Come Clean Gloria Allred!(Updated)

Let's See the Statements!

I want to see the statements.  Don’t wave statements around, and then withhold them.  For all we know, those were an e-mail from your cosmetic surgeon and the evening’s hotel menu.  Release the statements!  Show us this damning evidence!  What are you hiding from us?  Why won’t you show us these sworn statements?  What is the point of gathering sworn statements that are never to be released?  What good are they?  How do we know anything about the nature of the statements?

These two statements could say “I remember Ms. Bialek being upset at the time.”  What would that mean?  We know she was at least somewhat upset because she had been “let go” by the her employer just beforehand.  We don’t  have any clue what is in these allegedly corroborating statements, and until we see them, they constitute nothing except props for Gloria Allred’s traveling stage show.

Ms. Allred, you should immediately release these statements or explain why you will not.  Your client’s allegations are defamatory, and yet there is no supporting evidence of anything, except for her testimony.  I must conclude that you are misleading the American people, and that your concealment of these sworn statements is intended to carry out a hoax.

Then, after all of this, we now have the statement of a Tea Party member who says your client wasn’t at the event she says she had attended to speak to Mr. Cain.

This is all very curious, and I simply wish to know from Ms. Allred what sort of case she is presenting to the American people.  I don’t know what she’s attempting, but until I see these statements she has yet to release, I have no reason to assume this is anything but a pile-on episode in a long history of dubious cases involving Ms. Allred.

Now for all I know, this is on the up-and-up, but what makes me doubt it are the following things, right off the cuff:

  • Allred’s involvement. At all
  • The lack of release of the supposedly corroborating statements
  • The testimony of the accuser herself

In the end, if this turns out to be in any measure true, it will destroy Herman Cain, for lying about it, if nothing else.  For his part, he and his campaign are denying this flatly.  I am going on record here to say that if it turns out that this woman’s testimony is substantially true, Cain has no business being on the ticket, whatever the motivations driving this belated disclosure, but before I am willing to condemn the man, I’m going to need something a good bit more substantial than Gloria Allred standing behind a pile of microphones and before a camera waving “sworn statements” around to which she has not given us access.

In short, Ms. Allred has a responsibility to clear this up on behalf of her client, and in the name of justice.  If there is anything of substance to these statements, it will doom Mr. Cain’s candidacy as it should, but let’s not assume anything, because Allred has a long history of bluffing.  I’m calling her bluff: Release the statements!  Let us decide if the testimony alleged to be in them is credible.

Come clean, Ms. Allred!


Update #1: Contrary to previous stories, somebody claims to have witnessed Bialek at Tea Party Rally with Cain

Update #2: Cain to hold a press conference Tuesday

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5 Responses to Come Clean Gloria Allred!(Updated)

  1. Bob Lambert says:

    Hey Mark is ther any evidence out there that Allred has lied about a client to the public?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bob, there's evidence that she used clients for a political agenda and left clients hanging out to dry with potential criminal liability. Levin and Van Susteren BOTH dismantled her last year over just such a case.

  2. marcjan says:


    This could turn out to be a sham.

    The press conference was unsettling. It appeared to be carefully scripted. It had the feel of a “reality” show. Bialek clearly had a makeover.

    The statements were loaded with sound bites which conveniently played to questions about Cain’s character still hanging around from the coverage of the last several weeks. Their effect will keep the narrative alive at least for the next several news cycles while viewers and readers sort sort out this mess.

    The story already has drawn over 13,000 comments on Huff Post, the leading online journal of politics in the nation. We’ll have to wait to see if the saga knocks Cain down in the polls.

    The visual clearly plays on race. Whether her race will be a factor in the minds of viewers and readers remains to be seen.

    Of course, President Bill Clinton overcame Jennifer Flowers, who BTW has a remarkable resemblance to Bialek. Cane also may be able to overcome Bialek.

    It’s a bit much to believe her story at face value. A black son of the south, who is CEO of a major DC trade association and lobbying group, married, a Republican and a conservative, accosts and then assaults a young white female, in an expensive hotel room, in the 1990′s-that may be a TV script, but that’s not reality.

    We have posted on this development.

    “Huff Post coverage of Cain Accuser No. 4′s news conference nets over

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    Visit and leave a comment.

  3. Texmom says:

    I agree that Cain has no place in the race should this be true, but I'm just not buying it. Allred & her "victim" are not a believable duo. If this backfires on them, they will have made him more popular than ever.

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