Update: Caliphate a’Coming; None Dare Call It Treason


Further evidence has begun to mount on Sunday that the “Arab Spring” is merely the prologue to a Sharia Winter. In Tunisia, where all of this really got started earlier this year, Islamists are poised to sweep the elections. It gets better, as in Libya, their new transitional leader says Sharia will rule the country.  If that’s not enough, over in Iran, there are now Occupy Wall Street protests.  As I told you yesterday, this entire movement has the look and feel of an Obama/Soros operation.  Considering the systematic destruction of our national economy, our global influence, military readiness, and the complete breakdown of our society that is unfolding under Obama, we must  wonder what we shall do if these people succeed.

To win, they needed to take down America, and they’re well on their way, and at the top of it all, Barack Obama stands with George Soros’ hand up his backside. In what could only be considered a more modern iteration of the book None Dare Call it Treason, this country is being wiped out, and I think it’s time we say so.

What has been the purpose of all of this coordination between the leftists groups from America participating in the Gaza Flotilla, or in the Tahrir Square revolution?  What could be the meaning of poking Israel in the eye with the entire September threat of a move by Palestineans for Statehood?  I realize that even three years ago, this kind of talk would have gotten somebody branded a conspiracist, but let’s be honest shall we?  I believe coincidences exist, and that correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but this is frankly too much to accept on that basis.  We have all known for a long time, those who paid any attention, that America was the last best hope for freedom anywhere on Earth.  We are now watching it wrecked.  It’s not accidental. There’s a reason the Dodd-Frank financial reform act permits certain facts to be kept secret from the American people.

Ordinary people like me are now turning to me and asking “what shall we do?”  As one of my loyal readers comments, it’s like from the movie 300:  “What can we do?”  I have heard a fair number of oaths muttered under the breath of those who have their own solemn answer to the question, but I suppose I have always wondered at what point the American people simply say: “Enough!”  What recourse remains?  Your President and his party have spit on this country fearlessly for three years.  They’re supporting our enemies both at home and abroad.  Will you call Congress and demand he be impeached?  What will that accomplish?  Would the Senate act? Even if it did, what then?  Biden?  Do you think that useful idiot would do any better or different?

No, I think you’d better prepare to live as slaves.  Your masters will be the Occu-Pests, and your children will struggle the length of their stunted lives in support of them and their Marxist agenda.  This way, you risk nothing.  Let me be brutally honest with you: Some of you haven’t had the intestinal fortitude to face up to friends and family and congregation and neighbor and even state what it is that is transpiring, for fear of ridicule.  I know, because I get the e-mails.  I have writers telling me: “I don’t even bother with the kids, they are so busy living their lives and watching garbage on TV that they think Jon Stewart is news.”  I have grown people who should be the object of respect and reverence in their communities telling me: “Well, you can’t say that in public because somebody will think you’re nuts.”  What courage will we have when it comes down to it if now, when we could speak, we instead cower and say nothing?

On the other side of this, I get e-mails from people who tell me how somebody who loved them re-directed them in their thinking as a result of long, heartfelt and frank discussions about what we now face. One young lady wrote to tell me:

“My dad was always pestering me to follow the news. I have a five-month-old baby and a toddler, and I just don’t have the time.  My husband works two jobs, and right now, daycare costs more than any job I could get, so I just stay home with my kids.  He sent me a link to your story about “Downgraded America” and I read it.  I was really bothered by it, but I didn’t know what to think. My dad, you know, he’s always sending me this scary political stuff. Then I went back and read some of your other stories. I talked with my husband about one because he’s interested in some of this stuff, but he doesn’t have time.  He looked at me and said “Yea, that’s what’s happening.” The look on his face was like he was letting me in on a secret that I should have known. I am going to learn more about this, and I’m going to talk with some of my friends. None of them are very political. Neither was I, but I have my babies to think about, and I can’t afford not to know what’s going on….”

Ladies and gentlemen, if we’re to stand any chance at all, we can’t have any more secrets, and we can’t fear to state what is.  It’s Sunday. It’s a day to repair for the week ahead.  It’s a moment of pause before we re-enter the storm.  Use it to good purpose.  Prepare the ones you love.

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10 Responses to Update: Caliphate a’Coming; None Dare Call It Treason

  1. I have only redirected the ideas of just a few people to watch what is going on. So many are complacent and believe all the MSM says… It is such a tragedy. I will not wake up and say "WTF". At least I know what is going on. We need to develop alliances with friends.

  2. WardR says:

    As a suggestion, Mark, I'm backing Newt Gingrich for president with Sarah Palin as vice president. Newt is the only candidate who's talking about eliminating whole federal departments. Moreover, having been Speaker of the House, he has the legislative experience that Sarah lacks while she has the executive experience that he lacks along with a very powerful compass to keep him on the right track.

    Since Newt will be 69 before Election Day, 2012, he will be a one-term president; Sarah will be perfectly set up to take the helm in 2016.

    Mark, this is something we must do! If the nation is to come back from the brink, we must not only dump B. Hussein Obama, but we must also dump the BGRs (Big Government Republicans) of whom Mitt Romney is the very worst.

    Gingrich-Palin, 2012!

    • Kells Bells says:

      Gingrich is the most intelligent, but Cain is the most influential. Look at the polls….

      • SeanStLouis says:

        Cain is only perceived as influential because most people form their ideas from mainstream media. Remember Rick Perry? …Rick who?

        Don't trust TV.

        I've personally spoken with several people who say they like Herman Cain, but they can't seem to tell me exactly why.

        Romney is Their man. He is the one we have to beat.

  3. Very soon in our future there will be an event that all Americans and true Patriots will not be able to stand and watch from the sidelines anymore. The country will fall first but what it is now and what it has become is really not worth keeping any longer. We have life long politicians that think they are truly our rulers..it does not matter Dem or GOP and when that day comes Marxists all politicians, liberals, progressives had better watch out there are millions of ex military and non military that love America and what it was..One Nation Under God and we will take it back or we will all die gladly trying. But what will befall this country will make the past civil war look like child's play! It will not work out for this ruling class the way they think it will…we surround them and we will not allow any more..we are standing….

  4. SeanStLouis says:

    WardR – "Newt is the only candidate who’s talking about eliminating whole federal departments". Oh c'mon…. that's intellectually dishonest. Perhaps you have Newt confused with another candidate.

    I've read Newt's Contract. I like many of Newt's proposals, but he doesn't want to do NEARLY enough. His status-quo hawkish foreign policy will surely get us into more trouble than we are. The simple fact is that we simply can't afford more war spending. I know many of you here want more war and more military intervention, so please excuse me if I seem out of line.

    Sabers – don't run for the hills yet, brother. There is work to do.

    Mark – I love your passion. Keep up the good work.

  5. Kells Bells says:

    Goodness! This sounds like the Crusades! Let's roll:)

  6. SeanSTLouis my friend I aint running from danger I am running twords it sir..i already live in the hills and am ready to come down out of the mountains and get this over with!!! Im SF sir!!!

    • SeanStLouis says:

      Sabers – the economic oppression has not yet reached the threshold. We are in the eye of the storm and have not yet seen the worst.

      There is still time, my friend. Use it wisely.