New Rush Parody: Ron Paul

This is hilarious, because like all good humor, it finds its roots in the truth.  Rush was on the warpath about Ron Paul Friday, and frankly, he has it right: Ron Paul simply is too disconnected from reality on the matters of foreign policy and national defense.  Paul seemed on the verge of coming completely unglued in an exchange with Michele Bachman during Thursday night’s debate on FNC, and Michele Bachmann surely got the better of Paul.  Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s parody, from

For the record, what follows is the exchange between Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul during the debate Thursday:

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4 Responses to New Rush Parody: Ron Paul

  1. SeanStLouis says:

    Ron Paul had the upper hand this exchange. Anyone who's done any research on current events should know that Paul's message is more truthful than Bachmann's.

    Bachmann repeatedly states that Iran has threatened to launch nuclear weapons at Israel and the United States. PolitiFact has deemed that claim "false". She tells Iowans that if she were president there would be no American embassy in Iran. There has not been a functioning U.S. embassy there since 1980. She says there is "a new axis of evil," composed of Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia. Hello! Bachmann is ready to take on the world, I suppose. The "Israel wiped off the map" controversy is only a controversy because of the statement's translation from Farsi to English…look it up.

    You would think she would know what she's talking about being on the House Intelligence Committee, but Bachmann just personifies everything that has been wrong about our foreign policy over the last several decades.

    I find it ironic when people say Paul is out of touch with reality when, actually, all he is doing is using information from sources like the CIA and NSA to back up his views.

    By the way, Mark, I really did think Rush's parody was quite funny….ironically funny.

  2. Bill says:

    Does anyone remember Dick Cheney going on 'Meet the Press' almost every week for nearly a year, telling us all "we know FOR A FACT" that Iraq had the yellow cake, aluminum tubes, and cyclotrons required to produce weapons-grade uranium? How did that work out for you dittoheads?