They Wonder Why She Was Jeered?


Living High on the Hog

Last month, I reported on the story of Michelle Obama being booed and jeered at the NASCAR season finale.  Leftists were aghast, and they couldn’t understand why people would criticize the First Lady.  In the end, liberals concluded it is merely because the fans of NASCAR  are a bunch of inbred red-necks.  Thursday, the Washington Post is reporting that Michelle Obama has taken off for Hawaii on a vacation as the President stays behind to “deal with the spending bill.” This should offer clarity to those leftists who wonder about the reason for the reaction to Michelle Obama last  month:  The First Lady has taken that unofficial title to heart to the extent that she now conducts herself as royalty.  The the rigors of her husband’s office shouldn’t interfere with her vacation plans, after all.  It’s this arrogance that promotes the kind of reception she had at the NASCAR event in Florida, and it should come as no surprise to any that she might find herself on the receiving end of some booing.

If the First Lady is going to make these sorts of trips ahead of her husband(she did the same thing over the Labor Day weekend break,) I think she needs to pay more for the benefit.  In a recent trip to South Africa, she listed her daughters as “senior staff,” ostensibly to cover the billing for expenses.  This sort of thing has led the American people to conclude the Obamas are out of touch in every dimension.  As I’ve said previously, it’s clear who are the real “bitter clingers.”  As the President does everything he can to constrict the production and use of energy by the American people, he and his wife spend jet-fuel like water.  I wonder if Air Force One will be burning the same $16/gallon bio-fuel replacement for JP5 they’ve forced the Navy to purchase in order to pay back a political friend.  Somehow, I doubt it.  Leftists shouldn’t wonder why Michelle was booed. It’s self-evident.

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6 Responses to They Wonder Why She Was Jeered?

  1. Robin says:

    The Obama's could easily put their money where their mouth is and put this issue to bed but doing a little practicing what they preach. How about converting those perk of the job jets to solar.

  2. RayR says:

    It's her way of everybody taking a smaller piece of the pie. Her sacrifice for the good of the country, don't cha know.

  3. Mark…You simply turn me on! I recently took a state-mandated training assignment on identifying "Waste, Fraud & Abuse." I recognize the Obamas as a perfect example! Really, how do they get away with that crap?

  4. Michelle Obama is the personification of "it's our turn now."



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