Big Test of Emergency Alert System

Don't Worry, They'll Warn Us

Four minutes.  That’s how long the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be taking down all broadcast television and radio signals at one time to be replaced by their emergency broadcast.  You can see the original public notice at the FCC’s website.  Conspiracy theorists are naturally running wild with speculation, since the government has never conducted this sort of widespread test before.  On Wednesday, the 9th of November, at 2pm Eastern time, the test will be conducted. It’s an odd coincidence that this is being done on the 9th day of the 11th month, isn’t it?  OR IS IT?  (Now you can get out your tin-foil hats, if you like.)

We’ve been living with these broadcast interruptions for my whole life, and the normal response is to change the channel.  The FCC wants to be sure you can’t ignore this one, and of course, there will doubtless be millions of people who won’t get the word, and who will panic and dial 9-1-1.  You may wish to pass the word along to friends, relatives, and neighbors, to help alleviate any undue fear or apprehension.  On the other hand, if your friends, relatives, and neighbors are “conspiracy kooks,” you may only agitate them unnecessarily for the next two weeks.  Whatever you decide, be sure to check in here.  If anything big does go down, I’ll let you know.  Unless the President uses that “Internet Off-Switch” they’ve given him. You never know…

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3 Responses to Big Test of Emergency Alert System

  1. Lisa says:

    Would that be Tuesday, November 8th? or Wednesday, November 9th?

  2. moonprinces says:

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