Cain Out of Presidential Race

Cain Bows Out of Race

Saying he was suspending his campaign for the GOP nomination, Herman Cain announced to a crowd of disappointed supporters that he was effectively ending his White House bid.  Despite what others may say, I think the American conservative voter will miss Herman Cain’s populist voice in this 2012 election season.  Mr. Cain’s particular strength had been his ability to resonate with voters who have regarded Washington DC as the ongoing source of our troubles, but not necessarily any solutions.  Cain’s candidacy first came under attack after several women made claims of sexual harassment, including a over-hyped media event featuring one of the accusers and Gloria Allred, her attorney.  To date, Gloria Allred still has not provided the alleged sworn statements she said she was waving around in that press conference, making it appear as though she may have known there was no truth to the allegations.  Last week, another woman of dubious credibility came out to claim she had carried on a thirteen year long affair with Mr. Cain, but just as with the others, she has provided no substantial evidence of her claims to date.

Whatever you may think of Herman Cain on the issues, what torpedoed his campaign is nothing more than press-hyped innuendo, at least thus far.  While it is possible all of these accusers are telling the truth, my own gut tells me that at least some of these charges are pure nonsense.  Part of my reasoning is that the method by which these things have been used to take down Cain have emerged is with much media fanfare, but in follow-up, very little substance.  More, when one accusation didn’t work, more were trotted out.  When the sexual harassment allegations didn’t convince voters entirely, accusations of an affair were brought forward.  One after the other, charges were made until the mantra became “it’s the seriousness of the charges,” without any real examination of evidence.

Whenever I see people begin to talk “about the seriousness of the charges” without reference to any substantive evidence, my antennae deploy in suspicion of treachery.  It’s not that Herman Cain couldn’t have done all of these things, although some surely seem farcical.  In any event, I’m disappointed to see Cain depart, if only because his views on taking power from the DC insiders was refreshing and offered hope to people for real reform.  Whether one thought the merits of his “9-9-9” plan were great or terrible, it surely spawned debate on the question of our system of taxation.  Few conservatives will fail to remember 9-9-9 in association with tax reform, and I believe Mr. Cain deserves a good deal of credit for bringing that discussion so much attention, irrespective of these allegations about his personal conduct.

Cain was also willing to go into a forum in which he would face former Speaker Newt Gingrich in a one-on-one debate, which turned out to have been a wild success among voters who wanted to be able to gauge the candidates side by side, in isolation from the glitz and hype of a big stage production with a half-dozen or more candidates and sound-bite worthy time constraints.  Readers of this blog favored that format by a wide margin, expressing the opinion that the remainder of the debates should take on that kind of one-on-one format, since it allowed for a more free-ranging and thorough discussion of the issues based on their merits, and tended to stay away from the sort of “gotcha moments” that tend to characterize the traditional debates.  While readers of this blog thought Cain lost that debate, they nevertheless gained a good deal of respect for the man’s positions.  He also endeared himself to debate watchers in that forum. One would think other candidates would recognize the value of such debates to voters, but some candidates are more interested in winning without the voters learning anything substantial about them.

Herman Cain has been a ground-breaking candidate because he comes not from a long career of government service, but instead because from a private sector background with unique solutions to problems facing our republic.  His exit leaves another hole in the field, because the rest of the candidates have extensive government service that makes it difficult to consider them “outsiders.”  Cain said that he would continue to try to reform government from the outside in his announcement Saturday, and many Americans fervently hope he will carry that out with the same personable good nature that shows through even under duress. His announcement Saturday paid appropriate respect to his supporters, and to the country and its voters as a whole, and it’s why so many believe Cain is simply a class act. This writer certainly hopes Herman Cain will stay involved, because this country certainly needs more voices from outside government demanding real change.

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7 Responses to Cain Out of Presidential Race

  1. carlirwin12 says:

    I spoke out pretty harshly against Cain, and not so much for these charges made against him concerning these women, I spoke out against him because he was unqualified for the job, he knows next to nothing about foreign policy nor domestic issues, take him out of the realm of economics and he is lost in the woods. we already have someone as president who was not qualified so why repeat that mistake again. A non politician can become president, but you sure as hell better understand something about politics before you get in. If he had made it to the White House we would just be replaying the disaster we find ourselves in now.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Carl, I took heat for criticizing his lack of foreign policy knowledge, but the truth is the truth. On the other hand, I don't believe all of the nonsense that was hurled at him either, and I hate that kind of dirty politically-motivated smear. I think most voters are pretty tired of it too… Whatever his failings on the issues, if these allegations turn out to be substantially false, the sad part is that it will never be reported. You know how accusations seem to travel miles, but exoneration doesn't seem to travel an inch…

    • fred johnson says:

      As far as noy understanding politics, That is the problem. This country is so screwed up because of politicans that we need a Herman, Sara or Donald. the politicans have politics all reworked. Everyone in this country should be made to watch c-span a min. of 2 hours a week both the house & sen. Then you can better understand the meaning of the party system. To them both the dems. and repubs. It realy is a great big party. They all have the gift of bull-s But very very few have the taxpayer as any interest to them or for that fact even care. It's all about my buddies here. It's going to take someone like Herman Cain, Sara Palin or Donald T. That is not old school politics to strighten this mess that George and Obuma the Harry Reids have gotten us in. People like them are not what made this country great. It's the Cains, Palins and trumps that did it. The politicans 9 THROW THEM OUT WHILE WE STILL CAN

  2. IwjwI says:

    Nice write-up on Cain's departure. The best that I've seen, thus far.

  3. carlirwin12 says:

    I hate to see him leave the way it went down, with these smears. But he was just one step away from another brain freeze anyway, it was just a matter of time. I know how to swim but I know I cannot swim across the English Channel its just beyond my abilities, just as being president was beyond Cains.

  4. Hank says:

    If you want to discuss abilities and experience then perhaps look at George Washington or Abraham Lincoln for starters. Washington was a farmer and a soldier. Yes Lincoln spent time in, I believe, the senate (after several tries) but still he was not to my knowledge a foreign policy guru.

    It is a sad day when someone can be cut to shreds by innuendo, rumor, or allegations and the accuser goes free. How come the fools in the drive-by media didn't try to shred Edwards like they did Palin and now Cain?

    When are the people of this country going to learn that the drive-by media is the cancer within the body of this nation and if not checked soon will help drag her to her knees. Negative news about conservatives sells as good as positive news about liberals. The opposites get swept under the rug.

  5. eyetooth tom says:

    OK…who's up next? Waiting is Sally Hemings on youtube with accusations.