Never Demand Answers From the Royals!

Don't Screw Around With Me!

Joe Biden is still upset over the question he was asked by a reporter last week, when he responded with “Don’t Screw Around With Me.”  According to The Blaze, he’s issued a formal complaint about the matter to the Senate press gallery.  In another stunning demonstration of just how much contempt these politicians have for you, and yet one more indication that their arrogance is all-consuming, Vice President Biden, who Mark Levin calls “the dumbest man ever to hold that office,” is angry that he’s been made to look bad.  Of course, he did look bad, not because of the reporter, but because of his own words and actions.  As you should know by now, we are not to be permitted to question the “royals.” Ever.

Reporter Jason Mattera asked Biden to explain his comments about rape being likely to go up if the President’s phony “Jobs Bill” doesn’t pass:

Joe Biden is another of these creatures from Washington DC who thinks he should never be asked any question, even when his own idiotic statements invite it. I think Joe needs his head examined.  Again.

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5 Responses to Never Demand Answers From the Royals!

  1. Gwen says:

    I thought this was creepy when I first heard him, before anyone on the radio shows or news said anything. I can't be the only one!

  2. Don Purser says:

    Head examined? The "Occupy Protesters" would demand – removed.

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Biden, at the very least. should be ashamed of himself for his stupid remark and trying to discredit this reporter who had the courage to hold
    his feet to the fire. I never thought I would see the day that this thing would happen in America! You folks that voted to put these people in
    office were duped and, more than likely, the rest rest of rhe Country will
    suffer for a long time because of your stupidity. Our only hope is to rid ourselves of this vermin in 2012. I cannot imagine living in q Country
    that has criminals like Obama and his minions in charge. They all deserve "FOUR MORE YEARS" behind bars! Pray for them and GOD

  4. dreadmonger says:

    It is a sad day when the VP is reduced to fear mongering to get the message out. I am glad this remark has not gone unnoticed. It is callous in the extreme.