Obama Is Confused Again

Confused in Kansas

Barack Obama traveled to Kansas to speak on the subject of economics.  Unfortunately, Mr. Obama became momentarily confused, and addressed the state of Texas instead.  He caught himself, but it’s just another sign of how completely disconnected Obama is from the universe in which the rest of us must live.  Taking economic advice from this guy will be no better than asking him for directions.  This man is President, and yes, I understand that everybody can misspeak, but his political party continues to tell us that this is the most brilliant man ever to occupy the White House, and that he’s so very “cerebral.”  I don’t know that in nearly three years, I’ve seen any evidence to substantiate that claim.  Media types can’t wait to trot out every Republican’s gaffes, and yet I will bet you that among the three major networks, this is unlikely to be on the News tonight.  Watch for yourselves. Here’s your presidential genius at his best:

This is the guy they say Republicans will find impossible to beat?  This guy doesn’t even know what state he’s in.

Incredible.  “Sleepless in Seattle” has nothing on Mr. Clueless in Kansas.

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11 Responses to Obama Is Confused Again

  1. Don Purser says:

    In the title – the word "again" is redundant.


  2. David Diaz says:

    so totally out of touch…does he even know he is in the United States?

  3. Aren't Texas and Kansas both part of the 57 states? Or did I mis-hear?

    I had to turn off the speech since between class warfare and divide and conquer were so offensive, all the "we/they" it seemed like a foreigner talking. This can't be "my" president??

    Unbelievable. Totally bummed. He doesn't think technological advances are good? Still on the bank teller versus ATM? Come on!!

    This is on the way to a 17 day vacation. With no speeches if we are lucky.

  4. Oldtexasgal says:

    To Mark America –
    Have you seen this article?

    "List of Executive Orders in Place for the last Eighteen Years (Mens Rea) which can give total Federal Control of the United States whenever required" . The article states: "Clinton grouped together the following EOs under EO #12919 released on June 6, 1994. These are the tools used to shred the Constitution and take away your rights under its protection"

    • eyetooth tom says:

      Hi, Momma was old Texas gal, East Texas, Longview 1914. Now son just a "unit" in Florida.
      Keep posting your information wherever. Understand government is recording "tweets ,twits or whatever they are called." Guess website responses are as well.
      Started to call in to Chuck Harder radio, "For the People", in mid '90's about these EO's and Agenda 21. Few were listening then. Doesn't seem to be much better today.

  5. faith martin says:

    Oh, but Obama IS cerebral, he lives in a world he has created inside his own mind!!! Not the one everyone else lives in. In his world, he knows best, he is the brightest, he is the only opinion that matters. He is a classic meglomaniac with Narcissistic tendancies.

  6. eyetooth tom says:

    You have to start thinking globally. This news on Drudge."Deutsche Bank CEO Target of Suspected Letter Bomb." Look at Oldtexasgal's message…some world order as is to come about.
    Quote from story, "a Deutsche Bank spokesman said.Banking sources said the bank had stepped up security measures around the world."
    That's not my local credit union!