Tingle Up Matthews’ Leg Replaced By Tingle Up Spine?


Chris Matthews, who’s out pushing his new book on JFK, had an interview that was absolutely stunning given his previous support of Barack Obama.  The RNC will undoubtedly draft this interview into service for campaigns throughout 2012.  What it really speaks to is the complete disconnect between this White House and the people, even in his own party.  It speaks to an increasingly isolated, insular Presidency that is in bunker mode.  The truth may be that Obama is shell-shocked.  None of his ideas are working out, and truthfully, he was foolish if he believed that they could.  For his part, Matthews lapses into a moment of candor fairly unique among all the pro-Obama drivel he usually spews.  His real complaint seems to be that Obama isn’t talking to the wizards of the party, presumably including Matthews, and he’s angry about it.   If our national situation wasn’t so dire, it would almost be comical.

H/T Breitbart:

Given that Obama is turning out to have been precisely the sort of empty suit we expected him to be, but Matthews had thought would be ingenious, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for his position.  Given a few days, somebody from the White House will give Matthews a call, he’ll come down, and get back aboard the Obama Express to Nowhere in short order.  That’s the problem for Matthews and his ilk:  They have nowhere else to turn.  For them, it’s Obama or Bust, and since they’re hardcore lefties, you know that before this is all over, they’ll link arms around their chosen champion, and try to whisk him past voters into a second term.  It’s really that predictable:  Failed leftist ideas, failed presidency, and failed journalistic objectivity.  It’s the hat-trick of tingly feelings up one’s leg.

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6 Responses to Tingle Up Matthews’ Leg Replaced By Tingle Up Spine?

  1. David Diaz says:

    Of course he's failing, bet the people who put him there are pissed,
    did they REALLY think America would go for that commie/socialist crap..
    America is God's country…and we have woken up…no more sleepy time here…we WILL be watching everyone in the White House, and Congress..either they do the job we vote 'em to do or they are OUT!!!!

  2. Gwen says:

    Doesn't like the company of congress? Sounds like a leader who doesn't want to govern, but rather dictate!

  3. uptickusa says:


  4. Hank says:

    I guess that once again this situation brings forth the argument that a college education is not always what it is cracked up to be. It appears that the weekly evening (P)MSNBC entertainment line up is coming apart at the seams. Slowly an "R" or two has been showing up to "represent" an opposing (?) view. That evening line-up is still top of the "shoot the messenger" hit parade though, while FOX chooses to debate the message. In both theaters neither are perfect but if we loose the messengers, who will carry the message.