Boehner Pushes, But You Pushed Back

Why Don't They Love Me?

I was gratified to read that Speaker Boehner and his Republican leadership ran into a little difficulty with Conservative House members who are getting tired of always being the people asked to “take one for the team[again.]” This means your complaints are being heard by your conservative members of Congress.  According to The Hill, meeting with House Republicans, Speaker Boehner is quoted by an unnamed attendee that he’s trying to “make chicken salad out of chicken s**t.”  To me, that sound suspiciously like his whining over being only “one-half of one-third of the government.”  Some people never learn, and while Boehner races to compromise wherever he can to try to put something on the scorecard, I think he’d be better off to go golfing with Obama: At least there, he’s not doing damage while being at least competent in his environment.  He’s ineffective as the Speaker of the House, and it’s time we sent him home.  One commenter asked how but the answer is simple: He must be challenged and beaten in the primaries.  Some warn that if he were defeated in the primary, he would be a “lame duck” speaker for the rest of the year.  My question is: What’s the difference?

To be honest with you, I’d much rather have a lame duck Speaker who is subject to replacement, and who will have no backing to pull off all of these swindles and deal-making behind closed doors with Reid and Obama than to have him actively offering sabotage to the conservatives in reward for their support.  Today was no different, as this big government hack is pushing to keep alive the payroll tax cut.  I think that’s ridiculous, and while if it fails to pass, it will cost me and my wife thousands, the truth is that it’s undermining the solvency of Social Security, bringing further instability to our current course.  After all, how long can we keep kicking the can down the road?  I’m a tax-cut champion, but this one has provided little or no stimulative effects, and what it really does is let more Americans almost completely off the hook.  We already have far too few tax-payers in the sense that too many have no real stake in our country as their hands reach for more from other folks’ pockets.

What Boehner is offering are some token measures to get conservatives aboard with this compromise, such as a reduction in some regulatory power for the EPA.  Does anybody believe it would stick with this lawless administration?  Apparently, some conservatives were not being fooled according to The Hill article:

Several Republicans stood up in the meeting to oppose the extension of the payroll-tax cut, citing concerns about Social Security and the fact that GOP leaders want to pay for one year’s worth of spending and tax relief over a decade.

Amen!  According to John Campbell(R-CA,) the leadership was caught off guard by the push-back they received:

“I think they were a little surprised by the pushback — they looked a little deflated to me,” he said, before noting his opposition to extending any of the expiring provisions.

Further, The Hill reports that one unnamed member was quite blunt:

“now we’re a part of kicking the can down the road. … But shouldn’t we try to run the country, shouldn’t we try to do the right thing, shouldn’t we try to get this deficit under control?”

Right on! I wish they had told us the source of that remark so I could send the member a letter of congratulation on “getting it.”  This is the truth, after all, and it’s part of the reason Boehner and his leadership team needs to be shown the door in 2012: We conservatives and Tea Party types understand that the Republicans only control “one-half of one-third of the government,” but as a matter of fact, it’s time to make the other guys sweat. Just as should have been the case when the House passed “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” ahead of the debt ceiling debacle, they should pass bills and send them over to the Senate and let Harry Reid explain why he’s bottling them up.  Instead, Boehner goes directly for the compromise every time.  It’s time to find a new Speaker of the House for the GOP.  This one is stinking things up, and it doesn’t smell like chicken salad.

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8 Responses to Boehner Pushes, But You Pushed Back

  1. sonofagunovich says:

    Brilliiant as always, Mark. How do you find time to write so may great articles each week? I just keep checking back for more of your insight. Your site is of great value to the nation.
    These politicians think we want them to be "reasonable" and get along. HELL NO! We want them to do battle with the enemy and DEFEAT them, General Patton-like. Ron Paul seems to be the only one motivated to hack away at the root of the problem instead of flailing at the small twigs above ground. The old guard Republicans think that it is sufficient to paddle the canoe upstream of Niagara Falls at two MPH while the river carries us downstream at ten MPH.

  2. RebinTexas says:


    Great article – as are most of your's. My prayer is now that we can elect as many or more common-sense conservative servant's of the people than happened in 2010 – and that the Tea Party and like-minded people can continue to work together to take our beloved country back.

    Thank you – for all you are doing toward this end.


  3. mytorpor says:

    If anyone should find out the source of that common sense question, please post their name as I would also love to send a letter of thanks! They need to hear from us when they do the right thing, as much as they need to hear from us when they are in the wrong.

  4. Rick says:

    Nice article however I would be concerned with the taxation laws and the fact that Individuals shall not be taxed on their "labors". I would be looking at National sales tax and stop makng people feel they "have" to pay for something the Constitution says otherwise. Regardless, you are correct about Boehner. Most of us knew this from the start.

  5. mimsborne says:

    Excellent post, Mark. I wish I knew more about possible primary challengers to Boehner. Anyone know the names of the relevant Tea Party organizations in or around his district?

  6. patriotsoul says:

    What a great post and blog.