Merry Christmas

I wish to take a moment to thank all of you who have made this blog a success, and to wish for you a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, or indeed whatever you may be celebrating this time of year.  In this time of much stress on our families, communities, and indeed, the entire nation, I wish for you a very happy season, that it may provide you and yours the comfort and joy that has seemed so rare lately.  May you enjoy all the mirth and merriment of the season, and may you spend it with those you love.  Let us remember our heroes in the field, and all the others who will work to keep us safe even as we celebrate.

I wish to leave you with this bit of video, that has been making the rounds today, because I think it says what needs most to be said, and none are better suited to say it than President Ronald Reagan, from 23 December, 1981.  Those of you who remember it, having been old enough to remember, please enjoy the memories, and for those of you who would have been too young, or not yet born, learn from it what it meant to have a great President who understood the true meaning of Christmas:

Many of you are or soon will be on the road, or in the air, and please, do take care in your travels!


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10 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Anne says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, I'm glad I ran into you.

  2. I, too, posted that same video. How I miss Ronald Reagan — especially now!

    Merry Christmas to you, Mark. I'm so glad that I found your blog a few weeks back. It's been a blessing to me.

  3. Isabel Matos says:

    Great message from President Reagan! And great to hear his reassuring voice as I wish we could have one now to comfort us through tough times.

    • dnr says:

      I shared this vid with my two children, ages 9 and 6. The only concept of a "president" that they have experienced is Dear Leader. Wanted to make sure they have the contrast. Wish we had another Reagan for such a time as this.

  4. eyetooth tom says:

    Merry Christmas, Boston Blackie. Be waiting for my Christmas present (your column) when it comes!

  5. Merry Christmas Mark. I pray you and your family are blessed this holiday beyond any of your expectations, but also in 2012.

  6. bigmamas52 says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mark!! I hope you and yours have a blessed, safe and happy holiday. We're in for a tough year ahead so take a few days to just relax and enjoy yourself. We need you out there fighting the good fight alongside the rest of us. Take care.

  7. Bruce O'H. says:

    Thank you Mark, and a blessed Christmas to you and yours.

  8. tamminator says:

    I just discovered your site a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked.
    Thank you for your insights, Mark.
    I'll be here often.
    Merry Christmas to all, and enjoy the pie!