Barack Obama: Making The Arab World Safe for a Caliphate

A New Grand Caliphate?

Everybody assumes that Barack Obama’s announcement on Friday that we would be withdrawing the remainder of our troops from Iraq by year’s end is simply the result of calculated domestic political strategy aimed at his base.  While I am certain he will go to the well for support wherever he can find it, and has no problem using our foreign policy as a tool of his domestic political operation, I’ve begun to wonder whether this isn’t simply symptomatic of his continuing war against the West.  Barack Obama has demonstrated a strong affinity for the Muslim world, beginning particularly with his trip to Cairo early in his presidency.

There have been a string of policies that lend themselves to the notion that he’s clearing the way in the region for something else.  Glenn Beck has talked about it, but was summarily dismissed by the media as a conspiracy kook.  I realize that lately, in discussing these issues, I run the same risk, but the problem is that I see what I see and I know what I know, and these things are leading me to a single conclusion that I cannot rationalize away in any other fashion: Barack Obama is making the Arab world safe for the establishment of a caliphate.

He is systematically participating in the removal of the more secular rulers in the region.  The entire Arab Spring movement has been fomented and assisted by our State Department, under Obama, and the number of Muslim Brotherhood connections to the White House is disconcerting at the very least.  In Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya, we have seen the beginnings of this overthrow of more secular leadership in these countries.  In each case, we were assured that this was a good thing, and that it heralded the start of democracy in the region.  Even Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard was fooled, and he mocked Beck for the notion that this was anything that could lead to a wider transformation of the region.   Now we know better, as the events at Tahrir Square in Cairo can now be seen quite clearly in hindsight as the beginning of something ugly.

Also note that when the people of Iran began to rise up against Ahmedinejad, and were subsequently brutally oppressed, the Obama administration sat on its hands and did nothing.  This odd departure from what seems an otherwise consistent policy of overthrowing tyrants in the region stands out because it was the one movement we’ve seen that was actually motivated by a desire for greater democratization.  Those who were murdered by the brutal thugs in Iran actually sought greater political liberty and a more western notion of self-governance, and yet this is the one place where the Obama administration did nothing.

In Pakistan too, Obama is trying to undermine the government, and while there exists plenty of evidence that there is an element of enmity toward the US in that government, it is not those elements against which Obama is directing our national efforts.  Instead, he seems to be directing things against those in Pakistan who have helped to keep those elements in check.  In short, he seems to be going after the wrong people – from the point of view of US interests and by Western standards.  Now, they’ve openly expressed the proposition that we should have talks with the militants.

He is assisting in undermining Israel.  He is assisting in undermining  moderate rulers all over the Middle East.  He clearly doesn’t like the Emirates’ leadership, and he’s fomenting rebellion against them.  Even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is feeling the heat, and with each passing day, our more stable trading partners in the area are being undermined.  In Turkey, the face and nature of government has changed dramatically in favor of a more theocratic and radicalized position, all with the apparent blessings of the US.  Why?  That certainly won’t serve the interests of the American people.

In Iraq, a premature withdrawal only helps to guarantee that Iran’s influence in the post-Saddam Iraq will increase.  We may even see a move by the Iranians to capture control of Iraq, not by aggressive warfare as we saw in the 1980s, but by quiet insurrection as the Shi’a Muslims who dominate that country supplant the numerically inferior Sunnis.  With America out of Iraq, there would soon be no further justification to our presence in Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia, or in any of the Persian Gulf states.  This will leave the entire region open to easier consolidation under a single flag.

When viewed in this way, one must arrive at the question about motives.  It’s clear that this progression of events does not serve the interests of the United States or its people, and it will actually reverse the course of liberalization that we had hoped to see when Iraqis celebrated the purple ink that marked their first free elections.  Obama’s foreign policy now threatens to wipe all of that away, and what we will see in its place is the spread of theocratic governance dominated by Iran.  In effect, Obama’s “Arab Spring” may be well on its way to spreading the revolution that ousted the Shah and brought the Ayatollahs to power.

I believe this is the key to understanding who is Barack Obama, and what are his motives.  Obama is clearing the way for the establishment of a regional Caliphate that will stretch from the Mediterranean to the borders of India.  Even in Europe,the Islamic world has gained several footholds.  They are coming to dominate the populations of Central Europe, and everywhere you look, there is unrest and a complete lack of assimilation into the cultures of the host countries. You need only to examine Britain, France, and Germany to learn how well that is progressing.  The American people may one day soon awake to a world in which their influence has been devastated as their economy has been systematically wrecked, while a new or re-born Caliphate arises in the  Middle East, where Israel has been wiped from existence, and a purge of non-Muslims has been accomplished.  Even now, you can look at the plight of Coptic Christians who are fleeing Egypt for a clue as to what the future that Barack Obama is building will hold.

Destroying the political, economic, and military might of the United States is the only way this can be accomplished.  If you don’t realize that this very agenda is now being undertaken by Barack Obama, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.  We’re being robbed blind, we’re having the seeds of civil unrest sewn into the fabric of our own society, and the American people have been so demoralized that they cannot see the dangers looming in the wider forest, so consumed are they with the misery of their own trees.  This country is in mortal danger, and Barack Obama and those who operate under the umbrella of his influence have put us in this position.  We had thought it was merely because he was a misguided leftist, but the signs are right in front of our eyes that he’s something more terrible.  Make what you will of it, and damn me as a conspiracy kook, but the dangers are real, and the threat is growing, and Barack Obama stands as the key to all of it.

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18 Responses to Barack Obama: Making The Arab World Safe for a Caliphate

  1. Are you ready to join my survival sites Mark? Us preppers need as many so called kooks and conspiracy theorists as will join with us sir?

  2. Past is Prologue.
    The Muslim Brotherhood was establihed in Egypt 1928 by Hassin al- Banna and were anticolonialists. Pre WWII they allied themselves with Hitler's Nazi party. The thinking was that Hitler would take Europe. The Brotherhood would handle Pan Arabia and Africa. They were the SS of the Middle East.
    Post WWII & with Hitler's defeat they infiltrated Europe aided by funds from Oil rich ME Countries and a liberal immigration policy. The Brotherhood has branches in over 70 Countries.
    Pres. Obama is a child of Indonesia. He is like his Father an ardent anticolonialist.
    I agree with Mark. Not as a conspiracy theorist but rather a student history. Beware the Brotherhood spread under the guise of Arab Spring.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Yes, that's all quite true. Every word. People need to realize that Dinesh D'Souza's book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" isn't hype. This is who the guy is, and he is a fervent anti-colonialist, and he sees colonialism as the flip-side of capitalism. The fact that he's wrong doesn't matter. As you point out, this really isn't a conspiracy theory, but there are those who have their eyes nailed shut so tightly they refuse to see it, dismissing others who do as conspiracy theorists.

    • gringoviejo says:

      Libs say Cain is not "authentic black", but let's look at Obama –
      HALF white, QUARTER bedouin, and just one quarter black. But what sort of black really is this meager percentage that defines him?
      The black slaves that came to the Americas all came directly from the western coasts of africa. But Obamas roots are not from among these peoples, they are from africas EAST coast – different sort of people altogether. Same colour, but – – – as different as Danes from Sicilians.
      Another thing, it wasn't that white traders went out in the bush hunting, they simply bought their goods. There were camps full of merchandise, ready to go. And who had them? Slave-traders who had who had been in the trade for centuries before the white sailors arrived.
      And were these traders local chiefs or the like? No, they were from way inland. Their original trade-route was northwards across the Sahara, to Tripoli, Cairo, Istanbul, Baghdad, etc.
      Obama has no blood relationship with the slaves that were brought from africa. But he does have a blood relationship with the original slave-sellers, and apparently an ideological affinity with them also. Yes, they were Muslims like his father, grandfather and stepfather.
      All members of the enslaving religion, the religion of inequality, submission and sharia, but not of freedom.
      Yes, as (or if) we study history, we should learn.

    • janthames says:

      Many people, US Citizens, don't read the papers, don't watch the news, particularly if it is labeled conservative. Then we have the internet news which even has fewer reading. How do we get Americans to stand up and understand that they are losing their country. They think an election will solve the problem, but it is much deeper than that. I have tried but they truly are out to lunch and just looking for what the government can do for them.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Jan, I suppose there are no easy answers to this, but we have little choice but to try. It's either that, or surrender. You're right about this much: It cannot be solved through a single election, in part because our system is much slower to turn around than an election cycle, but also because we need to change. Our culture must change, and this only happens through the will and conscious choice of people. Thanks!

  3. Europe will be defeated, not by the Caliphate but rather by the "pill".

    • Kells Bells says:

      The pill? Is the IMF going to give Greece birth control?

    • mary michaels says:

      Yes. The birthrate among non-Muslim women is next to nothing, Muslim women are producing many children. Christian Europe gave up God and stopped having babies.
      They let Muslims in who do not assimilate.

      "While Europe Slept," by Bawer

      "America Alone," by Steyn

  4. Kells Bells says:

    With his Czars in place, could not the president appoint them in key positions were there a state of emergency in the U.S.? Guess I'm a bit of a conspiracy kook:)

    • mary michaels says:

      It seems more and more possible that martial law will be put into place by 10/12 and there will be no elections.
      Wake up, America!

  5. SeanStLouis says:

    I agree that Obama has furthered the Brotherhood's cause (under the guise of incompetence), but it's unrealistic to blame him directly. He is merely a compliant subject for his Handlers, as many who came before him were. They are heavily invested in the collapse of America because it does not fit the more lucrative trend of a world-wide single economic system. Islamic extremists (and Barack Obama) have become useful idiots to that end.

    • gringoviejo says:

      Funny thing, morally straight folks spend their time & efforts trying to improve things for family & nation.
      The crooks don't worry too much about that so have plenty of time to conspire.
      Here we can fill in lots of names – handlers like Soros, crazies like Ayers, the Muslim brotherhood and so many others that even "hate each other" OK, Nazis and communists hate each other but pre-1942 they actually cooperated militarily. Muslims hate Catholics but Qaddafi helped the IRA, ETA and FARC.
      So, Kells and Sean, looks like being a Conspiracy Kook is just way smarter than being a highly educated useful idiot.

  6. Bill Metzger says:

    I'm just a dumb ex grunt but I never thought Obama was dumbly stumblin around. Looked to me after a bit tat he knew exactly what he was doin. and the fact that a lot people who think alike may and do act in concert is not necessarily the classic definition of 'conspiracy' but can have the same results. Just cause I'm paranoid dont mean they aint out ta get me.

  7. bdwatcher says:

    Yes. I have been saying that he is not a dummy for a long time. He knows completely what he is doing, and it is not by accident. November 9. (9/11/11) the government will take control of all communications for Emergency Broadcasting. I believe it is supposed to be for 3 minutes. Hmmm….. What will he do with all the military, national guard coming home from Iraq. It seems to me either we will have many more unemployed (less defenders) or perhaps there is something for them to do? I have been watching all this, reading, reading, reading since he has been elected. The NLRB, EPA. Look at all the czars that have been appointed, their affiliations. Look at the executive orders he has signed. Holder has either hired or appointed 71 persons, all of which have had either membership or positions in socialist, communist or militant activitst activities. hmmm… There is an agenda. 21? and more. The American Citizens are the largest army in the world, if only they would have their eyes open. I wonder what the military thinks of all this. They took an oath to uphold the constiution, not the president. hmmm… It looks dark my friends. I was thinking this next summer. but…….. Just research his childhood, his college days. Who and what he was friends with, what organizations he has joined or had membership.

    Mark, I agree with you completely. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. There is sooooo much.

    • montee says:

      There is a march in D.C. on Nov 11,2011 for Vets, and PATRIOTS.. EVERYONE who is fed up with B.O and his crossing the line HUNDREDS of times. If you care about your country, you'll find out about this march and join …SUPPORT PATRIOTS who are going there to demand he be removed, along with his Czars and the entire lot of corrupt gov people who are under OUR EMPLOY! This in NOT just a kook conspiracy move but instead it's a move by Patriots who are fed up with all of the corruption. BE THERE or sit on these boards and complain. you decide. But when my grand kids ask me why these things happened in America, I can say I did something. HOW ABOUT YOU????

  8. sedeuce says:

    An article about what will be left in Iraq at an excellent site for finding out what is really happening in the Middle East: US pullback to leave 30,000 Iranian Al Qods fighters sitting in Iraq – If this is true, Al Qods agents are being hired to "protect" Iraqi government officials.

  9. t-bird says:

    A vital piece of his strategy is to keep us away from our oil, coal, and nuclear resources or know-how. The Caliphate crumbles in a world of cheap energy, advances in a world of "green" energy.