One Reason to Love Texas

A Texas Original

I’ve lived in Texas for more than two decades. Soon, I’ll have spent half my life here, and one thing Texas never lacks is its own particular flavor. Once you get away from the large cities, you find people to be a good deal more plain-spoken, and that’s the way we like it. Sometimes, that tendency to plain-spoken candor leads to what might seem unusual, mildly offensive, but most frequently hilarious to non-Texans. Crockett Keller owns a store in Mason, Texas, a small town in a vast county with not much to see. It’s called Keller’s Riverside Store, and it isn’t much to look at, just the sort of place you expect to see in a west-central Texas town.

Nestled near the Llano River, one of the services Mr. Keller offers is the instruction necessary to obtain a concealed-carry handgun license.

Here is his radio advertisement for that class. Pay close attention to the last 20 seconds:







Update: Now they’re going after Crockett Keller

21 thoughts on “One Reason to Love Texas”

  1. Holy s**t!
    Good God, how I miss Texas! I use to install DirecTV dishes out in Mason some times. I usually worked the Round Rock, Hutto areas though. You are 100% correct in that Texans are much more plain spoken.

    Politically correct!? That don't mean a durned thing out there.

  2. This kills me. I live in horribly progressive Minnesota and Crockett Keller would probably be lynched here for saying what he says in his ad. Go Crockett. I myself have decided not to be nice anymore. Saying it like it is is saying the truth.

  3. I love this,, Just wish they there was a store in my area,lol. THIS is what it has come to because of the idiots that Elected this piece of scum for president. What makes it even worse is NO ONE,,NOD'A Has the Guts to do anything about what happening with this group of crooks. Time to wake up people, WE have to do it ourselfs, if that is the case WHY do we elect people to do the job I AM ASKING them to do.

  4. Wow, an American who dares to exercise his freedom of speech!
    An American who dares to use his freedom of choice to do what what is right. An American who has the guts to go against the Obamanation tide!
    An American that speaks up against the enemys of this country.
    What will they think of next? You go Mr. Keller. You have my support and I agree with everything you have said. I am grateful to live in the U.S. and I am worried about our future.
    Dont let the liberal fools ever silence you. God Bless.

  5. I believe it's time that I move away from Texas. This is shameful. And by the way, I don't fit his "exclusion criteria" so I would be more than welcome to take his course. But no thank you. You couldn't pay me to.

  6. Thanks for bringing back sanity and free speech that is not skewed by PC bullcrap! I will be signing up for your course soon as i live close.

  7. I think this is a wonderful viewpoint, and we need a lot more just like him! @ Renee….I would be willing to help you pack for your move OUT of Texas! how about out of the entire Country? they have flight leaving daily, haul ass! I am tired of the catering to the liberals, Muslims & other such non-sense! You know the best thing about America? You can feel free to leave it anytime you want!!

    1. Mindy, I sooo agree, The door is open or border it seems is OPEN OUT too,, so see ya anyone that does NOT like it what America USED to Stand for and is going to AGAIN. STOP trying to change America,I know the People that voted for this FOOL in the white house are ALSO FOOLS,, AND they better wake up or there will be NO MORE AMERICA as we Once knew it . I too am sick and tired of the Left/Lib/Democrats/Commies having ALL the say it seems, IT IS TIME WE take back AMERICA and fast, First things first, get rid of the Muslim/Commi in the White House and his scum Wife. To the People on Wall St ,, THIS IS WHY things are the way they are in America TODAY. It IS time we ALL Stand up for OUR RIGHTS,, and KEEP on fighting. God Bless America

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