Obama and His Crony Connections Run Wild

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We’re all familiar with the story of Solyndra, and a number of the other firms connected to the Obama administration and the “Green Jobs” programs that have been little more than a slush fund for Obama’s donors. Now enter Siga Technologies, with controlling stock held by Ronald O. Perelmaan, longtime Democrat Party donor and Obama supporter. The Los Angeles Times is now reporting that Siga was given a no-bid contract worth nearly one-half billion dollars by the Obama administration, and that the circumstances of how that happened seem to be less than above-board.  While vaguely reminiscent of the Perry-Gardasil scandal, this is much larger and has even more far-reaching potential consequences.   The real scandal lies in the method by which the contract was secured.   The administration replaced its own lead negotiator in order to push this contract through.   From the LA Times article:

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company’s financial demands, senior officials replaced the government’s lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing.

This is a clear sign of serious corruption, and along with other cases involving Barack Obama, it puts the lie to the meme that this administration pushed that it would be “the most open and ethical administration in history.”  Perhaps most stunning about this case, the drug in question hasn’t even been tested, meaning the tax-payers could be footing the bill for something that is completely worthless:

Siga’s drug, an antiviral pill called ST-246, would be used to treat people who were diagnosed with smallpox too late for the vaccine to help. Yet the new drug cannot be tested for effectiveness in people because of ethical constraints — and no one knows whether animal testing could prove it would work in humans.

What we have here is another Solyndra-like instance of tax-payer funds going to purposes of questionable or even seriously flawed merit, conveniently to companies closely tied to this administration.  When Sarah Palin raised the alarm about crony-capitalism, few outside the cesspool of Washington DC had any idea just how bad and how commonplace these sorts of tax-payer rip-offs had become.  Apparently, it’s much worse than all but the most wary observers might have guessed.

Meanwhile, ABC News is reporting that the administration knew they would face blow-back over Solyndra and other Energy Department loan guarantees and contracts.  CBS News’ 60 Minutes is supposed to be devoting its show on Sunday evening to the entire question of Crony Capitalism.  Given CBS’ tendency to be in the tank for Democrats, I expect them to downplay the matter, or at least spin it in some way favorable to Democrats and President Obama.

It’s what they do.

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4 Responses to Obama and His Crony Connections Run Wild

  1. C.A. Bamford says:

    Thanks for helping get this info out, Mark. The majority of Americans understand that something is rotten in America…they just have no idea of the scope of the problem.

    Sadly, the media has been grossly complicit in ignoring and covering up what they can, and whitewashing what they cannot hide. Tonight we will see if CBS will show some journalistic integrity and report the truth.

    We'll be watching this time.

  2. nick wallace says:

    Peter Schweizer's new book, "Throw Them All Out", as portrayed on 60 Minutes tonight and in Newsweek tomorrow is going to create an earthquake of epic proportions. Here's a post I put on Conservatives4Palin:

    As a former hated Wall Street bond trader, I am as much in shock as Steven Bannon, formerly of Goldman Sachs, that the Congress excluded itself from insider trading rules! This is HUGE! Mark my words, the repercussions are going to reverberate around the USA and the world.

    And to think, Sarah started it all. So Sweet!!

    By the way, this is your 10.3…

    Nick Wallace

  3. C.A. Bamford says:

    Ah..the hunted becomes the hunter. I love it.

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