Is There Another Connection to the Cain Story?

Where Does This Lead?

I have no idea what this means, but given recent history, I’m not inclined to ignore any information. I’m simply going to report to you the facts that I have gathered, or relay them as others have found them.  This story about allegations of sexual harassment by Herman Cain has the stink of a set-up, and a hit-job, but let’s not make any undue assumptions.  As this debacle continues, a story comes from the BigGovernment site, where AWR Hawkins writes the following about the Cain story, and how it came to light.  In an interview of Chris Wilson by Reid Mullins of KTOK, the following was stated by Wilson, at the time a pollster for the National Restaurant Association:

When Mullins pressed Wilson to provide details on what he supposedly witnessed, Wilson declined, citing a reluctance to be drawn into legal disputes. He would only say: “If she comes out and talks about it, like I said, it’ll probably be the end of [Cain’s] campaign.”

Hot-Air is also covering the Wilson interview.  You can listen to the audio of the interview here:

KTOK Interview of Chris Wilson, Courtesy of

I’ve heard Wilson’s name before, but I couldn’t quite remember where.  A friend on Facebook reminded me, and I went in search of verification.  On Wikipedia, I found the following entry:

Chris Wilson(Pollster)

Chris Wilson (born October 24, 1968 in Lawton, Oklahoma) is a Republican American pollster and political strategist who has conducted hundreds of public opinion studies for over 100 of the Fortune 500, influential associations, foundations, elected leaders of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and state governments.

Wilson served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas when President George W. Bush was governor, working directly for Karl Rove, and following Karen Hughes when she left the Party to join the campaign.

This is very curious, to say the least. As people continue to investigate this story, it will be intriguing to see what will be discovered as more rocks are overturned.

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6 Responses to Is There Another Connection to the Cain Story?

  1. IwjwI says:

    Romney's MO of doing this type of thing to Palin in the past is well known.

  2. I'm like you, Mark, I'm not sure what's going on with all of these allegations just now surfacing either, but I'd be willing to be there's a fox in the hen-house somewhere and I'm also willing to bet the Republican "elites" that don't like Herman Cain and Sarah Palin are the ones who are behind ALL of this. Can't wait to find out just exactly who is behind the curtain in this one……. Great Post!!

  3. johnannegalt says:

    I'm growing increasingly worried. I spoke with an older gentleman at work who was pushing for Palin with me until she dropped out- he is currently supporting Perry. I referred to his cronie capitalism, his vote for in-state tuition for the children of illegals, etc., and he merely replied "well, he's better than Obama, and I think he has a chance of winning"… No! I do NOT want another RINO who embarrasses us true conservatives while stuffing his own pockets. His reasoning was that Perry would probably be a better leader in times of war than Cain, and even if one would compare Perry to Bush, at least Bush reacted well after 9/11. Perry, Cain, and Romney all lack the knowledge needed to be a good military leader, in my opinion, and Ron Paul simply wouldn't need to be a military leader, because under him the only wars we'd ever become involved in would apparently be within our own country. I think perhaps Cain can equip himself with the necessary knowledge in time for his potential presidency, but he needs to act fast.
    I'm primarily troubled by those who would turn to a RINO like Perry out of desperation before seeing the facts. When I reminded my co-worker of Perry's vote for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants' children, I was met with cries of "well, I don't think he did that!" and "there's no way that he did that!" "he's trying to clear that up!".. you mean, sweep under the rug? No, I will not ignore a candidate's track record, as that's one of the few and primary things we have to go by. No, Mr. Perry, you see, you can't escape your past, and I'll be reminding your (reluctant) supporters of it and it's gruesome little details.

  4. 1thinkingwoman says:

    Why no scrutiny of the other party? Where we're they in the 90's and what were they all doing at the time? Why no press headlines or digging? "what up?" with this double standard?

  5. Olga Centura says:

    No one comes to the job of POTUS totally prepared. Perry gave instate to illegals…okay, if it comes down to Perry or Romney are you planning to sit home on your butt and let the country go down the drain? We may have to settle for a 50% solution, and wait for the real thing to run in 2016 as an independent. That is what we have setting up in the GOP line-up now folks. If Cain doesn't hurry up and figure out how to stop this, and other attacks, he is being Palinized that's for sure–but he needs to starting be able to talk to these reporters in two legible sentences and not leave it to the backnoise to clear it out every time for him. Is that what you want in a president?

  6. texasvet65 says:

    I've read in more than one place that republicans eat each other resulting in a reduced threat to the democrats. Just oil for the lib machine.

    And after hearing on the Mark Levin radio show that Karl Rove worked with Gerald Ford campaign against Reagan and again with G. H. W. Bush against Reagan in '86, my discretionary cash is on Rove.

    Establishment Republicans against conservative American choices for political offices? Naw… must be a first.