Analytical Software Shows Cain Truthful, Bialek Not So Much

Who Lied?

Herman Cain was asked about polygraph testing in his press conference Tuesday evening, but the formality of that sort of testing may not be necessary in any event.  Police frequently use analytical software to assess the truthfulness of interviewees to see if they’re likely telling the truth.  CBS Atlanta is reporting that Private Investigator has applied this technique to Herman Cain’s press conference, but also to Bialek’s, with some amazing results.  While no technology is 100% accurate, it’s also true that some technologies are more reliable than others.  This voice analysis technique is said to be much more accurate than polygraph testing, for instance.

That’s a stunning claim, but such software has been in use for a number of years, and while it holds no sway in court because it is not a 100% perfect technique, much like a polygraph, it’s nevertheless a useful technological tool that is used by investigators to help determine if they’re on the right track.  Honestly, if the software wasn’t so expensive, I’d consider a copy just for evaluating news-casts.  Wouldn’t that be fun? Tell the truth: Who wouldn’t want to run some of Obama’s statements through this sort of analysis? Karl Rove?  Oh, that would be fun!

As I said, while the technology isn’t 100%, and readers shouldn’t consider these results perfectly conclusive, it does lend to the credibility of Herman Cain. Again, you can watch the video of the CBS Atlanta report HERE.

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6 Responses to Analytical Software Shows Cain Truthful, Bialek Not So Much

  1. Very Interesting. I was wondering if body language experts were going to analyze the statements and interviews to try and determine who is telling the truth.

  2. Bob Lambert says:

    That sounds like the biggest bull crap I have ever heard of. I think we need a MEMORY test between Cain and Perry.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Based on what, Bob? Your analytical expertise? Your software engineering expertise? Your investigative experience? "sounds like the biggest bull crap" Indeed Bob, indeed.

  3. Pat Cashman says:

    Oh how I would love a device like that for the armchair of my couch! But, I don't think I really need it anymore. On another note, I think it is appalling that Herman Cain should have to be the first politician to subject himself to a lie detector. It's a total disgrace that the Chicago thug machine can change the acceptible decorum for conservative pols. Don't Do It Herman!!!!!

  4. mimsborne says:

    This software apparently only needs an audio feed to work. CSPAN should have this running continuously on all Congressional hearings (i.e. Eric Holder), and, gee, TIVO should offer it as an option. So many uses. I'd love to see it running when (WH Press Secretary) Jay Carney is spinning Obama flubs, or when liberal reporters are asked about their political biases.

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