Report: Sarah Palin Says “It’s Not Too Late”

Could She? Might She?

In an interview set to air on FBN, Sarah Palin reportedly told “Follow The Money” that “it’s not too late for “folks” to jump in,” and asked about the future, she said “Who knows what will happen in the future?”  This is sure to start a firestorm among the Palin-hating left that sees through blood-shot eyes at the mention of her name.  The very idea is anathema to leftists, and while it’s likely to be a hopeful sign to her legion of supporters, it’s hard to out-guess the “Momma Grizzly.”  I expect that many Palinistas will take heart at the notion, as so many of them have struggled since her October 5th announcement that she would not seek the nomination of the GOP “at this time,” as some would remember to point out.  To many, the field in the GOP primary consists of too many compromised characters, in one way or another, and more frequently, candidates who seem incapable of energizing the party’s conservative base and Tea Party folk.   To a great number of them, Sarah Palin has been the only viable option all along, and even the slightest hint that she’d reconsider is flying through social media like wildfire. I think it would be good for this race, but dare I hold out any such hope?

The smart money says no, but even Newt Gingrich is covering his bases, saying that she’s very popular, and if she jumped in, could certainly shake things up.  Rush Limbaugh today suggested that in addition to Stephen Moore’s suggestion that Jeb Bush could be a write-in candidate, the same is true of Palin.  Listen to a clip from Limbaugh’s Monday show(The relevant part starts at about 3:35):


In the end of this clip, Rush concludes:

“Palin Is Only Five Letters That Would Be Easy To Write In, P-A-L-I-N”

I disagree with Limbaugh and Moore about Jeb Bush, but not about Palin. I think Palin actually answers a number of questions that pose a serious dilemma for conservatives.  It’s hard to imagine at present how Palin could enter at this late date, but it’s not impossible since the early states, by moving their primaries up, have effectively waived half of their delegates to the national convention.

A write-in?  I don’t know how that would work in Iowa, if at all, but honestly, if there’s a single politician in America who could get that kind of support, it would probably have to be Sarah Palin.  I certainly don’t wish to get anybody’s hopes up, least of all mine, but she certainly would be the candidate to put a whole new face on this contest, and likely sweep it away with her.  Most Republican voters currently support somebody other than their first choice.  Could Palin be that candidate?  To borrow her phrase, “Who knows what will happen in the future?”

In just minutes, the Fox Business show “Follow the Money” will be on, and we’ll get to see the broadcast of the interview.  I’ll update this post with video as soon as it becomes available.

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4 Responses to Report: Sarah Palin Says “It’s Not Too Late”

  1. Mark,

    I believe Jeb Bush is a serious candidate. He has backers and shut down his organization right during 2008 ostensibly because of the negatives on the Bush name.

    For a refresher course on Mr. JEB Bush, remember this –… Interestingly, he would probably hurt ROMNEY more than anyone else but would also drain even more conservative votes away.

    Palin is puzzling to say the least. It is too late to run (write-in is too risky) and frankly, Iowa means nothing. Huckabee won it in 2008.

    Colorado/Minnesota/Missouri would be possible, but it will only ensure the solid 22-25% of Romney to win. Paul voters aren't going anywhere until the General Election. Perry is running ads non-stop and it shows.

    If she is as politically brilliant as we think she is, she'll wait for the field to narrow (likely after SC) and only jump in if Romney is looking good heading to Super Tuesday.

    Or she endorse someone to further split the conservative vote (like Bachmann/Santorum) to gamble on a brokered convention that might give her an even better chance.

    So how about them ideas, huh? :)

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    Hmmmm, was she simply speaking as a political observer, or was she giving a subtle hint?

    As someone who had invested my entire energies into the expected candidacy of Sarah Palin, and who has been floundering since her announcement not to, I'm not going to let my emotions get involved at this point. As you said, "dare I hope?". I think I dare not right now.

    BUT…should she choose to enter definitively, I will re-instate my O4P (Organize 4 Palin) contacts and get to work.

  3. Pat Cashman says:

    Jeb? No way. Only if Romney suddenly dies from a stroke or something. Jeb would immediately reduce Romnney's poll numbers to single digits. But his numbers wouldn't budge one iota if Palin jumps in. He'll keep his 22, but Newt, Paul, both Ricks, and Michelle would all but disappear. Huntsman? Is he still there? Mark, you know it and I know it. The GOP will come after Palin harder than Obama will. She's smart to wait til the last minute. She's a genious and she's going to run. IMHO.

  4. Bruce O'H. says:

    I hope you're right Pat. THAT would put some excitement into this Primary season.