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Smarter Than Us

The Washington Times has an interesting article this morning about President Obama, one year out from the elections of 2012, in which he’s compared to past presidents, and his prospects for 2012 are assessed.   Drudge ran with that headline, but I doubt the president will receive the message.  Writing for the Washington Times, Dave Boyer contends that the President’s predicament is historically bad, and that for Obama to be re-elected would mean beating history.  I don’t believe history is Obama’s problem, but instead that he is confronted by something else, much more judicious:  With his various legislative “victories,” he’s thumbed his nose at the American people, including the stimulus bill of 2009, and the infamous Obamacare bill of 2010.  It isn’t so much that he’s running against the accepted historical benchmarks, as it is that he will now be running a campaign openly against America.

In 2008, when Americans elected him by a substantial margin over his opponent, it was based on some faulty assumptions made by much of the electorate that his own campaign worked very hard to support.  The notion among  many voters was that he would likely return to the policies of Bill Clinton, and with that change in direction, return America to the robust economic conditions of the 1990’s. Of course, this premise was wrong as much as it was right:  Barack Obama took the very worst of the Clinton policy positions and overlaid them with the most radical ideas in his party.  Like Bill Clinton, he had a friendly Congress for the first two years of his administration, stripped from him thereafter as the American people looked to deprive him of power.  In 1994, Bill Clinton paid for the attempt to apply a radical socialized health-care system to the country, but in 2010, Obama paid for succeeding.

A president can do many things and get away with it, seeking and achieving re-election, but the one thing that a President cannot do and find an easy path to re-election is to repeatedly thumb his nose at the country at large.  In 2010, when his party in Congress ramrodded a health-care bill on party-line votes through both houses and onto his desk, with two-thirds of the American people opposed,  and most of them vociferously so, Obama had a responsibility as president of all the people to weigh that consideration too.  Instead, he happily signed the bill into law as the signature legislative accomplishment of his administration, and in so doing, made an unparalleled statement as to the scope of his contempt for the American people.   That act was not merely one of partisan overreach, but an open declaration of war against America and her people.

The American people were awakened by the health-care debate.  Since, they have watched as their own health insurance rates and coverages have skyrocketed in response.  Rather than making health-care more affordable as the law’s title promised, it’s having an effect precisely opposite of that claim.  Now, the law isn’t only something they didn’t want, but something they had known they could not afford.  The only thing more dangerous for a politician’s career than taking a stance in law against his electorate is to do so and have the worst fears and concerns of the electorate subsequently realized.  Worse yet, when in 2010, they rebuked him at the polls, taking from him control of the House of Representatives, he was unapologetic, and intransigent.  Rather than seeking some middle ground as Bill Clinton had done after 1994, Barack Obama has actually upped the ante.

In 2011, Barack Obama should have found a way to apologize to the American people, but instead, he stuck to his guns and the proposition that all who oppose him are “bitter clingers,” as he famously regarded so many Americans during the campaign of 2008.  He suffers under the false belief that he can rule in absolute opposition to the broad will of the American people, and contrary to the traditions and values of America.  He cannot, and no President can.  Lyndon B. Johnson had the good sense to recognize he had crossed too many lines with too many of the American people, and he withdrew his name for consideration in the Democrat nomination of 1968.  Barack Obama isn’t likely to repeat LBJ’s pragmatic move, and not because he’s in any better electoral condition, but because he arrogantly believes he can get away with it.  His legion of supporters will still push fraud, push chaos, and ultimately push the country to the brink.

If his desire to retain power causes the death of the Republic, he will not mind in the least, and as I have contended, he will consider it to have been a mission accomplished.  Barack Obama isn’t running against history, but instead campaigning against America.  His radical policies, his dictatorial big-government regulations, and his feigned “transparency,”  are just a few of the things that have put him squarely at odds with the American people, but nothing will more thoroughly motivate voters to oppose him than his repeated expressions, and those of his surrogates, in contempt not merely of the will of the American people, but of the country itself.  He doesn’t believe in the country.  He looks at capitalism as a temporary milch-cow to be wrung of all it is worth on behalf of the festering welfare state he is building.   He looks at American traditions with hostility.   He does not exhibit any respect for our nation’s deservedly proud achievements, but instead only the accomplishments of the state.  There’s something wrong with this President, and the American people have noticed it.

In 2008, he was able to conceal all of this because he had no executive record, and he still had a willing media to carry his water, but in 2012, there is an inescapable record that the media will not be able to conceal on his behalf.  The American people are disgusted by what they see.  Sure, you can find his loyal 30% of support, who will vote Democrat no matter the situation, and the two-thirds of those who are hard-core leftists mostly happy with his work, despite whining about his being to soft, but those are people who have opposed this country for two generations.  They’re intractable like him, and they see only their agenda and their goals.  Barack Obama stands as the first President in my lifetime who has succeeded in thumbing his nose at the American people in a substantial legislative agenda, and he’s going to pay for it in 2012.  You simply cannot run against America, Mr. President, and the American people are as intent upon teaching you that lesson as you have been intransigent by ignoring it.

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7 Responses to Running Against America

  1. kilt1iron says:

    MarkAmerica — well stated.

    I have friends from high school who I (with my conservative high school friends) am exposing as "useful idiots."

    I know them to be "nice people." They just happen to be clueless. But they vote. In Ohio. Against Gov. Kasich.

    They are emotional, and ended an email thread conversation yesterday by saying "enough, please."

    They probably are, as you described, "intractable." I am just now finding this out. We are all 53 years old. It is a sad thing, but I will probably lose them as friends for a few years, because my country is worth more than our friendship. Maybe when we approach the election to renew the conservative ticket in 2016, they will wake up, and become true to their deepest core values = Ohioans with good ol' Common Sense Values.

  2. Very well said. No one can fight the American people, our traditions and will and expect to do well. This is the most poisonous presideent, legislating by executive order ever. I implore all who want a United States going in the direction of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM as stated in our Constitution vote this fraud out of the WH. We can not be the US as we know it with another 4 years of his "hope and change".

  3. This is well-said. I believe Obama is working against America and it's citizens in every possible way. His frantic spending sprees have bankrupted us, putting us deeply in debt to China, a country we once refused to do business with based on their inhumane treatment of their own citizens.
    He fought tooth and nail to get his budget increase and then a few weeks later demands several billion more for a so-called jobs bill. Imagine a man who works hard to destroy jobs in America, suddenly is going to work on creating jobs. He should tell that to the EPA.

    Once America is broke, and everyone is out of work and dependent upon government handouts, it's an easy walk into the New World Order. Dependent people have no voice at all.

    Obama would become king of the world, as would all his cohorts, while the rest of us live in servitude. Quite an achievement for a man who was at one time merely a follower of the Bill Ayres Chicago 7 group who wanted nothing more than to bomb DC, and the illustious Reverend Wright who yelled "God damn America"……..The Obamas told of their many flag burning ceremonies. They hate America and it shows.

  4. mytorpor says:

    My son and I were standing in line at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday and a group of seven black elderly men were in line behind us, obviously good friends who met to discuss politics together. The consensus among them seemed to be that, although all of them had voted for Obama in 2008, none would be voting for him in 2012. They were split between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain yesterday. I found this very encouraging!

  5. John says:

    I would not, in the immortal words of GW, mis-underestimate the usurper.. after all he has done to destroy our Republic and done it in our faces.. I dont think he wil give up power so easily.. If he feels like he is going to lose re-election, I think he has a plan to avoid an election, and there are a number of ways he can do that.. ALL in our faces of course, but as we know.. he could not care less about that pesky little detail.. the will of the American people that is, JMHO

  6. skeeter says:

    Mark, I love to open your articles and watch you smack all those cool aid drinking liberals right between the eyes. You are absolutely correct about some Dems being retractible. Recently in a discussion about several of the Republicans running, a long time Democratic friend went straight for my jugular. All I was trying to do was have a discussion about the candidates….all she wanted to do was prove to me how utterly stupid and absurd I was….When these party leftests don't possess the knowledge for a discussion, their modus operandi is to kill the messenger and belittle the candidate to less that subhuman. Where do they come off acting so elitist. After all, its their conductor that is driving the train over the cliff.

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