A Special Message from the President

I Still Can't Believe We Elected This Guy

One of our problems is that we don’t laugh enough. I’m not a comedian, and I have no desire to be, but I was tinkering around with a new website called GoAnimate and came up with this.  It’s my version of what President Obama might say if he were intent on being perfectly candid.  Sure, like that would happen…  Anyway, it’s a new toy for you to play with. It’s free at the moment and you can log into the site using your Facebook credentials.  I’m sure all of your creative minds will get going with this new tool, and since it’s politics, I expect some of your creations will be very interesting. Have fun, give this a watch, and when it gets to the end, don’t hammer me too badly:


If you don’t quite get the “Larry Grathwohl” remark, you can watch the video here:

Video with Larry Grathwohl on Youtube

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