Occupy Protests Unsafe for Women

Occupy Wall Street Unsafe for Women

The Occupiers have a serious problem, and it’s cropping up nationwide, and even internationally.  From reports gathered around the country, the Occupy movement is seeing a wave of sexual assaults among their own numbers, and finally, after being hushed by the organizers, the word is getting out.  There is a general sense that the Occupy protest sites are unsafe for women particularly, but in general, for anybody of any description.  Combined with the escalating violence we’ve witnessed over the last week or so, isn’t it time we begin to get a handle on all of this?  Of course, it’s not getting the mainstream coverage it should, and as BigGovernment.com revealed last week, there’s a good reason:  Some of the reporters covering this story are involved in the organization.  Cozy?  You bet!  The problem is that when it comes to the reporting on this allegedly “organic” protest, the media still isn’t telling you who is behind this, or what is going on at the protest sites.

In Baltimore, one woman says she was raped, and she begs for the event to be shut down.  The unidentified woman told Fox 45 WBFF that she was raped, and she said that nobody from the protest movement would help her.  It’s a sad story, but it’s becoming increasingly common at the Occupy rallies.  BigGovernment.com has the video.

On the international front, Occupy Ottawa(Canada) is having similar problems.  You can watch a video clip about complaints over sexual assaults at their rally:

Back in New York, at Zuccotti Park, some Occupiers are talking openly about the problem, but they’re trying to shift blame onto police.  They claim the police are intentionally ignoring problems of this sort, while directing homeless people to join the Occupiers in Zuccotti Park.  I find the claim laughable, because what this woman actually tells us is that the problem is real:

Brandon Darby, writing for BigGovernment, posted an article on the danger to women at the Occupy rallies.

It’s a zoo, and as long as public officials like Mayor Bloomberg continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on, I expect conditions to worsen at these rallies.  It’s time to send the Occupiers home, and it’s time for the police to step in and vigorously pursue the people committing serious crimes in the movement.  The Occupiers seem willing to shelter the criminals, and they make a good deal of noise about their “security committees,” but all they are really accomplishing by not bringing reports to the police is to aid and abet the felonious among their number.  For some of these people, it’s time to Occupy Jail.

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2 Responses to Occupy Protests Unsafe for Women

  1. Karl says:

    No one should be the least bit surprised by the dangers to women at the occupy protests. The typical misogyny that the left displays regularly towards women (mostly directed at conservative women) should be the first clue at the absolute disregard the left has for women in general.

    The left often "jokes" about committing acts of violence against women. David Letterman and Bill Maher have both found the subject of rape to be quite funny and the audiences of both seem to agree. So it should be no surprise that the same people when left to their own devices in a setting where they are given mixed signals about law enforcement taking action against them would act on their base impulses.

    If you can get away with sex in public, nudity, spreading excrement on police cars, and a host of other presumed illegal activities why should rape be off the table.

    Take note of this, because this is the ultimate objective for the left. A society where justice and law are completely arbitrary. Confusion about what is and is not acceptable based on the random direction of the whole allows for more control to be exerted on the group.

    Try it with any good working dog, randomly punish them if they do good or bad and eventually you will have a dog that will only react when told to do so. You will successfully kill any autonomous nature in the dog and have a totally dependent robot.

  2. Ozzy Osbourne says:

    The TEA Party in a nutshell – God, guns, American oil, strong defense, spending control, no illegal immigration, less government, less taxes, less abortion. We are also tired of the fact that a lot of policies from Washington are designed to modify behavior, and in the last couple of years they have become even more draconian and unyielding. Results of the TEA Party: The 2010 elections.

    OWS in a nutshell: State is God. No oil. No military. Even more government spending. Illegal immigration encouraged. More government. More taxes. More abortion. Calls for violence against Jews, bankers, business owners and Republicans. Delighted with the fact that policies from Washington are designed to modify behavior and disappointed that in the last couple of years these policies have not been more forceful. Results as of this moment: Confusion, arrests, a shocked and disgusted public which sees them defecating on police cars, complaints of public masturbation, smoking dope, selling drugs, instructions on how to kill police officers, sexual assault, fighting with the police, trashing everything they touch, walking around naked, having sex publicly, parents abandoning their children to join the protest, pimping/prostitution of underage kids, investing their donations in a bank, repeating en masse what they are told in strange organized rituals, spitting on military members, desecrating the American flag, getting support of Iran, North Korea, David Duke and the Nazi and Communist parties, not working, lying, cheating, stealing, and generally damaging all the businesses around them.