Cain Accuser: Come Clean Mr. Cain!

Accuser Comes forward

I honestly don’t know what to make of this, apart from the fact that it is a political attack.  I’m going to insist on more information, some sort of corroboration, or something.  Do we have hotel receipts? Do we have dates, times, anything to substantiate any of this?  My problem with all of this is simple: In the press conference, we were told there would be statements by two contemporaneous witnesses to the alleged victim’s statements in confidence.  These statements have yet to be released.  It’s one thing to say the statements exist, but it’s something else again to produce them.  Something is very odd about this, and the public would be right to withhold judgment pending the disclosure of these statements.  Until then, what we have still amounts at best to a “he said-she said,” and it’s not enough to believe the accuser.

I’m not going to get into trying to debunk the specific accusations until we’ve had something to substantiate the claims that both individuals were there, were present at the hotel in question.  I don’t wish to smear the accuser, Sharon Bialek, and I won’t, but the problem is that her attorney, Gloria Allred, has a history of some very dubious cases, and in this case, since no action will be take, and no claims will be filed, it’s difficult to understand how this is anything other than a politically motivated attack. If she seeks no compensation or settlement, then her only possible purpose can be to damage Cain’s presidential campaign.   The question is then: “Why?”

Over my lifetime, I’ve learned that people can be motivated to make ugly accusations for all manner of reasons, and sometimes it’s because they wish to see justice done.  Other times, it’s because they have some other axe to grind with the target, and the problem in this case is that while it’s being presented as the former, we really have no evidence one way or the other.

Allred said “Mr Cain, while running for President, is actively lying to Americans.”  My question for Allred is this:  You say you have corroborating statements from contemporaneous witnesses, but you have not released them.  What does Allred offer to substantiate the circumstances?  Do we have anything that shows Cain was in Chicago at the time?  Do we have anything to substantiate the Bialek was in Chicago at the time?  Do we have any information to show that there is or was any relationship of any sort between the two, never mind the allegations put forward by Bialek?  At present, I know of no information apart from her statements, and the statements of Allred, and to be honest with you, I don’t consider Allred a credible source for any information.

Allred’s comments preceding her client’s statement seem to me akin to that moment in A Few Good Men, when the character played by Demi Moore stands up in court and says “I strenuously object.”  The problem is that it’s pointless for Allred to stand up and say Cain “…is actively lying to the American people,”  after offering absolutely nothing to corroborate her client’s claims, apart from a business card that shows Bialek did work for the Education Foundation at some point, although by her own admission, not at the time of the alleged incident.  Statements of that sort are theater, but they have no impact because there is no evidence to support them.  Additionally, we do know that Bialek thought at the time she was let go from the foundation before the alleged incident.  It was stated flatly that she thought she had been fired unfairly by the Foundation because she hadn’t raised enough money.  Allred states that Bialek is a registered Republican.  What does that mean?  There are a number of other candidates in the Republican party who will benefit from this disclosure if it sticks.  It’s not as though the only people who intend political harm to Cain are Democrats, and in fact, I’ve said that all along.

Again, I don’t have a particular dog in this hunt, except to say that I would prefer the truth on all such matters.  What Allred has engineered was a very dramatic, hyped, and overblown spectacle from which no usable evidence of misconduct was produced, apart from Bialek’s claims.  If the two men who allegedly signed statements corroborating Bialek’s claims will not come forward, or otherwise consent to the release of their statements, then I don’t know how we’re supposed to view this as anything but an unsubstantiated political attack.  At the moment, that’s the extent of this despite the endless media coverage.

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have the truth of this matter yet, and while it’s our natural inclination to believe that where there is smoke, there must also be fire, but the truth is I’ve yet to see any damning evidence.  Bialek sounds credible, but then again, many people are good liars, so I have no idea about her actual credibility.  Without the release of the statements from her friends that purport to support her story, I haven’t enough evidence to damn Herman Cain.  It’s not enough to trot out an alleged victim who makes claims, wave around some pieces of paper that are alleged to contain statements from two confidantes of the alleged victim, and then call it a day.   There must be more, or it’s simply another claim brought forward in dramatic fashion by Gloria Allred.  Frankly, that says plenty to me about this woman’s motives, because she did not seek out an attorney so much as the media management of a publicist.

Here’s the press conference:


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9 Responses to Cain Accuser: Come Clean Mr. Cain!

  1. MJ says:

    Did she report this to the police at the time? If a man, boss or friend or foe did this to me, he would be reported to the police after I give him a black eye and a high voice for a while. Why now, why didn't she make this know when he ran for his senate race? This is where I am sort of wary as a woman of her claim.

  2. Bob Lambert says:

    All day I have listened to Rush, Hannity and now you make the case for Cain. Don't forget there are 3 other complaints. Are they all liars and just are trying to bring Cain down for the hell of it. I thought our side was better then this. I have watched that film above about 10 times and find her very creditible. Cain should come forth and admit it then get the hell out of the way. We already have had a President that liked the ladys.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bob, I'm not so much defending Cain here as I am questioning the accuser. This whole thing reminds me of other campaigns of destruction we've witnessed over the years. There's more information forthcoming, and none of it seems to lend to the credibility of the accuser.

  3. Besides lacking hard collaborating evidence, which Mark brought up in this post, there are other questions I have along the commonsense line:

    (1) Why would Sharon's boyfriend encourage her to go on an overnight visit to a man, Herman Cain allegedly, all by herself?

    (2) Why would she not know something was amiss by an upgrade in her room accommodations at the hotel?

    (3) How could Herman Cain have pulled her head towards his private parts with a steering wheel?

    (4) If any or all of her story is true, why would she want to reintroduce herself to someone who years earlier sexually offended her?

  4. marcjan says:


    Very good article.

    It's interesting, it seems like the whole press conference was carefully scripted. It had the feel of a reality show!

    We also have commented.

    “Huff Post coverage of Cain Accuser No. 4′s news conference nets over

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  5. Cheechako says:

    Anyone know who the gentleman standing to the left of Ms. Bialek is? A relative, a subordinate to Ms. Allred, an independent advisor? Perhaps one of the "corroborating witnesses"?

    Just curious to know.

  6. bigmamas52 says:

    Came out yesterday that the woman has been unemployed for 13 yrs, now this morning coming out she had quite a friendly chat with Cain a month ago. Bob says there's 3 other claims yet no one has actually come forward with any actual truths, just accusations. As a woman who WAS actually sexually harassed in a serious fashion by a Lt. with the Cook County Sheriffs Office while at a LE conference, I know if there is actual, factual evidence, of the seriousness this woman is now claiming, any well known organization such as the NRA is going to take swift and immediate action against the perpetrator, they cannot afford to have something like this come back. The fact that none of these allegations came forth during his Senate run tells me this is more political than factual. Until actual facts come forth, I'm withholding judgement.