Occupy Dallas Scene of Sexual Assault of Minor?

Occu-Pest Heaven

Dallas police are investigating whether there was a sexual assault of a 14yo girl in the encampment of Occupy Dallas behind City Hall.  It was only a matter of time before these sorts of cases cropped up, as these Occu-Pest encampments are loaded with degenerates of every description.  These same people think they should be able to live without reference to cause and effect, so this sort of incident isn’t really surprising. I don’t understand why the Mayors in these cities don’t start to crack down on this, as it seems the ridiculous behavior is becoming, well, more ridiculous.   One protester actually said this in an interview with CBS Dallas:

“We’ll find out what the truth is and if that’s her story, that she was having sex with older men in the park, I guess we really need to watch the age group that’s coming in here and get control of that,” protestor Rich Coffman said.

I have a better idea:  Let’s not permit sex there at all.  Is this a protest or an orgy?  It shouldn’t be possible that an adult of any description goes to a public place and sets out to have sex with anybody, be they an adult or a minor.  Of course, everybody is pretending they thought she was 19yo.  As it turns out, she may be a runaway.  Add to this that these people are conducting themselves in this fashion publicly, and I think it’s time to begin enforcing the laws, don’t you? From the article:

Occupy Dallas organizers said they’ll implement a 10 p.m. curfew and check the identification of anyone seen walking the grounds after that time.

That’s just nifty! We should all be relieved that this organization of misfits is now going to “police themselves.” Hint: If these were responsible people, they wouldn’t be camped out behind City Hall.

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One Response to Occupy Dallas Scene of Sexual Assault of Minor?

  1. bigmamas52 says:

    Amen!! I don't care if she "looked" 19yo, or if she's a runaway. It does not make it ok for anyone to be having sex in a pulic arena. But why don't these mayors do something? Well look at the mayor's. NYC-Bloomber, Atlanta, etc. Many are democrats (or dems in isheeps clothing) so these are all potential votes for them. It's the hypocrisy that gets me. If these were all TP'ers crapping on the flag, orgy's in public, disruptin the regular flow of business and life….OMG it would be non stop bashing in the media. But because these are indoctrinated idiots living in mom's basement, going to school on mom's dime and eating mom's food…..well like I said they are potential voters for the dems so it's all ok, NOT!