Obamacare Already a Disaster

He Promised This Won't Hurt a Bit - He Lied

More than 4.5 million Americans have lost their employer-sponsored health-care insurance in just a little more than a year-and-one-half since Obamacare was enacted, reports Gallup.  This demonstrates the folly of Obamacare, and it makes plain why conservatives had been so concerned about the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”  This result was a virtual inevitability, and for those who think this is over, you’d better brace yourselves: By the time Obamacare fully takes effect, there will be roughly ten million more Americans who will file to receive it than had been projected, if the current trend continues.  Worse, if Boehner’s sell-out on a Balanced Budget Amendment happens, we’re going to see it used to fund all of this.  There really is no alternative: We must reverse this law by full repeal, or the price paid will be dear in tax-payers’ dollars and Americans’ lives.

Worse still, as Jeffrey H. Anderson, writing for The Weekly Standard points out, since the CBO projected that the number of people would go up by 6 million, they’ve already missed the mark by more than 10.5 million people.  The Congressional Budget Office, then controlled by Democrats Pelosi and Reid, created rosy forecasts in order to sell the bill to Congressional members and to the public, but the truth is that at the current rate of loss, we may be looking at projections that missed the mark by as much 15-20 million people.  This will be the ultimate budget-buster, but it will also create the situation about which conservatives have consistently warned, starting with Sarah Palin who denounced the “Death Panels” provided in the law(and for which she was mocked, but about which she was nevertheless correct.)  We are going to see a dramatically reduced quality of care, and we are going to see a sort of rationing that will be borne on the backs of the elderly and the infirm.  In short, under Obamacare, people will die much sooner on average than would have been the case had we merely left things alone.

This is the situation Barack Obama and his merry band of Marxists have intentionally created:  A poorer America, a shorter life expectancy, and more people than ever dependent upon government for every necessity of their lives.  Add to this the increasing social unrest we’ve been experiencing, and what you have is a recipe for the death of America, and the premature deaths of millions of Americans.

As Anderson reminds us, Obama promised repeatedly: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”  He lied:  You can’t, and you won’t.  Get ready.  With previously conservative judges like Laurence Silberman losing their minds on this case, it’s clear that only a repeal will save us from this mess.  That will only happen if we flip the Senate and get a real conservative President in 2012.  We’re literally in a fight for our lives, and the American people ought to know it.

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5 Responses to Obamacare Already a Disaster

  1. This reminds me of a conversation I was having with a friend on eugenics. If people do not believe in a death panel, they need only talk to their local OB/GYN or proctologist to understand some new "recommendations" by this "panel" that frighten the hello out of these doctors….But, hey, their only doctors. What do they know, right?

  2. C Bartlett says:

    We are not just losing our employer-sponsored health insurance – it is more than that. A large percentage of people in our town have coverage through some kind of Blue Cross Blue Shield policy, one of the biggest carriers in this part of the state. There are many different kinds of policies and some have it through a large private employer, some through government-related agencies such as school districts or the local university and some, like my family, because we are self-employed, have BCBS coverage through an individual policy. At this point, it really doesn't matter how or who is paying for the policy, BCBS has decided to only pay doctors 80% of the rate set for Medicare and the result is many doctors have decided to no longer accept patients who have BCBS. We are in a
    small town that already has a limited supply of doctors, especially specialists. Just love those great options Obamacare offers. How much worse does this get?

  3. The repercussions of obama care is already being felt by us still having group insurance with their companies. My group insurance increased 28%. I wonder when my company will find it more profitable to just pay the "penalty" and pay less. Wavers.. Just look at who got wavers, too!

  4. Dean says:

    It is truly sad times for our country and our people. If you are part of the problem like the 3 blind mice(abc, cbs,nbc) then I don't know how they sleep at night. The hardest question they ask obama was his favorite color.
    We still have some freedoms left. And if the court overturns this healthcare disaster, we just may survive as a country.

  5. Dave says:

    Hope and change-How do you l;ikeme now!