Levin Takes On Rove

Calling Rove Out

It’s time to get real.  George W. Bush isn’t president any longer.  Irrespective of what Bush and his political operatives would like, the Bush family does not control the Republican party, and particularly conservatives.  They may control the party apparatus, and its clear that Karl Rove is still involved in shaping the establishment narrative.  Thus far this election season, Rove has told us why various Republicans are unworthy, and why various Republicans “can’t win,” but what Rove leaves unstated is how he’s operating on behalf of certain patrons.  Appearing on Fox News with is handy little white-board, Rove has become a spectacle of establishment manipulation, but his problem is that nobody is falling for it any longer.  We know who Karl Rove is, and what he’s after, and we have a pretty fair idea which interests he represents.  I’m not interested in what Karl Rove thinks, or what he’s pushing this week. AWR Hawkins at BigGovernment.com takes on Rove’s claim that Cain is done, and Levin discussed the article.

Mark Levin seems to feel the same way about Rove’s position.  On his show, Monday, Levin went after Rove saying “Karl, they’re not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you.”  You can listen to the segment below:


At the very least, it’s clear to me that the division within the Republican party really comes down to the establishment that still caters to the Bush crowd, and the conservative wing of the party, and this divide is rearing its head again in the current attacks on Herman Cain.  I think conservatives may be so tired of the establishment script that they may simply ignore Rove’s pronouncement of the death of Cain’s candidacy.  After all, who the hell is Karl Rove?  I believe the conservative wing of the party is so disgusted with this well-timed attack on Cain that they may suspect, as I do, that this story about Cain has been generated not by the left, but as a hit-job in the Republican party.  Time will tell, but it’s hard to ignore this repeated trend.

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5 Responses to Levin Takes On Rove

  1. Anne says:

    I believe you are correct in your assertion; there is definitely more going on than meets the eye.

    • fred johnson says:

      I have said it befor. It's time for Karl to go !! I would put money on it that he had something to do with the Cain blow up.

  2. I've been voicing my opposition (on Twitter and Facebook) to the opinions of Rove, Morris, Coulter, and Krauthammer via Fox News for months. Thank goodness that Levin and you are also taking a stand! KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

  3. Bob Lambert says:

    Just watched Fox grill Cain on the assertions. If I were on a jury and Cain was giving testemony for his defense of the assertions i'm afraid no one would have believed him. He just gave unclear answers to direct questions.

  4. John Fedor says:

    I have been saying this since his "HATCHET JOB" on Sarah Palin He is so up Bushes A**. You just know he's just soiling himself in anticipation of Romney slipping in! God forbid that.