Romney Admits He Will Only Tweak Obamacare

Mend it, but don't end it?

In what must be considered a statement of intent, Mitt Romney explained that he would only amend of some parts of Obamacare.  That’s simply unacceptable to conservatives.  Romney’s insistence on striking a moderate pose in this primary season is the one thing that promises to derail him.  The idea that a candidate claiming to be conservative would keep any part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) is laughable.  Romney is stuck with this clunker is because he signed very similar legislation while serving as governor of Massachusetts, and the problem is that when Romney offers to tweak this horrid legislation, he admits that he intends to abandon one of the core reasons to elect a Republican.  Republicans cannot win without including a repeal of Obamacare in the laundry list of reasons to elect them, and roughly 65% of American still oppose it and want it repealed.

Watch the video of Willard “Mitt” Romney explaining his intention to modify Obamacare, rather than outright repeal:

This is another reason conservatives don’t trust Romney.  Obamacare is terrible legislation, and it offers to ruin our healthcare system in the long run in favor of a top-down system managed by government in its entirety.  Private health insurance providers are already being squeezed out, and Obama is already robbing Medicare to pay for it.  There are very good reason to want Obamacare repealed, but perhaps the most important is the individual mandate, that will impose fines on those who do not purchase insurance.  As others have pointed out, there is going to government rationing of care through refused reimbursements, and eventually, denied treatments based on considerations of cost.

This is anathema to a broad majority of the American people, and their firmly held notions of liberty, and it’s time Mitt “manned-up” and said so, but he can’t.  He’s stuck because he inflicted a similar system on Massachusetts that is now under severe financial strain as the  economy is weak and tax revenues are down.  In short, it’s another big government program that is destined to fail and will likely drag the entire healthcare sector into the ground with it.  Obamacare is very similar to Romneycare, prompting one to wonder how he expects to sell mere tweaks to Americans who want Obamacare scrapped altogether.  In addition, how will he differentiate himself from Obama if his only claim is to be willing to tinker around the edge’s of Obama’s signature legislation?  That’s not a compelling argument to replace Obama, particularly since Americans are apt to see him as a weak imitation.

If this is what Republicans want, by all means, they should vote for Romney.  I have no intention of supporting any candidate who thinks this sort of program has any business being implemented by any level of government.  Romney’s repeated statement about offering waivers to states that want them is garbage.  I don’t want a waiver, and I’m not sure waivers are actually legal anyway.  It’s time for full repeal before we get saddled permanently with this garbage.  Ann Coulter is on record as saying that if Republicans don’t capture the White House in 2012, we’ll never get rid of Obamacare.  I agree, but unfortunately, the squeamish candidate Ms. Coulter supports won’t get rid of it either.



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6 Responses to Romney Admits He Will Only Tweak Obamacare

  1. MiBones says:

    Leaving Obamacare in would just allow future administrations to control healthcare to the states. As an analogy, classifying CO2 as a pollutant, was no problem under Bush, but it allowed Obama the power to control it through the EPA.

  2. David Diaz says:

    Told you…you cant trust Romney…he's sneaky, and flips wichever way the wind blows!!!!

  3. mellow says:

    why aren't the republican canadiates talking about what the epa is doing to this country and about the canadian pipeline? the price of food and gas and utilitie prices under oboma. these are the things they should be broadcasting LOUD AND CLEAR

  4. Not a surprise, though.

    Meanwhile, people are divorcing because their budgets cannot absorb the recent hikes in premiums; these people are working in private industry — not in the government, of course, where gold-plated health insurance funded by the taxpayers is the norm. Those have soared to the moon — never mind Obama's promises to the contrary.

    A few more years and there will be no private health-insurance coverage that is affordable. Then, we'll be forced into the single-payer system.