Barack and Michelle: The Real Bitter Clingers

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It’s not often that a first couple undergoes the sort of thorough public admonishment the Obamas experienced this weekend, but to be perfectly honest, most Americans now think it’s been long overdue.  You might retort that he still has approval in the mid-forties, but I would simply remind you that I did specify: “Americans.”  You see, back in 2008, when Barack Obama spoke on the campaign trail about “bitter clingers,” he was appealing to his base of support, and they’re not Americans like you or me.  They’re special, and smarter, and they don’t cling to religion or guns(but they rely upon government for the latter.)  When Michelle Obama said she had never been proud of her country until her husband had been nominated, it tells you something about the sort of misguided anger that lives within both the President and the First Lady.

That Chris Matthews broke down and told the truth about Barack, or that a crowd of NASCAR fans booed Michelle really isn’t surprising, but that it took this long for the back-lash to really begin to boil over is the only thing that’s been remarkable.  The Obamas are not the sort to go quietly.  As I’ve mentioned in another context, Democrats never do.  Instead, Barack and Michelle will cling to their leftist playbook and their offices, and milk them for all that they’re worth.

Many of us knew something was wrong with this pair when they first started to publicly describe their beliefs.  They don’t fit, and despite the shrill assertions of the left, it really has absolutely nothing to do with race.  It’s not their skin color that makes them so out of place, but their committed disdain for the American people.  In truth, I suspect that if there is a racist element to any of this, it exists on the Obamas’ side of the ledger.  From the very start, Americans were happy to see that our nation had advanced to the point that old racial barriers had been removed at long last.  In 2008, Barack Obama went to victory, and in 2010, two African-American Republicans were elected to house seats.  In 2012, another African-American rose to be the front-runner in the race for that party’s nomination, and as of this writing,  he’s still in the hunt.  Meanwhile, what the Obamas have demonstrated is a certain contempt for the American people, by their constant attempt to change our way of life, but our recognition of this fact has precisely nothing whatever to do with race.

Do you like hamburgers?  So does Michelle Obama, whenever she thinks no cameras are around, but she wants to decide for you whether you should have one, how they must be prepared, and what should go on them.  What is the obsession with the way Americans eat?  She claims she’s interested in fighting childhood obesity, but most of us know that  problem is best confronted by parents.  Not satisfied to leave the rearing and feeding of our children to our discretion, the Obama administration has twisted arms of restaurant chain management to tell them how to change their menus.  One could only imagine the reaction if one of those companies dared say: “Get bent.”  Of course, at the same time Michelle tells us how to live as she jets around the globe spending millions of tax-dollars for herself and her extensive entourage, claiming her children as “senior staff,” one can only wonder what motivates Barack.

What Matthews said about the president is just the tip of the iceberg, and his own words confirm it.  There’s something unseemly about a president whose every reflex leads him to reject the sentiment and will of the American people.  What Obama seems to offer is the scolding, waggling finger of an uncle who you tolerate only because you must, but otherwise would have long ago sent packing.  He doesn’t like America, at least as founded, and he’s out to remake it in an image most Americans reject.  It has taken three brutal years to expend the patience of the American people, but time is running out, and with the disastrous state of the country, Americans have grown weary of the excuses and the blaming of predecessors.  Obama needs a new scapegoat, and he’s looking to Congress to provide it.  One must wonder if all those years listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s liberation theology claptrap hasn’t rubbed off on Obama.   The American people didn’t want the health-care reform concocted in the Senate, but he signed it anyway.  The American people didn’t want our involvement in Libya, much as we detested Gaddafi for all he had done.  The American people, once educated on the issue, didn’t favor the 2009 stimulus, or the green jobs initiatives or any of the myriad regulations he has signed.

“God Damn America?”  Reverend Wright may have been onto something when he said “America’s chickens are coming home to roost,”  although I reject his contextual explanation.  After fifty years of propaganda in public schools and media combined with an endless leftward agitation from the radicals, it has added up to a situation in which America does now indeed seem damned, though not because God said so, but instead because Barack Obama is making it so.  We can all pretend that it isn’t so bad as we feared, but the events of this weekend suggest it’s getting far worse.  The markets are in turmoil, and we’re looking down the barrel of another credit rating downgrade, such that it seems improbable that things will turn around any time soon. Many Americans are hanging on hoping that 2012 will bring a new election and a different result, but the frightening part is that the Obamas may turn out to have been the ultimate bitter clingers:  Angry at America and embittered by our rejection of them, they will cling to their ideology and their power, that pair of gods they worship which may yet damn the rest of us.

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7 Responses to Barack and Michelle: The Real Bitter Clingers

  1. David Diaz says:

    Well said…and now we know, although we have been waking up slowly…we know what we have to do…take back the America we know and love!!


    TAKE BACK AMERICA FROM THESE LOSERS. They won't hurt after they lose the election, they will be making millions, Will THEY share
    their wealth with the poor? I strongly doubt it!!!

  3. God Bless America! We have had many family members pass this last year, a couple were Veterans of Foreign Wars. I know they are in a better place and thank God that they don't have to see what is happening to this country they gave so much for. It's about time, we all needed a WAKE-UP call!

  4. American says:

    Brilliant piece! Thank you

  5. Laurie says:

    Well put as always.

  6. We need to take back out America.

    Best yet, would be that those in the know, finally vett Obama. Release all his history, school and college papers, grades, etc. Investigate completely his family history.. (smile) and deport or jail one renown illigal immigrant and criminally charge the congress with failure to determine acceptance of constitutional restrictions of the Constitution.

    Legislate insider trading, legislation, any government bills, agenda's, board decisions, secret legislation or any government action giving anyone privy to upcoming industry changes giving them insider information as to the direction of change providing beforehand knowlege and profits is illegal and criminal INCLUDING elected officials and their staff, advisors, lawyers, friends and family RETROACTIVE with 5 years incarceration and forfeiture of profits….and spend two weeks with OWS demonstrations 24 hours a day.

  7. Dodge says:

    Wake up call? The wake up call was blared way before he was nominated. He was not vetted by the media. So? As an American, it is in my interest to stay on top of things, keep an open mind and look for danger and prepare for safety like a scout. The current president did not pass any of the tests I have for nomination, let alone inauguration. He's out of his league, a deer in the headlights. Be damned we may be, but not because of me and not on my watch. Damn me and I'll damn back. I am not a servant, slave or property of the government to be manipulated to fit into some nice societal object. I am a human being and I will make my own decisions thank you, and good or bad, stick by them. These two can KMA and if they think we will stand by and watch our great country continue to be plundered mercilessly at the government trough, they got another thing coming. Treason comes to mind and in spades… and if you don't know what that means, look it up and decide for yourself if what's been done to us fits. I think it does, but that's just me!