Sarah Palin Discusses GOP Field

Weighing Our Options

In a telephone interview with Shannon Bream on FNC today discussed the GOP candidates, and Tim Tebow.  She said she’s “just not there yet” with respect to the GOP field, and wants to withhold any endorsement until she can sincerely make one.  Bream asked what is to many conservatives and Tea Party folk the million dollar question:  “Does that person does exist in the field as it now stands?” Palin replied “We’ll see, I honestly don’t know yet.”  She mentioned that she believed Bachmann and Santorum would likely do better “than some RINO pundits predict.”

It seems that the former Alaska governor is taking her time and has yet to draw a firm conclusion about the field, but I suspect it will be comforting to many conservatives and Tea Party folk that at this late date, Sarah Palin shares in their lack of clarity about who to support.  She also made a very important point about candidates promising reform now, but who have to one degree or another failed to deliver such reforms when they had those opportunities in office, whether in Congress, or in state governments. Palin mentioned the desire to feel enthusiasm for a candidate, and she described what many conservatives feel about this race.  She also downplayed the value of endorsements in general, and pointed out that independent-minded Americans don’t necessarily weigh endorsements of others very heavily.

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin Discusses GOP Field

  1. bellagrazi says:

    Sarah had a lot more enthusiasm for Tim Tebow than any of these candidates! haha I hope to God she is reconsidering! Because I don't ever see her feeling that kind of enthusiasm for this field.

    • Dave says:

      I'm sure part of the reason she is not endorsing anyone thus far is because her endorsement would hurt the process and could actually hurt whomever she favors.

      With respect to Tim Tebow, it is hard not be enthusiastic about someone who is not afraid to demonstrate their devotion to God. It is the spirit of our founders.

  2. stczaja says:

    She is like the rest of us I think.. Noone has captured the imagination of most folks I presume. But I say again and again. Popeye would do a better job that the fool we have in office now.

  3. Dave says:

    Mark, have you done a piece on the NDAA? From what I have read thus far, it appears that congress has agreed to strip away our remaining rights to "protect us" for potential terorists. The problem is that the definition is made so broad as to include anyone who disagrees with the government.

  4. Dave says:

    Looks like the fix is in. If it looks like Obama is going to lose the election then they will manufacture an emergency and anyone who does not support the "president" will be deemed a threat and rounded up.

  5. Gail says:

    Sarah is right about independent minded Americans, we don't listen to pundits.

  6. hey_sherm says:

    Ms Palin can down play endorsements, but I have a feeling hers will be a big deal.
    The Tebow phenomena is interesting, its like the waking of a sleeping giant that doesn't look to be awaken "faith" its very nice to see.

  7. zeroczars says:

    I also think Sarah is very concerned that if she does endorse, they will do to that candidate what they did to her, Hermain Cain, Bachmann and any other candidate they were afraid of. The only reason they have not come out to attack Newt or Romney is "they are of the same breed". Don't get me wrong, if they were the nominee, I would still vote for them, but I don't want the RINO's in the RNC to decide for us like they did McCain. Don't forget Romney BACKED OUT and let McCain have the nomination. Will he do it again?