Cain Sabotaged by Fellow Republican?

Sabotaged by a Fellow Republican?

Robert Stacy McCain’s blog sidekick “Smitty”( is reporting that one of Romney’s donors is the successor to Hermain Cain as CEO and President of the National Restaurant Association.  McCain links to another site, Virginia Virtucom, for the meat of the story, as McCain himself cautions readers not to be in too great a hurry to connect the dots.  At the same time, Limbaugh discussed the allegation near the end of the first hour of Wednesday’s show.  As I explained in my analysis of the Cain allegations story and the way it was broken, I have always suspected that this was an attack launched from within the bowels of some other Republican candidate’s campaign.  While it’s much too early to know anything with certainty, it does look a bit interesting, but as cautions, maybe not.

After all, these people all travel in the same circles of power and influence, and it may be entirely coincidental.  Nevertheless, in examining FEC records, the person in question seems to have contributed to only two of these Republican candidates:  Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain.  Some would ask if he was out to damage Cain, why he would contribute to the Cain campaign, but that could simply be cover.

The truth is that we may never know how this story was broken, and who tipped off Politico, but I still strongly suspect a trail will lead to some Republican insider, although whether it winds up being Cain’s successor is a matter of some doubt.  There’s simply not enough evidence to make this claim, or as Smitty says, “connect the dots,” but Virginia Virtucom is insisting they’re closing in on the originator of the disclosure to Politico, and Northern Virginia Lawyer isn’t backing down from the story.

This is what turns off so many people to politics.  If it turns out that a campaign or its surrogate(s) are tied to these allegations or their disclosure, you can bet that there is going to be  hell to pay for that campaign.  Whomever did this, there are a number of people pursuing it, and in the end, it will be found out.  I would caution readers not to assume this is the individual who disclosed all of this to Politico.  It might well be somebody else, and there’s simply not enough data to prove it, so like Smitty, I’d say you shouldn’t rush to assume connections and relationships that may not be real.  Nevertheless, it’s an interesting development, as the blogosphere scrambles to find out who dropped this story in Politico’s lap.

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5 Responses to Cain Sabotaged by Fellow Republican?

  1. bigmamas52 says:

    No honor among thieves, and most of these insiders have little honor. Which tells me whomever is responsible for leaking will come out sooner, rather than later. Someone will offer more money than Politico to find out the leaker. Nothing stays secret for long in political circles. IMHO Cain should just say "I'm done talking about it, move on, ask policy questions or you won't get an answer from me". The more he talks the more the media circus will follow.

  2. impattymac says:

    I'm beginning to feel an earthquake…

  3. Karl says:

    Who has the most to gain from the story stretching out over several news cycles?

    Perry Gains from those who fall away from the Cain camp, Romney wont gain as much support but it does take Cain off the top post.

    Obama gains if Cain does not win the ticket because he can not run against Cain and he certainly does not have the charm or the skills to win a debate with him. Obama is far less than Clinton and Clinton was already shredded by Cain in the 90's. Obama also stands to gain because the Green energy loans are being ignored as well as the Administrations involvement in Fast & Furious and most recently the architects of Fast and Furious along with Diane Feinstein are pushing for more gun control.

    Paul supporters could do it since they like to wrench the system and they see Cain as being a fed kinda guy. (very slim they would have access to the info though) It is too bad such a bright guy has so many nut case followers that just wont shut up when they should.

    If I had my money to place a bet I would guess either Romney as the story suggests or Obama because of the greater gains both now and in the future.

  4. steveflesher says:

    Thanks so much Mark. I am feeling an earthquake, too!