Remember When America Didn’t Want Socialism?


I’ve got news for some of you: It still doesn’t.  Of course, things have changed somewhat since this cartoon was first made, two decades before my birth, but since a friend provided me a link to it, I thought you’d like to see it because after all, it’s a classic, and because it should serve as a reminder of what we’re really fighting in this election season.  It’s time to concentrate on Dr. Utopia and his snake-oil.  I know, it’s difficult to think about such things while we’re caught up in the latest details of candidates’ sex lives, but take a break from that blood-sport. Enjoy!


Isn’t it funny that when this was made, Americans driving 70% of the world’s cars was still seen as a good thing?  Yes, I want that country back. On the other hand, I can’t help but think of the current president’s spokesman assuring us “Everything is fine.”

“Make Mine Freedom.”

3 thoughts on “Remember When America Didn’t Want Socialism?”

  1. Cute cartoon, but soooooo right for this day and time. All these years and we still are fighting all the ism's of the world that wish to control everything. UN, IMF, Banks, FED, so many INCLUDING OBAMA and who is behind him . A lesson we should never forget. Once you sign, once you drink the elixir of ISM… there is no turning back. This election of 2012 is the most important in our lives!

  2. "When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other thru class warfare, race hatred or religeous intolerence, you know that person tries to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives." Prophetic, or this just shows us that we will always be fighting for our freedom, and we shouldn't get comfortable, not now, not ever! This was awesome, Thank you for sharing this!

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