote to re-elect Obama
  • 85% are employed
  • 32% call themselves Democrats
  • 33% say that no party represents them
  • 65% Say government should provide college, healthcare

Perhaps the most shocking revelation from Schoen’s poll is this:

  • 31% would support violence to advance their agenda

That’s a shockingly high number of potential thugs and the fact that Obama is supporting these people should certainly raise your eyebrows.

Make of it what you will, but the prospect of the President taking his cues from this crowd should scare the heck out of you.

A Special Message from the President

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I Still Can't Believe We Elected This Guy

One of our problems is that we don’t laugh enough. I’m not a comedian, and I have no desire to be, but I was tinkering around with a new website called GoAnimate and came up with this.  It’s my version of what President Obama might say if he were intent on being perfectly candid.  Sure, like that would happen…  Anyway, it’s a new toy for you to play with. It’s free at the moment and you can log into the site using your Facebook credentials.  I’m sure all of your creative minds will get going with this new tool, and since it’s politics, I expect some of your creations will be very interesting. Have fun, give this a watch, and when it gets to the end, don’t hammer me too badly:

If you don’t quite get the “Larry Grathwohl” remark, you can watch the video here:

Video with Larry Grathwohl on Youtube