The Push to Destroy Your Liberties

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We have discussed a number of very serious issues here, but some things simply cannot be repeated often enough.  Among the subjects we’ve visited and re-visited is the matter of our Constitution, and how it is being systematically undermined.  Part of the reason the statists get away with this is because they work in secret, putting a public face on their activities that never reveals what they’re really trying to accomplish while trying to sucker us into going along.  Many Americans have fallen for this approach because the fact is that they’re ignorant.  I mean  that quite literally:  They simply don’t know the subject matter, and so are easily misinformed about it.

The subject of how they’ve become misinformed is a question for another day, but it’s time to address the subject matter in detail.  Many Americans have been led to believe  that our system of an electoral college to select a President is bad, because it defeats direct democracy.  The question isn’t whether that’s true – it is – but whether that is a good thing for our nation.  Don’t be fooled by those who pitch to you the notion of eliminating the electoral college, or subverting it.  The electoral college has been and remains a vital force in protecting the long-term health and stability of the nation.

There are several projects out there, most of them being pushed or coordinated by Soros flunkies and shills, who seek to eliminate the electoral college, or to essentially neuter its effectiveness.  This is because the electoral college serves an important function in restraining the capricious will and whimsy of the great body of the electorate.  It’s one of the most important checks and balances in that lovely list of them that had made our Constitution durable.  In our Constitution, there are checks on the Congress, on the President, and even on the judicial branch.  There were also to be checks on our political power.  You might wonder why the framers of the Constitution would do this, but what you must know is that despite the fact that technology changes, the underlying human nature that avails itself of technology never does.  The framers knew this.  They knew that Democracy is merely an angry mob waiting to happen, and that no nation could survive wild gyrations in the battle between competing angry mobs.  Their grand idea was to eliminate the power of angry mobs by muting them and taking away some of their ability to overwhelm orderly changes in government and its institutions.

The electoral college works to stabilize a vast nation with diverse interests by seeing to it that no grossly unbalanced regional interest can hold sway over the nation.  It also places a final line of defense in place against usurpation.  In 2008, that line of defense failed, but not because the system had broken.  Instead, it was only because the people in the system are so corrupt.  No law and no system of laws can prevail so long as corruption runs free within it.  The electoral college permits that a person can win the presidency without securing the plurality of the popular vote if the candidate can win support of a majority of the electors.  Remember, under our system, your vote at the polls in a presidential election is not really binding on an elector.

This is particularly important when you remember that you could theoretically build a majority of the electorate with just the top ten most populace states like California, Texas, New York, Florida, and so on, while overlooking the interests of the less-populated but much more numerous states.  This would create a condition in which a President so-elected would have no inclination to serve the interests of these smaller states, despite the fact that they are much more numerous.  In a popular election, a President might win in 49 states by a narrow margin, but in a single state by a large margin, and win the election, so that the will of the people of 49 states was ignored on behalf of the will of the people of one state.   Remember, ours is a federal system, meaning that despite our tendency these days to think of Washington DC first, the states are really intended to be the seat of most governmental authority and power.  Some will make the specious claim that we are one nation, and as such, should vote as a single electorate rather than a collection of aggregated electorates, but this ignores what the framers sought to insure:  Stable self-governance.

Here are a couple quotes from delegates to the Constitutional Convention that explain their thinking:

“The extent of the country renders it impossible, that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge of the respective pretensions of the candidates.” — Delegate Mason, July 17, 1787

“The people are uninformed, and would be misled by a few designing men.” — Delegate Gerry, July 19, 1787.

One can’t help but look to the fools now occupying Wall Street and realize that Gerry was correct. More importantly, however, this mechanism was put in place to ensure that the Federal government would uphold its duty to the states, specified in Article IV, Section 4, wherein it says:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican form of Government…”

Obviously, they were not speaking of the Republican Party, which did not exist at the time, but rather the concept of a republic, as I have discussed elsewhere. In the coming months, there will be a number of challenged to our Constitutional form of government, and you ought to be intellectually armed to confront them.  Understanding how the electoral college helps preserve our way of life along with our system of government is key to restoring this nation.  Just as a century ago, progressives looked for new ways to subvert this Republic, and managed to enact at least two amendments destructive of it(16th and 17th,) now they are back in force to finish the job.  It’s fitting, then, that our current President is like the the one who took office in March 1913, and who held the American people and the Constitution in a contempt rivaled only by our current president: Woodrow Wilson.  Learn your history, and learn the meaning of your constitution. Teach its brilliant underpinnings to your children and grandchildren.  It’s the only hope we have of preserving it.

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  1. moonprinces says:

    i agree with your article we must must g oet oboma out before he makes this into a shria muslim country which is exactly what he wants. wake up people