Protester Says Collapsing American Government Will Be Necessary

What Democracy Looks Like

This professional idiot from Chicago is serious.  Meanwhile, I get comments from his fellow idiots who say the Occupy movement isn’t anti-capitalist.  Yes, sure.  We believe that.  Do these squatters think we’re not paying any attention to what they’re doing and saying?  Do they think we are as clueless as they pretend to be about who is funding all of this?  Please. Don’t insult my intelligence.  These are radical Marxists, and if you find a few poor dolts among them who aren’t, they have no clue to what they’ve attached their support.  This guy with his laundry list of social program demands is just a communist agitator.   Yet we’re told they’re not anti-capitalist?  Let’s be honest about it:  These people want America to end as you had known it, or as your grandparents had known it.  They do not speak for me.  All of them should read this: The Morality of Money

H/T to the Blaze for finding this video:


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2 Responses to Protester Says Collapsing American Government Will Be Necessary

  1. kara515 says:

    Ignorant fool. This man knows nothing. Here is a link to Glenn Beck's show about the OWS "movement" for your information.

    Show description: "The Truth About the Occupy Wall Street movement – Monday's full 2 hour episode is now available for free. Watch it and spread it to everyone you can. "

  2. dnr says:

    Yet another example of why we homeschool our children.