Occupy Wall Street: Prologue to Mayhem in 2012?

Coming Soon to a Flea Party Near You

Wednesday evening, hat-tip to Drudge linking to a CBS report that the organizers of the Occu-Pest fiasco in New York and around the country are planning a bigger event for next summer in Philadelphia from July to October.  It’s being called a “National Assembly” and the aim is clear:  They intend to intimidate Americans and US institutions.  Mayor Nutter said: “I understand national Occupy would want to be in Philadelphia — this is birthplace of freedom, liberty, and democracy for the United States of America — so I look forward to a conversation.”  One would think Mayor Nutter was talking about responsible people.  The people of Philadelphia should already be speaking out against bringing these goons to their city.

It’s worse than that, however, as they consider themselves akin to the Committees of Correspondence.  That’s right, these nut-jobs actually see themselves as the founding fathers, but the bastard they intend to sire will be birthed not in liberty, but instead born of terror and tyranny.  This is a warning, and one you had better heed:  These people intend to destroy your constitution and the Republic it had created.  They are plotting to supplant your form of government with a full-on Marxist regime, and these people are the useful idiots.

You need to prepare yourselves and your families.  It’s time to tell folks you know about the serious nature of this threat.  It’s time to begin considering how you will react, and it’s also time to understand that there are going to be a number of conspirators in all of this, and you had better understand that none of them are your friends.  These people intend to do for the US what Hugo Chavez has done for Venezuala.  If your tendency is to read this sort of article, and subsequently avert your eyes for fear of becoming a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, just this once, stick around.  I promise: No tin-foil hats are required.  This is the time for your thinking caps, and for collaboration with your fellow patriots. You may remember the recent discussion of suspended elections.  What do  you suppose their “National Assembly” is intended to do?

We have a serious problem.  At least 70 members of the US Congress are members of the DSA.  Obama has many long-term close ties to the group, and the Occupy Wall Street crowd is largely managed by them or their cohorts.  These people want to wipe out your form of government and your way of life, and they make no apologies for it.  They have infiltrated all levels of government, and they are largely responsible for the transformation the Democrat party has undergone since my childhood.  Many of them are closely tied, or are in some cases the same people who constituted the SDS back in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Many have been tenured professors since then, and what they all share is a hatred for your freedom to choose.

The useful idiots huddling in tents in Zuccotti park and more like them will become the foot soldiers in the war against you.  They have been aligning themselves with Islamists as part of the entire “Arab Spring” fraud, and you can bet that they will use Islamo-terrorists against Americans domestically too.  If you didn’t catch the story about the emails, I’d strongly suggest you download the file, import it into Outlook, and see what these nuts have been working on all these months.  The simple truth is that for all the wishing in the world, the left sees this as their golden opportunity to finally crack the United States.  We’re weakened economically to a greater extent than in generations, our armed forces are more spread-out than at any time since World War II, and the radical left finally has nearly all the pieces in place.  Our culture has been shredded by three generations of a growing welfare state that by its nature encourages the worst possible outcomes for families, and actually creates poverty under the guise of curing it.

You’re all well aware of the state of our country.  I intend to cover the actions of these people as closely as possible.  At one point, I made the mistake of wondering if they weren’t impotent, but now I understand their game.  The politicians who are using them as foot soldiers are going to use these fools as the excuse for whatever it is they wish to inflict upon us.  It’s really coming down to the time in which you’re going to be confronted by some serious choices about your future actions and plans.  It’s clear that they have been rigging this operation for a long, long while, perhaps decades, and yes, it is as bad as all of that.  I know there are those whose “kook-alarms” are now going off.  It’s hard to believe any of this, except for the fact that all the evidence is right in front of you.

It’s time to become more vigilant at the very least.  It’s time to become more prepared both as individuals and as families, but alsos in your congregations and communities.  Those who wish to inflict their tyrannical vision of government upon you are now working almost entirely in the open.  We have a Federal establishment that is largely under their control.  The establishment Republican fools still think they can cut deals with these people to save their own necks.  Even if they can, for now, you won’t be able to get that kind of deal.  They represent Marxist revolution, and they intend to bring it to our shores in full force.  I have no intention of going quietly.  What about you?

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18 Responses to Occupy Wall Street: Prologue to Mayhem in 2012?

  1. Suzette Rodgers says:

    I think you are right. Also I would like to know how many musliums are here illeagely and are passing as mexicans waiting for obummer to make them legal. I am thinking that is the whole purpose of most of the things going on. The o said he would stand with his musilum brothers when the shit hits the fan. Now they want to give viseas to anyone who buys a house. Another way to get more in the country. This man scares me big time. They are taking over the country and our morons in congress, pelosie, Reed and etc are handing it to them for money. They are so stupid to think they will be part of the power when it is all over.

  2. Kells Bells says:

    You don't mention the breakdown of the 70 in Congress. Do you know?
    Oh, and I never go down quietly:)

  3. Anne says:

    The go along to get along crowd will get no quarter.

  4. JohnInFlorida says:

    I believe you (and others) are correct in predicting a very long, hard summer/fall in '12.

    Of late, I've been having conversations with normal, middle of the road, right of center, working people who are not very tuned in yet to the country's political machinations … as they are just trying to make ends meet and raise their kids, etc. The response to my "sky is falling" predictions are, for the most part, along the lines of "It's not that bad" … "It'll never come to that" … "You're over-reacting".

    Well, I DON'T think I'm "over-reacting" and I DO think "it's that bad".

    The thing I cannot get my head around is … what would be a reasonable, individual response for those of us who are committed to resist the dismantling of the Republic? Your thoughts?

    • SeanStLouis says:

      "…what would be a reasonable, individual response for those of us who are committed to resist the dismantling of the Republic?"

      Mark – explaining the importance of electing a tried and true constitutional conservative into the White House next year would be a good start.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Sean, indeed, and we're working on that here, or I thought we were.

      • JohnInFlorida says:

        That part goes without saying.

        What I was questioning was … what would be the "appropriate" response when the Regime decides that postponement of the 2012 election is "necessary until we can restore order and quell the unrest".

  5. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Example of OWS tatics.

  6. Mark, excellent post. I don't wear tin-foil either, neither do I keep my head down in a hole in the sand. Like you, my first thought of them was meaningless distraction from the real bad stuff. The more I've read the more inclined I am to see them as the front line of foot soldiers of the true radical organized left.

    Linked today at my place. I think many need to read this.


    • MarkAmerica says:

      Thanks Pup! Saw the link, love your site. Cool layout! We absolutely need to wake up every person we can. This was never funny, but I don't think we can dismiss it as a bad joke any longer.

      • tobias smit says:

        very slowly tell your friends do not overwhelm them right away tell them they are welcome to stay with you for awhile and tell your neighbors, help to prepare people around you just go slow there is time although I think there isn't much. Thanks mark you are now a bookMark.

  7. whether we want to acknowledge it or not there is a communist movement in this country, they have infiltrated our Colleges and children education..They aim at destroying Capitalism and our liberties..it is a lot more serious thn you want to admit. awreness is key..you can thn only know how to protect yourself and your family..

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