Texas Republicans Have a Clear Choice For Senate in 2012

Ted Cruz

In 2012, the Republican Senatorial primary will come down to a fight between former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz and current Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.  Dewhurst is the guy who was for the In-State tuition for illegals before he was more recently against it.  He supported an income tax for Texas.  Meanwhile, Cruz has been a strong advocate of liberty, and has won landmark cases before the US Supreme Court.  I support Mr. Cruz unreservedly over David Dewhurst, who is another Austin big-government Republican who likes to hang out with all the liberals at all the cocktail parties among the “liberal smart set.”  Mr. Cruz appeared on Mark Levin’s show during the final hour on Wednesday’s show.

It’s time to take Texas back for conservatives.  Mr. Dewhurst isn’t a fair representative of Texans or conservatives, but now we have a chance to correct all of this because when Mr. Dewhurst seeks a seat in the US Senate  next year, we can send him back to Austin for a couple years longer until we finally ditch him in 2014 in favor of a Tea Party candidate.

Ted Cruz looks like a promising up-and-comer in the conservative movement. Texans should pay particular attention to this primary race. He’s got the endorsement of Jim DeMint, and Rand Paul among others.

I encourage you to learn about Ted Cruz at his website.

To hear the full interview with Ted Cruz, listen below:

To check out Mark Levin’s audio archive, go to his site and click the Audio link on the menu.

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3 Responses to Texas Republicans Have a Clear Choice For Senate in 2012

  1. Michael Carpenter says:

    Yes, Ted Cruz for US Senate from TX. And in 2014, we will go after Cornyn who has proved a sad, sad disappointment for conservatives.

  2. onaroll says:

    And why when this scenario is all playing out today as Glenn Beck was emphatically and exhaustively describing two years ago do we no longer have ready access to what he is currently saying? Was there a deal that if Keith Overbearing got cashiered, we would sacrifice our own spokesman? It is hard to place trust in anyone to be real and constant in defense of the Constitution and virtue, because so many have to play their own angles, even when they themselves are cognizant and are basically right minded. We have so many ALMOST trustworthies who are ALMOST there on all the right side of the various issues. I despair of what we must put up with even if we do chase out most of the seventy of those subversives now in Congress. If they don't go, and quietly, there is NO averting the destruction of our Republic.