Has Obamanomics Solved Illegal Immigration?

Small Stretch of Border Fence

Has our economy been so bad, for so long, that it has caused the flow of illegal aliens into the US from Mexico to a trickle?  That is the supposition of a Washington Post article, and while they point to other obvious factors such as the new laws in Arizona and Alabama, they find a way to dig a positive out of Obama’s poor job on the economy, while also suggesting this is the time for that “immigration reform” (a.k.a. “amnesty”) that the establishment has been trying to foist on Americans for some time.  One of the other things about which they do not conjecture is that under Obama, ICE has been ordered to make fewer arrests via an executive order implementation of some aspects of the “Dream Act.”  I find the entire matter to be of questionable merit, in part because the Washington Post has a history of trying to conceal this president’s failures, or find a silver lining to every towering storm-cloud that attends Obama’s performance as president, but also because this administration has failed the American people at every turn.

Naturally, the article documents this as a substantiation of Obama’s success:

The lower number of apprehensions supports the Obama administration’s contention that the border is more secure than ever — that the doubling of Border Patrol agents since 2004, along with hundreds of miles of new fence, cameras, lights, sensors and Predator drones, has helped slow the illegal flow northward.

I have reason to doubt the Obama administration’s efforts as the cause of the reductions claimed in this article, unless we consider the reasoning at which the writers finally arrive on page 2 of the article.  There, the Post reveals the biggest driver of the reduction:

“The arrests on the border are moving like the U.S. economic cycle,” said Juan Luis Ordaz, senior economist for the Bancomer Foundation. Ordaz and colleagues say Mexican and U.S. data suggest that the number of Mexican migrants arriving each year in the United States has been cut in half since 2005 — and that poverty rates for Mexican migrants living in the United States have grown to 30 percent from 22 percent in 2007.

Especially hard hit in the economic downturn — and the busting of the real estate bubble — were the home-building and construction industries, which employ an outsize number of illegal workers. “Migration has decreased because employment opportunities in the United States are not good. Fewer migrants have full-time jobs. Hours are reduced. Wages are lower. The amount of money they send home is less,” said German Vega of the College of the North in Tijuana. “And another reason is organized crime.”

So you see, even when Obama fails, he’s a winner, according to the post.  It’s small wonder that conservatives and Tea Party folk see the establishment media as a bankrupt source of information.  The truth of this article, like most we get from the so-called “mainstream media” is contained on the second page, if its fully reported at all.  In any event, this case points out just how bad our economy really remains, despite all the nonsense about “jobless recovery” and the other happy-talk with which the Obama administration has tried to swindle the American people.  That illegal immigration may be down for the moment is great, but the cause of it has nothing to do with the allegedly ceaseless efforts of this administration, but instead much more to do with the fact that the economy has yet to recover.  I’m certain that my readers will be as impressed by this bit of news as I have been.  Simply consider that we could have four more years of this


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One Response to Has Obamanomics Solved Illegal Immigration?

  1. DC says:

    "Simply consider that we could have four more years of this…"

    I have, and I do consider that and it's painful. I think that the only way this guy wins re-election is if conservative and independent voters, in large enough numbers, stay home on election day either in protest of, or simply not sufficiently energized by the Republican ticket. Unfortunately, I think it's possible this could happen with any and all of the current crop of GOP frontrunners. (SP where are you?). This critically important election may basically come down to the "Anybody But Obama" crowd vs. "Burned by Dole, McCain, GOP Establishment, Liberal Media so many times just sick of it, Anti-RINO, Principled Conservative" crowd willing to take a stand by simply staying home. (With undoubtedly a little voter fraud sprinkled in by the other side just to make it interesting).

    Can you imagine a scenario where you would stay home this coming Election Day?

    As much as I identify with true conservatives, considering myself one, I've thought about it and the answer for me is no. I mean, Hell No! I really don't care anymore how this plays out. In fact, it's getting tedious already. I'm to the point where getting this national nightmare over with once and for all trumps any other consideration. To hell with it. I'm in the "ABO" crowd and I'm not budging. I'm not proud of holding my nose with one hand and casting my vote with the other, but I lost pride in an America led by Obama a long time ago so it really doesn't matter to me anymore.

    There, it feels good to get that off my chest. Thanks Mark!