US Cranes Company Policy: No Hiring Until Obama Gone

No Work Means No Jobs - Thank Obama

You might think this is a joke, and it sounds outrageous, but imagine how poor Bill Looman feels:  It’s his company and his policy.  Looman began posting signs on his trucks and properties roughly six months ago, but now it’s gone viral.  Looman explained that it’s not that he’s actively choosing to refuse to hire but that he says it’s not possible to hire under the economic condition the Obama administration’s policies.  In short, this isn’t the course he would have chosen, but it’s simply not economically feasible to hire.  I’m certain thousands of other businesses share his sentiment, and the employment numbers reflect this reality.

The same philosophy that brought us the disaster of Obamanomics has put forth the notion that businesses ought to hire as a matter of some form of charity.  What such wizards don’t quite grasp is that this is what has gotten us into the trouble in the first place.  The housing market collapse was largely due to giving people loans and mortgages for which there was little chance they would repay based on credit history, as an act of charity.

This sort of policy-making is an attempt to short-circuit the free market, but it never works.  Those who argue Looman should hire even though it would be an economic detriment to his company simply haven’t grasped the fact that if companies implement that policy, it will destroy more companies, and once they’re destroyed, their current employees will be joining the proposed new employees in the unemployment line.  Hiring people for the sake of hiring them won’t fix the economy, either, because growth is fueled in part by increases in productivity which doesn’t improve with idle workers hired for the sake of “giving somebody a job.”

Companies aren’t charities.  They exist to make money, and create wealth, and when they are able to do so, jobs are created not as the cause of the company’s prosperity, but as an effect of its growth.  This is the fact Looman’s signs are intended to convey: You can’t hire workers when you have no work for them to do.  That seems obvious to those of us who confront reality daily, but those in the Obama administration who continue to push radical, job-killing policies simply don’t understand economics or free  markets, or worse don’t hold prosperity of the American economy as the goal for which they’re working.

Bill Looman, US Cranes LLC

11Alive, an NBC affiliate, sent a reporter to Waco, GA, to speak to employer Bill Looman.  Looman, a Marine Corps veteran explained “Can’t afford it,” Tuesday evening. “I’ve got people that I want to hire now, but I just can’t afford it. And I don’t foresee that I’ll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C.”

He went on to say: “I just spent 10 years in the Marine Corps protecting the rights of people… the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment and the [rest of the] Bill of Rights,” he said. “Lord knows they’re calling me at 2 in the morning, all night long, and voicing their opinion. And I respect their right to do that. I’m getting a reaction, a lot of it’s negative, now. But a lot of people are waking up.”

Looman is now being harassed by some who are unhappy with his signs, but he seems undeterred.  See a video at 11Alive Here.

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23 Responses to US Cranes Company Policy: No Hiring Until Obama Gone

  1. Nel says:

    Good one!

    This message resonates with the majority of American.

    A lot of companies feel the same way but would rather be on the shadows for fear of reprisal.

    • solutions777 says:

      All business should send messages to Congress like this. If you want us to hire; then, lower taxes, cut government debt, balance the budget. If not, maybe no raises and layoffs will make things clear.

      Employees should think about the economic health of their employers.

      Censorship is evil.

    • eyetooth tom says:

      Man (meaning Wow in my generation), this fellow is being attacked worse than Joe the Plumber. Comments on other websites. Still many comments are supportive. Lots of negative comments…would not any and all of us who would voice negative opinions of the present administration be so attacked id we were known by name and address?
      Can you imagine the attack against the doc , neurosurgeon, who called in to Levin if he should identify himself?
      It's going to get nastier and nastier…do I support his position?…oops hold on while I answer the knock at my door…

    • johnny edwards says:

      this article has the nerve to mention the housing market collapse, yet your trucks didn't have any signs posted wanting president bush out of office. unemployment was in the 9% range when obama took office, where were your signs? the senate just shot down a jobs bill that called for infrastructure funding, hmmmm seems right up your alley for a crane company. why don't you have signs calling out the senate? just wondering

      • CK1 says:

        How funny you blame Bush for the housing market but Bush didn't force the housing market collapse through Agency regulation or Executive Orders. That was all Congresses fault.

        As for the jobs bill. Wasn't the $1T stimulus supposed to be used for Infrastructure? Why throw good money after bad? It seems all this Administration has to improve the economy is Green Energy and infrastructure. How is that working out?

        • MarkAmerica says:

          CK1, yes, the Obama Administration wants to build the economy on "green energy," but as we all know by now, this approach was a disaster for Spain. You can't empower economic growth without energy. Obama's policies have delivered lots of projects, but damned little energy.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    A man brother Obama bankrupting US!!!!

  3. Deno Millas says:

    More Patriots like you should speak out loudly against the Plague in the Whitehouse! God save us from obama!

  4. Jim Maclean says:

    Bill Looman is perfectly entitled to say what he likes and to hire when and if he chooses as it suits him and his business to do so.
    No one sensible would deny him that right or fail to thank him for his military service.
    He chose to post signs on his trucks and place of business saying he won't hire until Obama is gone. The message is simple but the meaning is likewise clear. He blames Obama for the economic situation and regardless of whether it improves or not, he won't hire until Obama is no longer in the job of President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Military.
    This is a political message which is designed to provoke a reaction and it has. Perhaps more of a reaction than he intended, but just as he has a right to his opinion so does everyone else.
    Ignore the haters and those who just want to insult, but don't deny those who believe passionately that Obama is America's last best hope and is being obstructed every step of the way by a Republican machine which would drive the country to the brink of bankrupcy rather than allow the duly elected President to run the policies which he stood on.
    Make no mistake, what has happened in Obama's term is not at all what he wanted or tried to achieve, but it is the very best he could do in the face of Republicans blocking any and every initiative even if they are one originally proposed by Republicans.
    While Republicans accuse Obama of being extreme left, the rest of the developed world sees him as centre right and countries doing far better economically than the USA cannot understand how voters in the US who removed regulation and lowered taxation on multi-millionaires only to see economic disaster ensue can believe that somehow more of the same will give a better result!
    Who really believes that China is leaping ahead financially and millitarily because of low taxes and a lack of government interference?
    Australia, Germany and Sweden are so far to the left of the US you would need a telescope to see them, but they have avoided the damage that a runaway Wall St did to the world sharemarket. Each of us can draw our own conclusions, but if we pay to advertise them seeking a reaction we may find ourselves with more reaction than we intended.

    • P. Borntrager says:


    • Bob Neil says:

      The truth hurts for those not afraid to see it. Bill Loomis is a coward.

    • ohoh says:

      Half baked conclusions that ignore the damage done to the free market that always did better than those socialist utopias cited before libs and progressives manipulated it into the non-free market perversion it is today. If progressives from both sides of the aisle would stop corrupting and abusing the free market and recommit to First Principles, the U.S. would shed these socialist burdens and leave social democracies and other collectivist states in the dust like it always has.

  5. guy says:

    What a strong man! This needs to be the start for all who know obama is a plague to this country.No mercy!!!

  6. rob says:

    God Bless you Bill.

  7. By denying hardworking Americans jobs, you have chosen the side of the terrorists. Congratulations!!

    p.s. Please leave this country!

  8. Howard Lauther says:

    Just for my own education, I wonder if the author of this article, or any of the people who have provided their comments, can name one regulation that was put into effect by either the Obama administration or any administration going back to, say, President Eisenhower, which ultimately ended up "killing" jobs? And any information on how exactly it killed those jobs would be helpful as well.

    And let me thank you in advance for your contribution. I await your response.

  9. JIM says:


  10. Christopher says:

    Looman’s assertion that he would be able to hire more workers but for Obama’s economic policies defies reason. In the last few months alone, Obama has proposed giving major tax credits to businesses that hire new workers, including a $4,000 credit for hiring the long-term unemployed. Just this week, Obama signed a law to give additional tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Christopher, In what world must you live that some $4000 credit from government after the fact is an inducement to hire people to fill jobs for which there is no work? By what sort of arithmetic do you draw such a conclusion? Let's stipulate from the outset that you've never run a business or hired a soul out of your own pocket, so you have nothing upon which to base your conclusions except for your political wishes.

  11. I would have no need for anything to do with cranes, but if he were a retail store owner, he would get all my business. Kudos to this man and we stand behind him l00%

  12. Peg says:

    He only has 5-9 employees at one time anyway.

    US Crane LLC in Waco, GA is a private company categorized under Crane and Aerial Lift Service. Our records show it was established in 2006 and incorporated in Georgia. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 5 to 9.