Orlando Jones: Liberals Should Kill Sarah Palin

Expecting a Backlash?

Newsbusters is reporting that on Saturday, actor Orlando Jones, tweeting in celebration of the death of Gaddafi, posted this piece of filth:


Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect, they had better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(:

This is disgusting.  I don’t understand why this is anything to laugh about. I don’t understand how this worthless piece of Holly-weird gets work.  As Newsbusters suggests, it’s likely that this is an attempt to increase his visibility and enhance his job prospects.  Scum.

Pure scum.  This is simply ridiculous, and nobody should make light of this outrageous remark.

I don’t want to hear excuses.  There is no excuse for this. This is yet one more in a long string of abuses heaped on Sarah Palin by the Media establishment and the useful idiots they employ.  I wonder if anybody will now say that Mr. Jones is inciting violence against Sarah Palin? I wonder if the media will say anything about this, or instead chuckle about it behind the scenes.  Maybe we should use another word: Soliciting?  As in “soliciting murder“?  These actors and other Holly-Weird types think they’re funny with this sort of thing.  I don’t find it funny.  I find it dangerous and disturbing.

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16 Responses to Orlando Jones: Liberals Should Kill Sarah Palin

  1. Terry Tignor says:

    Mark ,I just read what You wrote on this idiot and I do not even have the desire to view what this scumbag said. All I have to say is I agree with You totally !

  2. neal alpert says:

    & who is this low life POS. Someone shout take this trash out. Gee I must be racist….NOT!!!

  3. The KellyJaye says:

    I just tweeted:
    "Add @Orlando Jone to the list "Leftist and Liberal lies, violence and hate." He calls on liberals to kill Sarah Palin: wp.me/p1HGwx-1hg "

  4. Dreadful. Never heard of the guy. Another self important looser. Opinion is one thing but this guy has made a threat against a public figure and invited others to help out in the action. Thanks for the posting.

  5. jerseyflash says:

    This is chapter 101 from the book of " DESTROY PALIN AT ANY COST " Jones agent told him to go out and make headlines-he needs a bump.
    EVERYONE has given the POSH@T " HEADLINES." There will be a slow and steady shoveling of SH@T thrown at Sarah from now until the GOP picks his or her VP.

  6. 1thinkingwoman says:

    My first ever comment – I thought our President asked for "kinder, gentler" language? This should be run down by the FBI for inciting violence and treated just like any other terrorist threat!

  7. Bill Metzger says:

    This numbskull probably doesn't know what a 'Liberal' even is. He most surely has not the slightest idea who Sarah is. But he is no doubt as street clever as other numbskulls like say Matt Damon or the idiot on' The view' (cant think of her name) who know what the Leftists in 'entertainment' and their 'chic' audiences want to hear. The guy is a moron tryin for cred amongst morons. no doubt he'll get it.

  8. ross1948 says:

    Appalling – we shall later today use this on our own expat blog, Rossrightangle! Spread the word!

  9. faith martin says:

    Well that is another doofus/lib actor that won't make a penny off of me and my family. Boycott his dumb rear end. He IS enciting violence against Mrs. Palin, her family, and anyone who follows her. This is NOT a lauging matter, and it wasn't a joke. To even put a patriot like Mrs. Palin in the same statement with comparison to Gaddafi is an insult of the highest order, to throw in she should be killed, that just shows what type of scum he is.

  10. Hannah Senesh says:

    It was the democrats that had Judge Roll and John Wheeler assassinated!!

  11. Nancy Goodale says:

    Thanks for this, Mark. As I said on Facebook this morning, I have no idea who this Orlando Jones is (and have no interest in knowing) but he's an idiot who needs to be shunned and boycotted at the very least!

    That said, I believe, by making such a violent and idiotic remark, Mr. Jones is inciting violence against Governor Palin; and his declaration could possibly be considered assault! I hope and pray that the Palin family has increased their security and sought legal/law enforcement advice and action.


    Nancy Goodale