Obama’s Threats of Violence

He's Talking to You

Remember when Barack Obama was on the campaign trail in 2010, and told supporters it would be hand-to-hand combat if Congress changed hands?  Now with the Soros/Obama-backed Occu-Pests becoming more violent by the day, we should begin to assess the President’s culpability.  This is stunning considering that in early 2011, after the shooting in Arizona that seriously wounded Representative Giffords, the President urged that we turn down the rhetoric.  Has he?  No.  He and his cohorts on the extreme left are still pushing the rhetoric of violence, although more frequently by shaded implications.  back in September, when James Hoffa Jr. was introducing Obama, the rhetoric was nothing but violent.  Barack Obama declined to distance himself from Hoffa’s remarks in any way.  His reliance on surrogates for the violent rhetoric shouldn’t get him off the hook for his support of its ends.

The truth is that Obama wants and needs violence to carry out his destruction.  It’s the normal progression of leftists everywhere to begin with strikes and protest marches and end in violence and revolution.  History offers us no shortage of examples of this principle, and yet Obama unabashedly continues this trend.  I don’t care whether this man is legally qualified to sit in the office of the President of the United States or not.  His enmity toward this country disqualifies him on a moral basis.  His reliance on this sort of rhetoric, either directly or through surrogates, merely serves to embolden the Occupy Wall Street crowd in escalating their violence.

Monday, we’re being reminded just how out-of-control Obama really is as he seeks to circumvent Congress on his way to implementing parts of his “Jobs Bill” via alleged regulatory authority.  This is just another indication of how thoroughly willing Barack Obama is to ignore the Constitution and make things up as he goes in favor of “spreading the wealth” but more particularly, destroying the United States via so-called “fundamental change.”  He’s reckless, dangerous, and increasingly, treasonous.  This level of activities outside the bounds of his constitutional authority is something upon which Congress must act.  Of course, with Democrats controlling the Senate, it’s not likely we will get results there, but it’s damned-well time to try.

These are not the behaviors of a man who is intent upon upholding his oath of office, and for this reason, Barack Obama must go.  Our country will not recover and it will not heal from the grievous wounds he’s inflicted by his policy and his advocacy.  Whether the Congress removes him, he resigns, or he is simply defeated in the Presidential election of 2012, Barack Obama must leave the presidency, and the sooner the better.

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5 Responses to Obama’s Threats of Violence

  1. I agree,wish Moowcows**t and Begich and Young my congressmen in Alaska did also!!

  2. C.A. Bamford says:

    I fear you are right, Mark. His behavior is not acceptable for the leader of our country…nor is it the behavior of a reasonable man.

  3. Indeed, if there was any measure of discontent with the Obama administration, it would the length, loudness, and enthusiasm of the standing ovation that Former President GW received at the World Series game the other night. For all the "blame Bush" and vilification of GW by this administration, GW still received a standing ovation that lasted for quite a while. I do not recall Jimmy Carter being so well received. I do not recall Bush Sr. being so well received. Indeed, I don't think Bill Clinton has been so well received either! For just a brief glimmer of a moment, America remembered, that despite all his faults, Bush valued America and Americans.

    Obama simply does not love America or Americans. He places no value on our Constitution. Our freedoms have no meaning to him. Not only must he removed from power, he must be totally and utterly discredited so that he may never rise to power and influence again.

  4. Frank Lockhart says:

    After he is out of office we can put him on trial for TREASON MUCH EASIER THAN IMPEACHING HIM. Although I agree the sooner this

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