Barack Obama Led Occupation in Chicago in 1988?


Obama: Community Occupier

According to Joel Pollak, at, Barack Obama’s roots as a community organizer lead back to a time when he would have been leading the Occupy movement, and indeed took part in Occupation-style protests against banks.  Ladies and gentlemen, we must come to understand not only what is driving the Occupy movement but who is controlling the wheel. Back in 1988, Obama was part of the organizing force behind such protests in Chicago, but now, more than two decades later, he’s the President of the United States, and others are now fulfilling that role.  As Pollak reports in a separate article, it is now people like Lisa Fithian who act in the role once played by Barack Obama.  It seems that while organizers have changed, the  tactics in use are much the same.

This shouldn’t be particularly stunning to the readers of this blog, but what should shock you  is the unrelenting dishonesty inherent in the coverage that seems so incomplete among the so-called mainstream media.  There is a tendency to cover all of this up, and as Breitbart reported earlier in the week, there are elements within the Occupy movement who are simultaneously covering the event(s) while helping to organize them, putting a whole new meaning to the term “embedded journalists.”

There is nothing organic or “grass-roots” about this movement. It’s almost entirely a top-down endeavor being organized and led by people who have long and well-documented ties to the worst elements of Anti-American  and Anti-Capitalist sentiments, with delusions of revolutionary grandeur.  As further reports, the leftists directing this thing have a media strategy too, particularly for when dealing with news reports of violence among protesters. In a posting titled “What to do When the Media Says a Protester Attacked a  Cop,” the following advice is given:

  • 1) Challenge the assumption that the violent protester(s) are actually Occupy Wall Street protesters.
    The media move fast, they don’t believe it is their job to know who started the violence, just that it started. If someone looks like an Occupy Wall Street protester, they are an OWS protester, even if they are an editor from the Right Wing publication American Spectator who is at the protest specifically to discredit the movement.
  • 2) Scour all the footage and photos you can find of the instigators of the violence at the protest.
  • 3) Crowd-source the images and ask for help identifying them.
  • 4) Write a post about it on a blog with info on the person(s) and their background. 
  • 5) Contact the media and point out who that protest was started by.

Of course, this is an after-the-fact strategy, and says nothing of their role in any violence, and in fact attempts to disclaim it.  Any such mob action is going to have dire consequences, and these organizers know it.  Are there provocateurs?  Almost certainly.  The problem is that the provocateurs merely represent another faction of the operation at large.

Lastly, in what seems to be a good way to cap off this article, with more amazing coverage from Joel Pollak, it seems that some elements in the occupy movement are now taking to using human shields, just like Hamas.  In the same manner that other terrorist groups use the young, the old, and the infirm as human shields, apparently, this practice is picking up steam among the violent segment of the Occupy movement.

Honestly, I think those who have unwittingly been sucked into going along with this movement on the basis of an anti-crony-capitalism stance should reconsider.  They’re being used by radical and dangerous elements that do not intend any sort of reform, but instead are attempting to foment actual revolution. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: It’s time for the rank-and-file Occupy Wall Street folks to realize they’re being used, but worse, they’re being set up.  When this gets ugly, and it’s growing increasingly unstable daily, they’re likely to find themselves hung out to dry.


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5 Responses to Barack Obama Led Occupation in Chicago in 1988?

  1. gramifran says:

    What happens if they succeed in collapsing the system? Will all government control revert back to the 50 sovereign states to form or not form a new federal government devoid of all socialists?

  2. Cory says:

    Sorry Mr. Mark America…. I've given your blog a fair go, but it surfaces again, and again in your writing, it's a recurring theme and I just have to ask- have you ever been diagnosed with paranoia?

  3. mytorpor says:

    Excellent question gramifran…I hope someone has the answer!

  4. Corey… Connect the dots. This is backed and helped by the Unions, even Trumka has media tapes of his saying so. Many of the organizations interviewed are Socialists, SEIU. I don't really think you believe the muslims joined as a religion of peace? They are using these confused people angry at what is going on and don't even know how or why they are angry. And, this was not an impromptu demonstration. It was organized and planned many months ago. Those above are telling these demonstrators who or what to be angry at. Follow the dots and follow the money. One world government, one world bank….Unions don't even know they are being used either, same with the socialists. Muslims fine it a good opportunity to push their agenda. All will be surprised how this ends if it ends badly for all of us. Keep your wits about you, Corey. I have been looking at things online, world wide for about 4 hours a day for about 3 years. I started with the growth hormones in milk… Monsanto… I knew there was more and started looking. Maybe I miss some of the details, but the big picture is pretty easy to see. Yeah, no life, but wanting to leave a better life for kids…. If we can stop their indoctination in schools. These kids demonstrating are doing what they have been taught.

    Vote…..with knowledge. At this point it is within our power to stop all this… so far.