Guess Who’s Flag is Flying in Libya?

They're Celebrating - Should You?

I’d urge you to click over to The National Patriot and read this story by Craig Andersen.  As was discussed here on this site about the potential blow-back in the wake of Gaddafi’s ouster and death, it’s now becoming clear that it’s going to be ugly.  Andersen has put together many of the same facts you’ve read here, but he’s added another dimension: With his article is a picture of a flag waving over the courthouse that serves as the headquarters for the rebels who now control Libya.  I take no satisfaction in having been right about this, but it is another sign that Barack Obama is indeed helping to build a global caliphate.  Was it by sheer incompetence or by design and intention? Read Andersen’s article, and judge for yourself.

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3 Responses to Guess Who’s Flag is Flying in Libya?

  1. mrfixit says:

    At this point I’d hope for improvement at just shear incompetence with the Obama administration.
    Why? Even an incompetent administration will accidentally stumble into a few good policies and decisions.
    Obama has CONSISTENTLY sided with the enemies of America, while at the same time worked consistently to erode our ties to allies.
    At what point do we finally wake up and realize that OBAMA and his people ARE the enemies of America’s survival?
    Sadly our problem is rooted at the mass collective ignorant masses that still give this administration ANY support, a fact that even Obama himself remarked was amazing when reflecting on a 44% approval rating!
    We can be outraged at our leaders who are systematically destroying this nation, but it is the masses and the population that enable this to happen. Even if we could impeach this man and try to fix this, if the masses became outraged and rallied to support this administration, wouldn’t that tell us where the problems really lies? This is why spineless “representatives” won’t follow the Oath to Protect the Constitution, they are more concerned a public opinion than honoring the oath, as such the oath has become effectively meaningless.
    The concept was meant to protect against even the possibility of mob rule Democracy, we were established as a REPUBLIC to protect even against the possibility of tyranny of the masses, but that requires people of principle and courage that will do the RIGHT think no matter its popularity or support from a anti-American media.
    Brace for impact, it is going to be a very rough ride.

  2. SeanStLouis says:

    "…but that requires people of principle and courage that will do the RIGHT think no matter its popularity or support from a anti-American media."

    Aye, mrfixit. I would only add that it will require people of principle, courage and MORALITY to do what is right.

    The American people continue to turn a blind eye to the rampant moral bankruptcy among our media outlets, politicians and policy makers.

    Incompetence is quite a convenient excuse for Obama's Handlers and has worked quite well at furthering their agenda. In other words, the "unintended" consequences of Obama's administration are, in fact, intended and the guise of "incompetence" is working very well for them.

    Unfortunately, as a student of history, I feel that the real and immediate consequence of our failed foreign and economic policy is large-scale war. Keynesians argue that WWII was ultimately responsible for pulling us out of the Great Depression. The difference now is that we lack a clear and defined enemy. They're working on it.

    • mrfixit says:

      Concur on the addition of Morality. That cannot be understated. The notion that a person can be a good public servant but then betray their own family is so absurd I can't believe they'd even try to use it, but they did with Clinton, and somehow the morality of society had fallen far enough that it appeared to work!

      Clinton is a completely morally bankrupt person, and I don't think Obama is any better, except Obama does not put on a convincing act like Clinton, it is so obvious, but somehow many still give him a pass… Reminds me of a warning in revelations about how people might not dare question the beast, and we are told that is mythology, perhaps not…