Democrats Never Go Quietly

It Was a Mistake! I Swear!

In another case of thievery by public officials, a California Assembly member, Mary Hayashi, Democrat of Castro Valley, has been charged with felony theft after heading out the door of a San Francisco Nieman Marcus store with $2500 in clothing for which she had not paid.  She was apprehended by a security officer.   Hayashi is the wife of a Superior Court Judge in San Francisco, reports the Sacramento Bee. The Bee reports that her spokesman, Sam Singer has said that Hayashi is embarrassed, distraught and she apologizes for any misunderstanding, but she has no intention of resigning from office.  No, of course not.  Democrats never yield power until their own party chucks them overboard.  They always try to round up support and simply ride it out.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “She is one of the most respected members of the Assembly – a fine, upstanding citizen and a role model. This is a mistake and nothing more.”

Sure, it’s just a big misunderstanding. I think Weiner said something similar.  It’s just preposterous that these people are so hungry for power and have so much confidence in their connections to somehow get them off the hook.  Most Republicans simply resign in shame as they should, but not Democrats.  No, they fight tooth and nail for every moment they can, until it simply cannot be sustained any longer.

I don’t think much of most politicians, because I know that so many of them are corrupt in one fashion or another, but this is just ridiculous.  $2500 worth of clothes?  I’m not sure that I own $2500 worth of clothes.  She was walking out the door with that much in a single heist, er uh, “misunderstanding.”  I hope they throw the book at her, but it’s California, so I expect not.

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One Response to Democrats Never Go Quietly

  1. ST says:

    No, Democrats never have any intention of resigning. That would require honor, integrity, and decency. Government at every level is infested with people just like this woman.

    One year from now, we flush 'em out.