What’s With Rick Perry?

Rick Perry Speaking Friday

I’m not going to spend much time on this.  I’m sorry to say that we Texans have watched our governor self-destruct in this campaign. He entered to much hype and an almost instantaneous lead, but those days are long gone.  This video clip is from a speech Perry gave Friday, to the Cornerstone, a conservative group in New Hampshire. Let me be clear about this: Rick Perry didn’t say anything bad, or wrong, and in isolation, I agree with the concepts he expressed in general terms.  The problem is the manner in which he said it.  Something’s off about his presentation.  Am I alone in seeing it this way?  To me, it just seems like a very odd presentation.  I’ve seen Perry speak a number of times, and this speech is somehow different, and by different, I don’t mean “better.”  What is Rick Perry doing?

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4 Responses to What’s With Rick Perry?

  1. Don Purser says:

    Awkward for sure. He seems uneasy, maybe even afraid. Perhaps self-doubt is creeping in.

    You're right, odd, quite odd.

  2. Bob Lambert says:

    Awkward, odd, quite odd isn't strong enough. This guy acts mental. How in the world did he ever get elected to anything? WOW.

  3. SeanStLouis says:

    Really, what is with Rick Perry? I can sympathize with some of Perry's "standpoints", but he comes across as just plain confused.

    Chris Wallace's interview yesterday was a good example when Perry was put on the spot regarding his support of energy subsidies in 2008, and then being forced to say that he has since changed his mind, and then immediately afterward he talked about how consistent he is. This is belly-laugh material.

    Rick Perry is a parody of himself, if that makes sense. Like he's playing himself in an SNL skit.

  4. In the debates, I thought it had something to do with Perry's health.

    Now I think he is being over-coached. Seen this happen to many a public figures. The guy is not acting of himself but of people who are trying to coach him on how to act.