Occupiers Threaten Shutdown

He Prefers Molotov Cocktails

Brace yourselves: Today is the day the Occupy Wall Street movement intends to shut down New York.  They plan to shut down Wall Street, and they plan to shut down the subways.   While they claim to be non-violent, yesterday an Occupier was arrested after threatening violence using Molotov cocktails against Macy’s, and saying that they would burn the city down. This man proclaimed: “We’re gonna burn New York City to the [expletive] ground.”  The video below actually led to the man’s arrest yesterday evening.  This gives some indication of what at least some of the protesters intend, but organizers still insist they are non-violent.  This video strongly suggests otherwise:

This isn’t a joke.  These misguided people are being used as a base for socialist agitation, and they’re putting up the anarchist front to carry out the violence.  New Yorkers should be prepared to seek refuge against violence, and find alternate means of transportation.  Also, with all of this chaos, it’s the perfect opportunity for terrorists of another sort to strike.  People really should remain vigilant in this environment, because there will be any number of participants who wish to incite a riot, and there will be any number of other elements who will wish to use such riots as cover.

All of this demonstrates clearly why Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be tossed by the electorate.  Anybody who has the reins of power in such a vast city, and yet fails to responsibly confront this sort of anarchical movement for most of two months really has no business in that position.  Of course, Bloomberg is a billionaire tool, so it’s really not surprising.  Let’s just hope that this doesn’t get out of hand, and the violence that some protesters are threatening never materializes.

One must wonder if their intention to block access to subways isn’t an attempt to incite violence.  I could easily understand how somebody blocking my path to my timely arrival at my job, particularly in these woeful economic conditions, could easily cause me to lose my composure if somebody were preventing me from access to transportation.  There will be those who see this as a threat to their jobs, and thus their families and their financial lives.  That’s the intention of the Occupiers with this move, and it’s almost certain to cause serious trouble.

As I said, they claim “non-violence,” but their actions are designed to provoke it.  It’s been clear what would happen when these poor fools outlived their usefulness to their masters as a mostly peaceful camp-in.  It’s that time.  Be careful out there.


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6 Responses to Occupiers Threaten Shutdown

  1. fred johnson says:

    It does your heart good to see obumma's, george's and van jones finest in action ! I am sure that nancy will say the best of the best. Makes you sick doesn't it.

    • eyetooth tom says:

      Fred, your comment reminds me of Donna Shalala in the Clinton administration back then…saying our American soldiers during Vietnam were NOT the best and brightest. Everyone wants a source now….maybe you can find it…somewhere on google…I'm not on google….and I heard it back then. So believe it or not.
      Now Sores and Jones, and Pelosi, and O support the cerrtain misfits as best and brightest.
      As you said "sick",

  2. MyndsEye says:

    Wow.. David Wilkerson – former pastor of the Times Square church in NY city has been prophesying for over ten years about riots and fires all around the world. Saying we should stock up on water, supplies etc. It's ok if you want to think of me as crazy, but I wonder if this is it… ?

  3. SeanStLouis says:

    MyndsEye – In my opinion, "It" is when hyper-inflation hits.

    Watch financial/money markets closely and you may be able to give yourself 24-48 notice when "It" happens.

  4. SeanStLouis says:

    I meant "24-48 hours notice"